There are many ways to approach Corsica by boat. Key ports are Ajaccio, Bonifacio, Bastia, Calvi and Propriano. Here is our recommendation for a six day trip.

  • We set sail in Ajaccio, in the south west of Corsica. With its nice restaurants, bars and shops this coastal town is the perfect starting point for a sailing trip. And the most important thing is: there are enough accessible supermarkets outside the completely overpriced marina area. Besides that the large market, located directly at the port, provides you with Corsican specialties for the trip. But keep in mind: in case of an interrupted cool chain Corsican cheese can surprisingly fast turn in to a smelly affair.

    The next days we cruise down the coast, southwards, direction Bonifacio. At night we anchor in secluded bays, for example at Capo di Muro and Punta di Campomoro or we stop over at coastal towns like Propriano to take new provisions on board. On the way there is enough time for sailing maneuvers or lunch breaks in nice coves. Here we jump into the crystal clear water which is still very cold at the beginning of June!

Lunch break in a beautiful cove near Propriano - all about sailing sailing corsica

When sailing together with other boats in a flotilla, like us, it is best to arrange a meeting place in the evening. Those who want to can sail in a group and the others are free to choose their own cruising speed. If you plan an overnight stay in a marina, it is recommendable to ask for berths in advance. There is nothing more unpleasant than reaching a harbour with an exhausted crew and there is no place to stay.

Impressive cliffs of Bonifacio

The last part of the cruise down to Bonifacio is the longest. 27 nautical miles have to be mastered and this means getting up early. Fortunately the weather is on our side and the wind plays into our hands too. Around half past four in the afternoon we reach the canal-like entrance to the marina of Bonifacio. It is a natural trench in the cape’s promontory. To both sides of the boat cliffs rise up vertically. Like a bird's nest, the old part of Bonifacio, the citadel, sits on top and you expect the buildings to plunge into the sea at any moment.Of course this place is a tourist hotspot but this should not prevent you from strolling through the narrow and winding streets. And the view from the top of the citadel is truly breathtaking

We have to return to Ajaccio on the next morning, but those with more time – and good sailing skills – should go over to Sardinia through the Strait of Bonifacio. Depending on the wind conditions, this 6,5 nautic mile broad passage can be an adventure.

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