You want to try out the best gourmet restaurant? You’re looking for a cosy café? You’re looking forward to relishing local specialities? Or you want to turn the night into day at the coolest clubs of Paris? Let our select choices inspire you.

    • Von Tangens Fiskebar

      All about fish
      Freshly caught crabs, mussels and - of course - fish are the main components of the menu. To match the atmosphere, sailing boats and fishing vessels float in front of the window, raw wooden floorboards and simple Scandinavian design complete the interior. The restaurant’s building was formerly a fish trader’s office and has been nicely restored. Von Tangens Fiskebar is situated right next to the Norwegian Fishing Museum - it is also worth a visit.
      Sjøgaten 23
      5035 Bergen
      +47 55 33 69 99
    • To Kokker

      Delicious simplicity
      To Kokker in the old district of Bryggen are experts when it comes to fish and game. The small menu varies according to the season – everything is freshly prepared with regional ingredients. Try the elk carpaccio, it’s delicious. The restaurant’s interior is elegant yet the low ceilings and the creaking floorboards give it a cosy atmosphere.
      Enhjørningsgården 29
      5003 Bergen
      +47 55 30 69 55
    • Sumo

      Not artificial
      An excellent Asian cuisine in the city centre of Bergen, where you can have delicious sushi and warm dishes – all without any artificial flavouring. Good service, a cosy ambience and quality are promised. In-house eating or take-away, it’s your choice.
      Vestre Torggate 3
      5015 Bergen
      +47 55 90 19 60
    • Lysverket

      local and sustainable
      According to local newspapers, here you’ll get the ‘best lunch in Bergen’- and they are right. Besides regional seafood (including a great traditional fish soup), meat from sustainable production and organic vegetables are offered in the MICHELIN Guide Restaurant. Dinner is served in either 4 or 7 courses, but you can also go for snacks and cocktails at the bar.
      Rasmus Meyers Allé 9, 5015 Bergen
    • Bastant

      Organic Soulfood
      This small bistro is located just off Bryggen's tourist bustle. The menu includes soups, stews, sandwiches, salad and homemade cakes. Many dishes are vegan and will astonish you with interesting spice combinations like the cinnamon tomato soup. Nighthawks appreciate to stop over for a light night beer or a cocktail.
      Jacobsfjorden 4
      5018 Bergen
      +47 400 72 247
    • Enhjorningen

      Legendary creature
      At the traditional wharf of Bryggen one façade stands out due to a wooden animal figure with a gilt horn on his forehead: a unicorn. The restaurant of the same name exists since the 13th century – characterised by authenticity and rustic interieur in a wooden style. The kitchen is specialized in delicacy out of the sea as fresh oysters and fish in all variations – the brave may choose the Whale Carpaccio.
      Enhjørningsgården 29
      5003 Bergen
      +47 55 30 69 50
    • Det Lille Kaffekompaniet

      To good to say no
      Homemade cinnamon rolls, cheesecake, delicious carrot cake and oven-fresh large cookies: to resist the sweet temptations in the Lille Kaffekompaniet is nearly impossible. The friendly staff serves amazing coffee. The café is very close to the Floibanen - so why not combine the visit with a flight to the Floyen?
      Nedre Fjellsmauet 2
      5018 Bergen
      +47 55 31 67 20
    • No Stress

      Living room Cocktails
      This bar has a history. Originally a shop for streetwear in the 90s, No Stress has become one of Bergen’s hippest locations by now. Decorated like grandma's living room with retro styled floor lamps and wildly mixed couch sets it’s perfect for a relaxing evening with friends – as long as you get a seat. Particularly at weekends it can be very crowded. Try one of the delicious cocktails – all prepared with fresh pressed juices and homemade syrups.
      Hollendergaten 11,5017 Bergen
      +47 938 33 312
    • Scruffy Murphys

      Relax and listen to the music
      If you are looking for some solid and casual pub, this is the right place. Located near to the harbour and calling itself the “only authentic Irish pub in Bergen” Scruffy Murphys offers two bars on two floors. You can choose between several varieties of Irish Beers and Cider, accompanied by bands playing live music on the weekends.
      Torget 15, 5014 Bergen
      +47 55 30 09 20