Frankfurt – the name makes you think of banks and the Stock Exchange. The city is also often associated with tristesse, skyscrapers and hectic.

«Mainhatten», «Krankfurt» (a play on the word «krank», which means poorly) and «Bankfurt» are some of the nicknames that have been bestowed on the city. In fact, nowhere else is there a greater density of banks or the market rate more important. Money is made – and lost again.

However, the Main metropolis has much to offer, and that makes it liveable. It keeps pace with the times without being stressed. Frankfurt is a multicoloured metropolis, home to 180 nations. The city is hip and trendy. At night, Dax dealers dance shoulder to shoulder with the techno boys, while scenesters and traditionalists discuss the latest highlights on the menu of the Medici restaurant. It soon becomes clear just how relaxed the «Frankfurters» are, and how proud they are of their city. Historic sights such as the Goethe Museum or the Römerberg are close to fabulous shops such as those on the Zeil or the Goethestrasse, the luxury retail strip.

And if you decide to sample the nightlife, you'll find some fabulous bars like the Biancalani Bar, where you can dance the night away to techno and electro. After all, Frankfurt is the place where techno is lived. But the city is also comfortable. In the cosy «apple wine bars», for instance, like the Wagner where friends meet up in the evenings for a glass … or two … or three. And soon the clichés are forgotten as you start to feel completely at home.

City Facts

  • Location

    City in Germany on the Main river, in the state of Hesse.

  • Population

    About 700,000

  • Size

    Approx. 248 km²

  • Public transport

    Well developed network of underground and commuter train, tram and buses.

  • Climate

    Moderate climate. Temperatures are mild. It’s warmest between June and April. The temperature rarely goes below freezing in winter.

  • Best time to visit

    Between May and September.

  • Good to know

    Apple wine, Frankfurt’s traditional drink “Apfelwein”, is called “Ebbelwoi” here.

  • Nice to know

    Germany’s financial and banking centre (it has over 300 banks), Frankfurt is also called “Bankfurt”.

  • Airport

    Frankfurt am Main airport is about 12 km southwest of the city.

  • Bus

    Bus no. 61 leaves from the bus terminal at Frankfurt Airport to Frankfurt South station. The journey takes approx. 40 minutes.

  • Railway

    The S8 and S9 go from the regional railway station at the airport to the city centre every 15 minutes; the journey takes approx. 15 minutes.

  • Taxi

    Depending on the traffic, the taxi ride to the city centre takes between 20 and 30 minutes.