If you have a faible for kingsize beds, luxurious bathrooms and accepted privacy, then a sailing boat is not the right place for you. If you don't mind all of this, you'll probably have the best time of your life.

  • This is your home for the next days: a double or bunk bed berth, a small locker, and a hook on the door. The main cabin with benches and a large table, as well as a compact kitchen unit with a gas stove. In addition there is a small cardboard table and a console with navigation devices. Toilet and shower - all in one. Not much space, but most of the time you will be on deck anyway.

  • As soon as the boat departs you feel the anticipation and the joyful tension. Finally the adventure starts! Everyone on board has a job to do: make sure the fender is in position, check the water depth or weigh anchor. Sometimes it is quite tricky to maneuver through the labyrinth of a narrow harbor. And then, suddenly, there is only the deep blue sea and the wind. Time to turn off the engine and set sail.

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There are days when you curse the idea of spending your summer holiday on a sailing ship. Days when it is rainy, cold and stormy. On which the fresh water pump strikes and the mock of a crew member or the narrow below deck suddenly annoys you. It is highly likely that this all will happen. But then there are the moments that make you forget all of it:

Dolphins accompanying the ship. Lunch breaks in hidden coves, where the water is almost unnaturally turquoise. Charming coastal towns with winding streets and overwhelming markets. The "Sundowners" in the evening, with which you celebrate a successful sailing day. BBQs on the beach…

  • Then you lie in your bunk and the sea rocks you to sleep. There is nothing to be heard except the soft creaking of the ropes and the crackling of small crabs, that eagerly nibble the algae from the ship's hull. The stars twinkleshine through the open cabin window and as you try to count them, you fall asleep.

If you are the first on the deck in the morning, the most beautiful time of day is yours alone. The water is glittering and the sun dips everything into a soft light. Down in the galley the kettle whistles for your coffee water. Slowly the ship comes to life. And another wonderful sailing day is just ahead.