Many people refer to Toronto as «The New York of Canada», and in fact the city probably is just as significant with regard to industry and culture as its US counterpart is.

It is without doubt also as fascinating to visitors. It’s an exciting, lively city beside the water in a beautiful location beside Lake Ontario. The opposite side of the lake offers fabulous views of the city’s wonderful skyline and the CN Tower. However, Toronto isn’t just about impressive skyscrapers – it also has lots of greenery and parks, rivers and streams, and it’s safe and clean.

Toronto is a centre of culture. Major Broadway productions are staged, along with musicals, plays, ballet and comedy shows. And as far as live theatre is concerned, Toronto comes third after London and New York. An average of 50 different productions are performed every month. It’s the perfect place to combine city life and sightseeing with lifestyle and pure relaxation.

Toronto Islands, the islands that tourists and locals alike use for relaxing, picnicking, barbecues and sporting activities, are perfect for an excursion. The name of the city is derived from a word used by the native Hurons for “meeting place”. And that’s what Toronto most certainly is: a meeting place for the most diverse interests; a melting pot for a wide range of cultures, and a city that is homely and makes you feel at home despite its size.

City Facts

  • Location

    Canada’s biggest city in the south-east.

  • Population

    About 2.6 million

  • Size

    Approx. 630 km²

  • Public transport

    Extensive network of buses, trams and underground.

  • Climate

    Moderate climate with cold winters and warm, humid summers. Because of the wind, temperatures often feel cooler than they actually are.

  • Best time to visit

    The summer months, when the temperatures are pleasant.

  • Good to know

    The Canadian one dollar coin is called a “Loonie", and the 2 dollar coin is a “Toonie”.

  • Nice to know

    Toronto is considered the centre of ice hockey, and is home to the “Hockey Hall of Fame”.

  • Airport

    Toronto Pearson International Airport, approx. 23 km north-west of the city centre.

  • Bus

    The 192 Airport Rocket shuttles between the airport and Kipling Station, where you can change to the metro. The journey time to Kipling Station is about 20 minutes.

  • Railway

    The Pacific Western Airport Express goes every 20 minutes, stopping at many of the larger downtown hotels and at Union Station; the journey takes about 45 minutes.

  • Taxi

    There are taxis outside all the terminals. Depending on the amount of traffic, the journey takes 30 to 50 minutes.