Charisma, a great cultural scene and exuberant energy - the country's second largest city has a lot to offer. It's a place you immediately fall in love with.

Ask the "Corkonians", the inhabitants of Cork, and they will tell you, that their city is Ireland’s “true” capital. No wonder – the whole county of Cork is known as "Rebel County". Through the centuries the inhabitants have repeatedly fought for their independence.

But this all belongs to the past. Today Cork is a cosmopolitan, lively and young city, with cozy pubs, cafes, galleries and charming shops. Food lovers find good restaurants and nice markets with lots of specialities to taste. Besides that the city is a hotspot for micro- and craftbeer breweries.

Just on the doorstep is Europe's largest natural harbor, extending canal-like to the coast. There are rugged rocks and lonely bays waiting to be explored.

Travellers never stay alone for too long in this this city: The open and humorous manner of the "Corkonians" helps meeting new people a lot. And what about announcing you arrival by playing your own melody on the bells of Shandon Church?

City Facts

  • Location

    Located in the South-West of Ireland, in the province of Munster.

  • Population

    About 124,000

  • Size

    Approx. 116 km²

  • Public transport

    Bus routes are numbered from 201 through to 226 and connect the city centre to the principal suburbs, shopping centres and other places of interest.

  • Climate

    Like the rest of Ireland the climate of Cork is mild oceanic and changeable. Summers are quite cool and winters mild - temperatures above 25° or below 0° are rare. Rainfall is abundant throughout the whole year.

  • Best time to visit

    Year round destination. Spring is the driest time of year, May has the most hours of sunshine. July and August are the warmest months but it's raining more often.

  • Good to know

    Be prepared to discuss weather all the time at any time. In Cork talking about the weather is far more than doing small talk - it's a serious matter.

  • Nice to know

    Cork has the oldest Yacht Club in the World founded in 1720.

  • Airport

    Cork Airport, it is located 6.5 km south of Cork city.

  • Bus

    Every day there is a public and private bus service from and to the airport, leaving every 30 minutes from 5 in the morning until midnight.

  • Taxi

    The taxi rank is located directly outside the terminal building. A ride from Cork Airport to Cork city centre costs around €20.