You want to try out the best gourmet restaurant? You’re looking for a cosy café? You’re looking forward to relishing local specialities? Or you want to turn the night into day at a cool club? Let our select choices inspire you.

    • Gostilna Kovac

      Good plain cooking
      This restaurant is situated in a suburb of Ljubljana. In the 19th century the building has been a forge, today there are served regional dishes - ultra-fresh and of highest quality. The nice middle-class restaurant in the countryside is particularly well known for its fish specialities and its excellent selection of local wines. In summer guests can enjoy the varied culinary offer on the shady terrace.
      This restaurant is situated in a suburb of Ljubljana.
      Pot k Savi 9
      1000 Ljubljana
      +386 1 537 12 44
    • Restaurant Strelec

      Culinary pleasures behind castle walls
      The Restaurant Strelec is situated in the historic turret of Ljubljana Castle, high above the city. It takes its guests on a journey through time. Slovenian specialities are served in a setting that is steeped in history. The menu served by master chef Igor Jagodic contains dishes that would have been served in the Middle Ages, which he skilfully integrates in the culinary world of today. Plain side dishes such as potatoes or fennel become culinary temptations.
      Grajska planota 1
      1000 Ljubljana
      +386 31 687 648
    • Marley & Me

      Popular meeting place
      Ask locals to recommend a restaurant, and they will often suggest Marley & Me. This little establishment with the cosy bistro ambience is located in the middle of the Old Town. The menu is creative and varied: pasta variations, meat dishes and fish specialities are available in generous portions at reasonable prices. The restaurant is extremely popular at lunchtime and in the evenings, so be sure to book.
      Stari Trg 9
      1000 Ljubljana
      +386 8 380 66 10
    • JB Restaurant

      A temple for gourmets
      The JB Restaurant belongs to master chef Janez Bratovž. He takes his guests from all over the world on a culinary journey that will never be forgotten. His combination of Mediterranean cuisine, French finesse and Slovenian tradition is known far beyond the country's borders. Guests dine in an intimate setting. The décor is reminiscent of a stylish "parlour" of bygone days. This exquisite family restaurant is a temple for gourmets at the heart of the city.
      Miklošičeva cesta 17
      1000 Ljubljana
      +386 1 430 70 70
    • Restaurant Güjžina

      Best local cuisine
      Travellers have voted the Güjžina the restaurant with the best Slovenian cuisine. Most of the dishes on the menu come from the north-east of the country and reveal influences from Austro-Hungarian cuisine. Typical regional dishes include bograč, a meat stew and gibanica, a light-and-airy puff pastry creation. It is said to be the best in the country.
      Mestni Trg 19
      1000 Ljubljana
      +386 8 380 64 46
    • Café Plato

      At any time of day
      You can begin the day here with a milky coffee and end it with a cocktail. Located in the city centre Café is the perfect starting point for a sightseeing trip or a quick lunch stop-over. The service is fast and friendly, the Wi-Fi for free and the home-made ice cream fabulous. It's lovely to relax and watch the lively going outside through the large window frontage. Café Plato is open on weekdays from 7 a.m. until 11 p.m.
      Ajdovščina 1
      1000 Ljubljana
      +386 1 230 84 81
    • Café Zvezda

      Cake dreams
      Any visitor to Ljubljana should be sure to sample the country's sweet specialities at least once. And the best way to do that is to visit the Café Zvezda. It's a good place to rest from the sightseeing, put down your shopping bags and start enjoying the sweet treats served here. The range of cakes, gateaux and other baked goods is vast and varied. There are also various vegan options. As well as the café in the city centre, there is another branch at the Shoppingcenter BTC City.
      Wolfova 14
      1000 Ljubljana
      +386 1 421 90 90
    • Ethno-Club Zlati zob

      Where culture is at home
      The concept behind this club is as clear as it is simple: cultural variety is well established here. The club was opened in 2008 by lovers of folk culture. It brings traditional charms to a larger audience. The "Golden Tooth" (in English) is friendly and entertaining, with good food and drink, dancing and music. And it offers everything from oriental nights to French Variety. Be sure to check the programme before you go.
      Zaloška cesta 54
      1000 Ljubljana
      +386 40 563 100
    • Parlament Pub

      The best beer
      It is said that the beer tastes better and costs less than anywhere else in the city. The audience is young and the pub always full. By day it's a coffee bar and at night a club. There are parties almost every night, which are especially popular with international guests. The perfect place to start a party night – or end it.
      Šubičeva 1
      1000 Ljubljana
      +386 1 251 32 43
    • Pr’ Skelet Disco Bar

      Bizarre but worth a visit
      The Grim Reaper is in charge here. The skeleton is seen all over this city centre disco bar. It's equally popular with locals and visitors, and its cocktails, reputedly the best in the city, are often available as 2-for-1. There isn’t always a lot of room for dancing, but be sure to visit the bar for a drink.
      Kongresni Trg 3
      1000 Ljubljana
      +386 40 852 366