Do you want to visit impressive attractions? You’re looking for the most famous shopping miles or enchanting boutiques for the perfect shopping trip? Or you’re interested in fascinating buildings of art and culture? We’ve compiled a selection for you.

  • Dwarfs of Wroclaw

    Special sightseeing
    The smallest citizens of Wroclaw have a historical meaning: during the 1980’s anticommunists took to the streets and demonstrated against the regime, wearing dwarf-costumes. Today the dwarfs (polish ‘krasnale’) are made of cast bronze and provide a city guide of a special kind. Instead of following a classic city map, you can wonderfully explore Wroclaw by looking for the meanwhile over 300 figures scattered all over the whole city. Chrapek, Fizolek, Myjek (every dwarf has a name) are waiting for you.
  • Slodowa Island

    Cultural hotspot on the water
    In the middle of Wroclaw there are six islands on the Oder, one of them called Slodowa. During the summer this place is primarly occupied by students, since the island is mostly a green area. Also, it is THE hotspot for various cultural events: open air cinemas, dance classes under the open sky and concerts invite visitors to linger. Slodowa is reachable by crossing the bridges from the city’s bank.
    Wyspa Slodowa 1
    50-266 Wroclaw
  • Hala Stulecia

    Wroclaw's modernity
    At the beginning of the 20th century the Hala Stulecia was built after the drafts of architect Max Berg. The original idea, to provide a place for exhibitions, leisure and cultural events has been pursued until today. The well-known landmark is a flagship of Wroclaw’s modernity: it is a special scene where history and present come together. It is no wonder that the Hall is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
    Wystawowa 1
    51-618 Wrocław
    +48 71 347 51 50
  • Hala Targowa

    Food Paradise
    It’s like walking through the land of milk and honey: huge amounts of fruits, vegetables, meat, fish and cheese, topped by stalls with sweets, cake and biscuits. You will definitely get hungry on your way through the wonderful art nouveau market hall. Here Wroclaw’s best chefs provide themselves with culinary specialties. But you can also see housewives doing their daily shopping. And don’t miss to get up to the first floor gallery with tiny little shops.
    Piaskowa 17
    48-300 Wroclaw
    +48 71 343 84 57
  • Ulica Swidnicka

    Cultural shopping mile
    Shopping is simply a must for experiencing a good city trip. Especially when there are beautiful buildings out of different eras scattered all over the shopping mile which add a cultural touch. In Swidnicka Street bars, restaurants, churches, art galleries and diverse small and bigger fashion boutiques are presented in a row – it’s going to be exciting for sure!
    Ulica Swidnicka
    50-067 Breslau
  • Festivals

    There is so much to see
    Welcome to Festival City! There are festivals in Wroclaw almost every day – from world famous ones to small independent events. In spring for example you can join Poland’s oldest Theatre Festival, in June and July there is “Wroclaw Non-Stop” with more than 100 different events. And in September it is all about early music at the Wratislavia Cantans Festival. This is what makes the special atmosphere in Wroclaw.
  • Galeria Awangarda

    Art in a living ruin
    The name reflects the aim. And yes, the gallery owners stick to this. Galeria Awangarda shows the artwork of artists outside of the mainstream and often deals with controversial topics. The building behind the former Hatzfeld Palace is huge, so besides some permanent exhibitions of modern art there is also an exposition of Polish ceramic.
    ul. Wita Stwosza 32
    11-400 Wroclaw
    +48 71 344 1056
  • Zoo

    Explore Africa's fauna
    With its over 150 year long tradition, the zoo in Wroclaw is the oldest and biggest one in Poland. Not long ago mostly all compounds have been refurbished and modernized, so that the living environment for the animals is now even more species-appropriate and up-to-date. There are about 1100 different animal species, but a special highlight is the Africarium. It’s the only oceanarium worldwide, which is dedicated to one continent: hippos, sharks, penguins, aardvarks and colourful fish are living in there. A must for every animal lover!
    ul. Z. Wróblewskiego 1-5
    51-618 Wrocław
    +48 71 340 71 19