You want to try out the best gourmet restaurant? You’re looking for a cosy café? You’re looking forward to relishing local specialities? Or you want to turn the night into day at a cool club? Let our select choices inspire you.

    • Gondolen

      Dining in the air
      The Gondolen hands in the air like a spaceship. The floating restaurant is a top address for gourmets. This is due in part to the culinary artistry of master chef Erik Lallerstedt, who is specialised in native classics. The other part is the fantastic view. This restaurant is constantly thrilling its guests anew, though it stretches the wallet somewhat.
      Stadsgården 6
      10465 Stockholm
      +46 8 641 70 90
    • Restaurant East

      Top Asian cuisine
      Looking for a stylish Asian restaurant? Head for East. The restaurant is a permanent address in Stockholm for Asian cuisine. They serve up specialities from Thailand, Japan, Korea and Vietnam. Try the delicious green curry with salmon, roasted duck or tuna carpaccio, or selection from the huge range of sushi and sashimi. Their dessert menu also has something for everyone. The interior is a study in Asia meeting Stockholm: sleek and solid but cosy and comfortable.
      Stureplan 13
      111 45 Stockholm
      +46 8 611 49 59
    • Krogkonst

      Traditional fare
      In the mood for some really good traditional fare? This is the right place for it. Their Swedish cooking tastes especially good. And they have something to quench your thirst, too: 35 different kinds of beer and 40 wines by the glass. The spacious terrace at Krogkonst adds to diners' enjoyment. The view of Gamla Stan and the palace is remarkable.
      Amiralitetsbacken 3
      11149 Stockholm
      +46 8 611 99 89
    • Wedsholm Fisk

      Michelin star-winning cuisine
      The fish restaurant Wedsholm Fisk was awarded a Michelin star and is one of the best restaurants in Stockholm. The cuisine is a fusion of traditional dishes with modern elements. Everything is excellent. You might try the turbot in stirred brown butter with horseradish or a marinated herring. Make sure to leave room for dessert: homemade vanilla ice with cloudberries... delicious! The restaurant interior is sleek yet elegant. And the adjacent bar is a great place for an aperitif before your meal.
      Nybrokajen 17
      11148 Stockholm
      +46 8 611 78 74
    • Agrikultur

      Back to the roots
      The name tells the story: a small restaurant in Stockholm with a wood-burning oven in the heart of the open kitchen, where friendly stuff offers you a daily changing set-menu from local and seasonal produce. Enjoy a warm and social atmosphere while supporting the idea of sustainability and tradition. If offered, go for the delicious cod with a sauce of wild garlic and stinging-nessles. Attention: opening hours only from Monday to Friday.
      Roslagsgatan 43
      113 54 Stockholm
      +46 (8) 15 02 02
    • Blue Light Yokohama

      Good Japanese
      True, it sounds a little odd, sampling Japanese in Sweden. But this place is definitely worth a visit. Blue Light Yokohama serves up authentic Japanese delicacies. They use natural ingredients and follow the traditions of Japanese cooking: little salt or fat, healthy and delicious. Of course, the menu includes sushi. Their dishes can be ordered to go as well.
      Åsögatan 170
      11632 Stockholm
      +46 8 644 68 00
    • Chaikhana Teahouse

      Great tea
      Supposedly the Swedes are known for drinking coffee all day and everywhere. The exception is made at Chaikhana Teahouse. Even hardcore coffee drinkers would have doubts here. Whether you enjoy an English afternoon tea with three small sandwiches, two scones and jam or you prefer a salmon sandwich with green tea, they have something for everyone. That means more than 200 different kinds of tea. Don't forget the many tasty biscuits and cakes.
      Svartmangatan 23
      11129 Stockholm
      +46 8 24 45 00
    • Sturekatten pastry shop

      Pure nostalgia
      The aroma of cinnamon and coffee fills the air as you cross the old, creaking steps into this enchanting, old-fashioned café. Drawn by the sight of biscuits and cakes you'll feel right as rain. This is a great place for the nostalgic, because you can hang out forever. There's an old rumour that this was once a brothel, though that's never been actually proven. It doesn’t matter. Sturekatten is a gem either way.
      Riddargatan 4
      11435 Stockholm
      +46 8 611 16 12
    • Icebar

      Ice-cold drinks
      Yes, Icebar is THE attraction for tourists, of course. However, it's something you just have to see. The bar in the Nordic Sea Hotel is the first permanent ice bar in the world, with a constant temperature of minus 5° Celsius. Not only is the interior – tables and chairs – made of ice; so are the glasses. For your entry fee you get gloves, a parka and a drink. This bar is definitely not for people who get cold quickly. Tip: Since no more than 60 people are allowed in the bar, make sure to reserve early.
      Vasaplan 4
      11120 Stockholm
      +46 8 505 635 20
    • Cadier Bar

      Chic and high class
      There are ultramodern bars and the classics. Then there's the classics surrounded by flamboyant lustre. That's the Cadier Bar. The lounge of theGrand Hôtelsis elegant and expensive – and worth every penny. Guests wear suits and stylish clothing accompanied by background piano music. Many people meet here for business. The Cadier Bar is the place to drink 125-year-old Aquavit and feel like a star. You will have to pay a bit more for it, though.
      Blasieholmshamnen 8
      10327 Stockholm
      +46 8 679 35 00
    • The Spy Bar

      Trendy club
      The Spy Bar is a trendy club. The bouncers decide whether you get in or not. If so, you'll find a chic ambiance with beautiful people and delicious drinks. DJs play the entire range of music: hip-hop, techno, electro all the way to indie. The mood is always fantastic, which is why guests tend to ignore how high the drink prices are.
      Birger Jarlsgatan 20
      114 34 Stockholm
      +46 8 54 50 37 01
    • Le Bar Rouge

      A touch of France
      What the Moulin Rouge is to Paris, the Bar Rouge is to Stockholm. The bar is highly reminiscent of its namesake in the capital of France. Guests sink into violet-red armchairs, sipping a well-mixed cocktail and enjoying the ambiance. And should the huge selection of drinks make your stomach rumble, they have something to help: a small menu of snacks and light meals, including desserts.
      Brunnsgränd 2
      11131 Stockholm
      +46 8 518 04 000
    • Pet Sounds Bar

      Well into the night
      Trendsetters and night crawlers love Pet Sounds Bar. The appeal of the bar is in the mix of live bands, parties and special acts from DJs at weekends. This cellar bar is the place to turn night to day. The club has a restaurant for those who need to fortify themselves. Guests can also bring the music home with them. Pet Sound CDs are available for purchase.
      Skånegatan 80
      11637 Stockholm
      +46 8 643 82 25
    • Café Opera

      IN club
      Robbie Williams, Kate Moss and the Crown Princess of Sweden, they've all celebrated at Café Opera. The IN club in Stockholm draws in the celebrities. The luxuriant interior and magnificent Italian painted ceilings alone are worth the visit. Keep in mind that you'll have to wait in line a little longer than usual in front of the club, but you'll want to see Café Opera up close.
      Karl XII:s torg
      11186 Stockholm
      +46 8 676 58 10
    • Mosebacke

      A club for everyone
      Mosebacke is a reliable factor in the city. It's been there in the masonry of the Södra Teatern for years with its excellent, diverse offerings. There is nearly always something going on, whether it's a concert, small art exhibit or party. Night crawlers will be thrilled. They play Deep House, R&B, Soul, Salsa and Reggae. It's especially nice in summer, when the terrace grill is fired up and guests can enjoy the gorgeous view of Djurgården, Skeppsholmen, Gamla Stan and the Strömmen from the middle of Södermalm.
      Mosebacke Torg 3
      11646 Stockholm
      +46 8 531 99 379