Do you want to visit impressive attractions? You’re looking for the most famous shopping miles or enchanting boutiques for the perfect shopping trip? Or you’re interested in fascinating buildings of art and culture? We’ve compiled a selection for you.

    • Parco San Grato

      A sea of flowers
      This park is home to magnificent azaleas, rhododendrons and conifers. However, besides beautiful plants, the botanic garden also grants visitors a fabulous view over Ticino's landscapes. The park is approximately 10 kilometres from Lugano. Additional plus: free entry!
      San Grato
      6914 Lugano
    • Museo del Cioccolato Alprose

      The world of chocolate
      The Alprose Museum is all about chocolate – from A to Z. Its story, from the early days until now. Its history. Its manufacture. Its origins – and the Swiss tradition of chocolate. Absolutely fab: children can create their own chocolate in the Choco Studio (book in advance).
      Via Rompada 36
      6987 Caslano
      +41 91 611 88 56
    • Castello di Morcote

      In the south of the Ticino, surrounded by Lake Lugano, is this delightful area of vineyards, luscious meadows, olive trees and old stone houses. What a dream! Fabulous Ticino Merlot is produced in the vineyard of the Castle of Morcote, and the restaurant – which serves excellent homemade pasta – is the perfect place to round off the day.
      Strada al Castel 27
      6921 Vico Morcote
      +41 91 996 12 30
    • Swissminiature

      Switzerland in miniature
      Switzerland in 14,000 square metres of park, represented by 120 handmade models showing Switzerland’s best-known buildings, monuments and means of transportation. Eighteen trains drive through the park on over 3500 metres of tracks; boats cross the lakes, cars travel the motorway, and cable cars glide up and down the mountain. Tremendous fun for all ages. Open from March until October.
      Via Cantonale 3
      6815 Melide
      +41 91 640 10 60
    • Parco degli Ulivi

      Mediterranean Park
      This lovely Mediterranean park with wonderful vegetation and breathtaking views of Lake Lugano is situated at the beginning of the path from Gandria. A wonderful place for a stroll and to enjoy the blissful peace.
      Lato sud del Monte Brè
      6976 Castagnola
    • Monte Brè

      Switzerland’s sunniest mountain
      The cable car ride up the mountain to the tip of Monte Brè (933 m) takes just a quarter of an hour. It’s a lovely place for a hike, or perhaps to barbecue (specially marked areas). It’s also ideal for families because there are several trails that children will easily be able to walk. The views of the Bernese and Vallais Alps are breathtaking, and a short walk will have you in the middle of the village of Brè. All in all, an excellent way to spend a day.
      Via Ceresio 36
      6977 Ruvigliana
      +41 91 971 31 71
    • Zoo al Maglio

      Let’s go to the zoo
      The zoo is in a most wonderful, atmospheric location on the banks of the river Magliasina. It is home to over 100 animals, including leopards and panthers, capuchin monkeys, raccoons and lions. It’s a lovely place for children and families to visit, and well worth visiting even if only to walk through the lovely grounds.
      Via ai Mulini 14
      6983 Magliaso
      +41 91 606 14 93
    • Monte Lema

      Nature at its best
      Lugano is surrounded by mountains, one of which is the impressive Monte Lema. At an altitude of 1624 metres, the mountain offers a panoramic view of the surrounding lakes and the southern Ticino valleys. The Bernese Alps can also be seen towering in the background. Those lacking time or energy for hiking can get to the top of Monte Lema by cable car.
      6986 Miglieglia
      +41 91 609 11 68
    • Lido

      Lakeside resort
      Bathing in a lake is simply wonderful – especially when the views are as fabulous as they are at Lake Lugano. There are lots of popular public swimming baths (lidos) beside the lake, and they all have their own particular charm. Either the Lido di Lugano, the Lido Piscina Comunale Conca d'Oro or the Lido Golfo del Sole. There are lots of pretty spots from which to jump into the refreshing waters of the lake. A holiday on Lake Lugano is simply amazing.

    • Via Nassa

      Shopping street
      Two hundred and seventy metres of pure elegance. Via Nassa crosses the heart of Lugano’s Old Town, and appeals for its delightful, sophisticated shops and boutiques. Under the shady trees are exclusive jeweller’s shops, boutiques and antique shops. It’s a real treat to stroll down the Via Nassa and enjoy the special atmosphere.
      Via Nassa
      6900 Lugano
    • Macelleria Foglia

      Fresh pasta
      A good ten minutes by car from Lugano, the pleasant shop of Macelleria Foglia is a haven of fresh and tasty delights. Whether pasta, cheese or antipasti, everything is fresh and delicious. The wines are equally impressive.
      Via Lungolage Motta 12
      6815 Melide
      +41 91 649 85 85
    • Foxtown

      Designer outlet
      Foxtown is the shopping paradise for fashion fiends and label lovers. The popular designer outlet is approximately 15 km south of Lugano. Just reading the list of the many popular luxury labels is enough to make you dizzy: Tod’s, Bally, Burberry, Replay, Lacoste, Gucci, Valentino rub shoulders with all the others – perfect for a spot of bargain hunting! It’s only about 20 minutes from Lugano to Foxtown (take the train to Mendrisio, then the bus to Foxtown).
      Via Angelo Maspoli 18
      6850 Mendrisio
      +41 848 828 888
    • Weekly market

      City centre
      Twice a week – on Tuesdays and Fridays – there's a market on Lugano’s market square from 7-12 am. Lots of stalls with all kinds of typical foods and fresh products grown on small local farms – delightful to sample and to buy.
      Piazzale ex-scuole
      6900 Lugano
    • Gabbani

      Gabbani has been THE delicatessen in Lugano since 1937. Fresh fruit and vegetables, regional cheese specialities, fresh bread, cakes and the finest wines are all available here. The quality is unbeatable, the advice knowledgeable and friendly. It’s a veritable paradise for gourmets. The second shop at Piazza Cioccaro 1 is delightful.
      Via Pessina 12
      6900 Lugano
      +41 91 911 30 90
    • Mauri Concept

      Hairdresser and café
      Feel like getting a new haircut and a manicure? Or maybe you’d rather sip a coffee? Why not both, one after the other! In the shelves of this chic shop you’ll also find cool design books or fragrant body lotions. If needed, professional barbers will trim your beard back in shape.
      Via Gerolamo Vegezzi 4
      6901 Lugano
      +41 91 923 45 70
    • Hermann Hesse Museum

      A jewel
      The lovely Hermann Hesse Museum is within the Torre Camuzzi at the heart of Montagnola. It is very close to the picturesque Casa Camuzzi, where Hermann Hesse himself lived for over ten years – and also enjoyed the views of Lake Lugano. As well as the permanent exhibitions, there are also regular events and special exhibitions that bring the life and work of the artist closer to the viewer. It’s only about ten minutes by car from Lugano.
      Torre Camuzzi - Ra Cürta
      6926 Montagnola
      +41 91 993 37 70
    • Museo del Malcantone

      The culture and history of Malcantone
      Malcantone is a region in the canton of Ticino. The museum is all about regional customs, culture and history. Experience the traditions and customs of the region in a lovely building, once the schoolhouse, in the village of Curio. A little under half-an-hour by car from Lugano.
      6986 Curio
      +41 91 606 31 72
    • LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura

      Variety is the spice of life
      Concerts, exhibitions, plays...the multi-purpose arts and cultural centre hosts events to suit all cultural tastes. It is definitely worth a visit, simply for its location on the lake and its modern architecture.
      Piazza Bernardino Luini 6
      6900 Lugano
      +41 58 866 42 00
    • Schweizer Zollmuseum

      Amazing location
      The best way to get to the Schweizer Zollmuseum (Swiss Customs Museum) is by boat. A pleasant trip across the lake and a visit to the museum, which tells visitors more about the work and tasks of the Swiss Customs department, but also about the often somewhat strange world of smuggling – and the smugglers’ clever hiding places. The Customs Museum is only open during the boating season, from March until October. Admission is free.
      Cantine di Gandria
      6978 Gandria
      +41 58 462 67 43


    Ticino has wonderful wines and a number of lovely vineyards, both large and small. One of my favourites is about half-an-hour by car from Lugano, in the tiny village of Sementina: the Pizzorin vineyard belonging to the Pestoni family. The boss Giancarlo takes his time to show visitors the vineyard, wine production and the estate and explain everything to them. Of course, the wines are also available to buy. The rosé is a particular delight.

    Cantina Pizzorin
    Via alla Serta 8a
    6514 Sementina
    +41 91 857 37 86

    If you're in this Swiss wine-producing region, then a wine tasting and guided tour around a vineyard should definitely not be missed. Around 30 wine estates offer such visits. The easiest way to book a guided tour is via Lugano Turismo.

    Wine Tastings
    Via Nizzola 2
    6900 Lugano
    +41 58 866 66 27