Basel – that where all those chemical companies are; there’s nothing else there. Wrong! The city at the convergence of Switzerland, Germany and France has so much more to offer.

And it has its own, entirely unique charm, whether in Greater Basel (Grossbasel), where most of the sights are to be found, or in Lesser Basel (Kleinbasel) to the right of the Rhine. A relaxed walk along the river; a refreshing dip in summer, a boat trip down it, or a coffee break sitting beside it: pure pleasure! Basel offers world-class art, and Art Basel is the world’s leading art fair. Various cultural and art institutions have quite rightly given the metropolis its title of «Switzerland’s capital of culture». This is where the international art scene meets. In fact, the city’s multicultural flair is evident from its location.

The very pretty and well-maintained Old Town is a major attraction, and the delightful parks are perfect for relaxing. Beautiful 15th-century buildings rub shoulders with contemporary buildings by renowned architects. The city is manageable, and yet world-class. And the people are regarded as epicures who are full of charm and esprit. Whether in one of the many cafés or bars beside the Rhine such as the Cargobar, cheering on their favourite football club or joining in the legendary Basel carnival, there’s always something to enjoy.

City Facts

  • Location

    Third-biggest city in Switzerland, in the triangle of Switzerland, France and Germany

  • Population

    About 172,000

  • Size

    Approx. 24 km²

  • Public transport

    Well-developed network of trams and buses.

  • Climate

    Moderate climate. Temperatures are mild, with the warmest temperatures between June and August.

  • Best time to visit

    Between May and July.

  • Good to know

    Hotel guests in Basel are given a pass on arrival that entitles them to use any form of public transport.

  • Nice to know

    On the Greater Basel side (Quay no. 1) is the «Lällekönig» figure with his tongue on permanent display to the people of Lesser Basel.

  • Airport

    Basel-Mülhausen, 6 km northwest of Basel.

  • Bus

    The no. 50 goes to the city, and the journey takes 15 to 20 minutes.