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Sylt/ Westerland

Westerland is the gateway to Germany's North Sea island No. 1 and a paradise for windsurfers and beach runners.

Westerland can’t exactly be described as “beautiful”but the endless sand beaches and the charming corners away from the hustle and bustle make you forget about the 1970s hotel architecture. It's a place where the sky touches the sea, where pumps meet rubber boots and where connoisseurs as well as sports freaks feel at home - Sylt is a place of longing!

You can do everything but you don't have to – this is Westerland’s motto. Spend a lazy day in a beach chair or plunge into the shopping crowds. Cafés, restaurants, shops and boutiques are waiting to be discovered. To round off the whole island experience, a fish sandwich isa must!

Everywhere on Sylt nature is just a stone’s throw away. Why not explore the wide dune landscape in the north of the island by bike or get wet feet when walking through the tidal flats? In case of bad weather there is the Syltness Center – a wellness oasis with a view of the sea.

City Facts

  • Location

    Main place of the German North Sea island Sylt.

  • Population

    About 9400

  • Size

    Approx. 10.45 km²

  • Public transport

    Well-developed bus network across the island; besides that you can rent a car or discover Sylt by bike.

  • Climate

    Marine climate, influenced by the Gulf Stream. The winter months are milder than on the mainland with an average of about 2° C, while the summer months are cooler.

  • Best time to visit

    Year-round destination but most popular in July and August.

  • Good to know

    All visitors to Sylt are charged a resort tax called "Kurtaxe" that is spent on keeping the island beautiful and clean. In return you receive vouchers, which give you access to the beaches and discounts at museums.

  • Nice to know

    Germany's northernmost vineyard is located in Keitum, southwest of Westerland.

  • Airport

    The island's airport is located 2 km east of Westerland.

  • Bus

    Shuttle buses run from the airport to the Central Bus Station (ZOB) of Westerland, which is located at the main station.

  • Taxi

    There are several taxi companies on the island. From the airport to Westerland it takes about 6 minutes and costs around EUR 8-9.