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You want to try out the best gourmet restaurant? You’re looking for a cosy café? You’re looking forward to relishing local specialities? Or you want to turn the night into day at a cool club? Let our select choices inspire you.

  • Restaurant Meerbar

    Sophisticated and hip
    The Meerbar in the popular MedienHafen is known and loved for its fresh, innovatively presented seafood. The ambience is chic and the atmosphere – despite a certain coolness factor – is pleasant. The centre and heart of the Meerbar is the 15 metre bar that is perfect for an aperitif at the start of the evening as your gaze wanders over the location to the adjoining lounge and restaurant.
    Neuer Zollhof 1 (MedienHafen) | 40221 Düsseldorf
    +49 (0) 211 339 84 10
  • Im Schiffchen

    Gourmet restaurant
    Chef Jean-Claude Bourgeuil has been delighting guests in this traditional establishment with his passion for classic French cuisine since 1977. They are suitably appreciative, and enjoy his excellent award-winning presentations on the first floor of the Baroque brick building in the historic quarter of Kaiserswerth. The true classics now also include his famous creations such as lobster steamed in chamomile flowers, his special dishes of pigeon and partridge with Mediterranean/North African influences, or veal head salad with broccoli and truffle vinaigrette. Accompanied by a glass of good wine, you are guaranteed a perfect evening in a delightful ambience with excellent food.
    Kaiserswerther Markt 9 | 40489 Düsseldorf
    +49 (0) 211 40 10 50
  • 4 Seasons

    Japanese restaurant
    The focus is entirely on Japanese cuisine at the 4 Seasons in the historic quarter of Kaiserswerth. Selected products and ingredients are served up, bringing the niceties and delicacies of Japanese cuisine closer to the guests. Sushi, sashimi and tempura are simply delicious, and many in Düsseldorf even believe the 4 Seasons has the best sushi in the city. Closed on Mondays.
    Kaiserswerther Markt 37 | 40489 Düsseldorf
    +49 (0) 211 40 40 61
  • Restaurant Rosie’s

    Cosy and down-to-earth
    The food served here is excellent, both at lunch and in the evening, perhaps to follow a glass of wine enjoyed first in the lounge. The establishment’s motto is the highly promising «Forever in love». With Rosie? Quite possibly. A pretty corner establishment with a lovely terrace, relaxed guests and excellent, calm cuisine. The portions are filling, and the atmosphere is so warm and friendly that diners are often happy to stay for another glass of wine or an Alt (beer).
    Adersstrasse 2 | 40215 Düsseldorf
    +49 (0) 211 876 66 66
  • Restaurant La Terrazza

    Mediterranean delights on the «Kö»
    Light, fresh Mediterranean cuisine is served to guests on the lovely terrace of La Terraza. The interior is tasteful and pretty, and the views and ambience create something of a holiday feeling. A hot tip at lunchtime and in the evenings in downtown Düsseldorf, directly on the «Kö» luxury shopping street. There is also a strong Italian influence to the wines.
    Königsallee 30 | 40212 Düsseldorf
    +49 (0) 211 32 75 40
  • Bazzar Caffè

    Coffee pleasures
    The Bazzar Caffè opened in the mid-90s, and what set it apart from the competition at the time were the excellent espresso and cappuccino. After all, until then most of Germany’s cafés had been serving ordinary German filter coffee rather than the tasty Italian coffee specialities. As far as the high quality of the coffee is concerned, nothing has changed since then. Only a few benches, chairs and tables have been added, making the Bazzar a wonderful place to spend some time. Fortunately. There is another branch of the Bazzar Caffè at Schlüterstrasse 3a.
    Heinrich-Heine-Allee 53 | 40213 Düsseldorf
    +49 (0) 211 32 24 45
  • Café Kaffeepiraten

    Friendly and tasty
    Great coffee, a friendly atmosphere and fresh homemade food without flavour enhancers and preservatives are what set the Kaffeepiraten apart from the rest. The prices are unbeatable and the quality excellent. It’s a lovely spot to lose oneself in a city guide or magazine, and there’s a second branch of the Kaffeepiraten at Hansaallee 113.
    Neusser Strasse 121 | 40219 Düsseldorf
  • Café Röstraum

    Pure coffee fragrance
    The very modern shopping centre Sevens on the «Kö» has been sending out the wonderful aroma of freshly roasted coffee since the summer of 2013. And it’s no wonder, because the name of the «Röstraum» (The Roasting Room) speaks for itself. As well as a wide range of coffee specialities, it also serves a selection of teas, fine biscuits and sweet desserts. It’s the perfect place for a break from shopping.
    Königsallee 56 (Sevens) | 40212 Düsseldorf
  • Old Town

    Longest bar in the world
    Although area-wise the second smallest part of Düsseldorf, it is full of restaurants, inns, clubs and 250+ pubs that have given the Old Town its nickname of the «longest bar in the world». It is also the historic, political and cultural centre of the city. It contains the town hall, the Art Collection and the Academy of Art.
    40213 Düsseldorf
  • Bar Trinkhalle

    Living room ambience
    The Trinkhalle in popular Flingern is a second living room for many Düsseldorfers. A cosy retro ambience, good drinks, beer of course, and a relaxed, uncomplicated clientele. Later in the evening, excellent DJs play good music. A little funk, a little hip-hop, and lots of dancing. Open from Thursdays to Saturdays.
    Ackerstrasse 144 | 40233 Düsseldorf
  • Club Schickimicki

    Anything but trendy
    The club in Düsseldorf’s Old Town measures just 65 square metres, and the music is a creative mix of electro, rock and hip-hop. The clientele is as untrendy as the interior and the atmosphere. Uncomplicated, a little «rocked-out», but warm and friendly. So all in all, anything but kissy-kissy trendy.
    Neustrasse 51 | 40213 Düsseldorf
  • Salon des Amateurs

    Club and lounge in the Kunsthaus
    Black or white. Champagne or mineral water? In no other club in Düsseldorf do opinions vary as much as in this one. Either you love it here – or you hate it. The clientele is a wild mix of hipsters, undergrads, art students, alternative types and stylers. A little chilling, a little posing and a lot of dancing, especially to the electro beats.
    Grabbeplatz 4 | 40213 Düsseldorf