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Sylt/ Westerland

You want to try out the best gourmet restaurant? You’re looking for a cosy café on Sylt? You’re looking forward to relishing local specialities? Or you want to turn the night into day at a cool club? Let our select choices inspire you.

    • Web Christel

      Sublime North German Kitchen
      Half a duck served with cranberry sauce in two courses or steamed cod with spinach, Dijon sauce and local potatoes. Hungry yet? The traditional restaurant in the heart of Westerland serves sublime Frisian cuisine and its cellar provides over 250 different wines. And no, the name has nothing to do with the World Wide Web. The cute thatched roof house, which is almost completely covered with ivy, was once a weaving mill. Be sure to make a Reservation beforehand!
      Süderstraße 11
      25980 Sylt
      +49 4651 22900
    • Gosch Schlemmer Eck

      Grab some Sea Food
      Gosch belongs to Sylt like ebb and flow. The legendary fish buns are sold to go at the Gosch Schlemmer Eck,. Delicious fish- and shellfish dishes are also available. Though the prices are rather high for fast food the meals taste great.
      Friedrichstraße 15a
      25980 Westerland
      +49 46 512 37 45
    • Söl’ring Hof

      Delicious delicatessen
      The Söl’ring Hof is situated on a dune, just a stone’s throw away from the beach. In the open country house kitchen of the traditional thatched house, 2-star chef Johannes King cooks together with his team. The dishes are creatively composed and nicely presented. Vegetables, fruit and herbs are grown in their own garden. Fish and sea food come from the area or even from their very own fishing boat in the North Sea. They also serve the Sylt “Royal Oyster” – Germany’s only oyster.
      Am Sandwall 1
      25980 Rantum/Sylt
      +49 4651 836200
    • Crêperie am Meer

      Part of the island, like the beach and the sea
      Perfect refreshment after a day on the beach! This relaxed meeting point for locals and tourists alike serves Sylt’s popular. Crêpes, right next to a surf spot. The toppings are, for instance, wild salmon, horseradish, sea salt and the classical Nutella one. If the wind and weather conditions are perfect, it might happen that the owners are out surfing. Then it says “Nu is Zu” – “Currently closed”. In that case, try again the next day!
      Kurpromenade Nr.1
      25980 Westerland
      +49 4651 201889
    • Café Wien

      Tarts with hearts
      Two islanders fall in love and give each other a cafe as a wedding present. This is - to the point - the story behind Café Wien. When it opened in 1966, with its red and leaf gold interior, it was a little sensation on the island. Nowadays Café Wien is an “institution”. The wonderful cakes, biscuits and chocolate artworks trace back to generations of pastry crafts. In the small chocolate manufactory next door you can find fine delicacies as souvenirs.
      Strandstr. 13
      25980 Westerland
      +49 4651 5335