Do you want to visit impressive attractions near Cork? You’re looking for the most famous shopping miles or enchanting boutiques for the perfect shopping trip? Or you’re interested in fascinating buildings of art and culture? We’ve compiled a selection for you.

  • Blarney Castle

    A kiss for Blarney
    Never be lost for words again: Blarney Castle is home to the fabled Stone of Eloquence. According to the legend, everyone who kisses it gains the "Gift of the Gab" - the gift of eloquence. To kiss it, one has to lean backwards from the parapet walk. No need to worry: an employee of the castle provides a safe kiss and in case of emergency, there is a fall lattice. Around the castle you can find a beautiful garden with remarkable rock formations.
    Monacnapa Blarney
    Cork Irland
    +353 21 438 5252
  • Sin É Pub

    Trad sessions and stout
    The perfect place to catch a real Irish jam session. Local musicians sit at one of the rickety tables, drink pints of stout and play traditional Songs. Thanks to the loving regular guests, newcomers feel at home immediately in the Sin É. Many of the regulars are genuine originals and are glad to share some local anecdotes.
    8 Coburg Street, Cork
    +353 21 450 22 66
  • Fota Wildlife Park

    Family adventure
    The kids are tired of sightseeing and shopping? In that case how about a visiting to giraffes, kangaroos and red pandas? Situated on Fota Island near Cork, the Wildlife Park is divided into different climatic habitats, the enclosures are spacious and as species-appropriate as possible. Besides that there are playgrounds and picnic areas. Only 35 minutes away from Cork City this is a perfect day trip for the whole family. The entrance fee is 14 Euros for adults and 9 Euros for children.
    Foaty, Carrigtwohill, Co. Cork
    +353 21 481 2678
  • Cork City Gaol

    Unlocking the past
    One can almost hear the inmates doing the shackle shuffle And if you listen carefully you can hear their whispers and the jingle of the warden’s keys. The old prison of Cork is definitely no place one usually likes to stay voluntary. But in this case it is an interesting way to travel to the past. The City Gaol, opened in 1824, tells gloomy crime stories but also focusses on the troubled times of the IrishCivil War. After years of decay the building has been restored and turned into a popular visitor attraction.
    Convent Avenue, Sunday’s Well
    Cork City
    +353 21 430 5022
  • Fitzgerald Park

    Oasis of tranquility
    Dive into the green and watch the sky from a picnic blanket - the Fitzgerald Park is a retreat for both residents and visitors. The neat lawns, the pond and the pretty red pavilion are a remnant of an international fair held in 1902, named after the then mayor. You also find the Cork Public Museum in the gardens, which houses various collections on the city history.
    Cork City
    +353 21 492 4258
  • Cobh

    Titanic’s last port
    Above all, one name is connected to the port city, southeast of Cork: Titanic. The steamer was here "in the road" - three days before its fatal collision with an iceberg. There are hints, referring to the tragic history of the luxury liner, everywhere. Furthermore the "Titanic Experience" center tells the fates of the passengers, who boarded here. The tickets - which are similar to those of the passage - cost 9 euros 50 for adults and 5 euros 50 for children. Definitely worth a visit!
    20 Casement Square
    +353 21 481 4412
  • The English Market

    Welcome to gourmet’s paradise
    This market hall provides everything, that land and water have to offer - and much more: meat, fish, cheese, vegetables, bread, wine and delicacies from all over the world. Most of the products are organic and can be tasted. Those who feel really hungry after the delicious appetizers can watch the market bustle from the restaurants on the first floor.
    Princes Street/Grand Parade
    Cork City
    +353 21 492 4258