Italian flair in Switzerland? Strike it rich in Ticino: A warm Mediterranean climate, palm trees and even more beautiful turquoise river basins invite you to enjoy a nice dip.

  • Valle Verzasca

    A picturesque backdrop at the altitude of Lavertezzo, with a view of the Ponte dei Salti, captivating light-green waters and washed-out white rocks. The Valle Verzasca is romantic but also adventurous – the dam at the entrance to the valley is notorious since being featured in the 007 bungee jump scene in the James Bond movie “Goldeneye”, and is certainly for the more courageous among you. It is best explored by taking the Verzasca line from Locarno or Tenero, or by car.
    Lavertezzo, Valle Verzasca
  • Lido Locarno

    The bathing spots in Ticino are incomparable, which is why this lido/outdoor pool cannot go unmentioned. Especially for anyone who seeks fun and excitement in the water – Lido Locarno offers slides, several swimming pools and countless (water) sports activities, along with an enchanting view of the Monte Bré. Take the bus from Locarno to the Lido station. If arriving by car, there are also parking spaces available near Lido.
    Via Gioacchino Respini
    6600 Locarno
  • Maggia, Ponte Brolla

    The Valle Maggia has picture-perfect bathing areas. The turquoise sloughs in the gorge at Ponte Brolla are not just pleasing to the eye, but also the perfect place to combat the summer temperatures. Readily accessible by bus or train (for example, from Locarno); access from the Tegna car park is easier than from the steep hillside from the train station. It is also worth hiking there.
    Valle Maggia
    6652 Ponte Brolla
  • Lido Ascona

    With an impressive expanse of 40,000 square metres, the lido at Lake Maggiore offers enough space to enjoy yourself on dry land after having a dip – whether it be in the shade or the sun. Restaurants, bars and a lounge will round off your experience. You can get there by car or public transport/boat.
    Lido Patriziale di Ascona
    Via Lido 81, 6612 Ascona