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The Horchateria Santa Catalina is one of the two traditional shops in Valencia. There is no better place to try a horchata. The horchata is the typical refreshment for Valencia, made of almond milk and created to help people bear the hot temperatures of summer. When you're in Valencia, you have to try it at least once.

(Business Analyst & Project Leader E-Commerce)
Horchateria Santa Catalina
Plaza de Santa Catalina, 6
46001 Valencia
+34 963 91 23 79

Pan de Queso is a true insider. They serve pan de queso, rolls baked with cheese, in all varieties. I can never leave Valencia until I've eaten at least two of these delicious rolls. The restaurant is tiny but they have a little outdoor seating.

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Restaurant Pan de Queso
Calle Serranos, 19 (near the Torres de Serranos)
46003 Valencia