There is a lot more to taste than Irish Stew. Take a look at the SWISS Magazine's compilation of bars, cafés and restaurants in and around Cork.

  • Holy Smoke

    At Holy Smoke you can count on fantastic meat (100 per cent Irish!), the hottest grill and the best equipment, and you can also rest assured that even the charcoal is gourmet quality! At times, Decky Walsh, the 32-year old chef, adds a few more pellets – made from old whiskey barrels – to the smoker. Just follow your nose!

  • Rachel's

    Rachel Allen, celebrity TV chef and author, is a star in Ireland. Her plea for simple, product-oriented cuisine has struck a chord amongst her fans. Rachel’s first restaurant – a large, airy space, cosy and totally without kitsch – opened in Cork just a few weeks ago. Most of the vegetables are sourced from the organic farm run by the renowned Ballymaloe cooking school (where Rachel Allen teaches), the meat and fish come from carefully selected farmers and fishermen. With so much quality, one is allowed to keep the preparation simple.

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  • Fishy Fishy

    Martin Shanahan’s restaurant on the harbour front in Kinsale is an institution. The fact that Martin cooks with locally sourced fish probably has something to do with that. “Too many hands spoil the fish,” says Martin, who is familiar to many Irish from his TV show. At the Fishy Fishy you can look forward to beautifully, but simply prepared seafood. The service is prompt, the atmosphere is down to earth. Reservations are essential!

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