You want to try out the best gourmet restaurant? You’re looking for a cosy café? You’re looking forward to relishing local specialities? Or you want to turn the night into day at a cool club? Let our select choices inspire you.

    • Remise No 1

      Perfect for breakfast
      A brunch in this cosy venue is the best way to start the day! The extensive menu caters for absolutely all tastes – from the classic, German breakfast to the traditional English, including bacon, sausages and baked beans. A German style restaurant with Berlin dialect thrown in at no extra cost!
      Mariendorfer Damm 88-90
      12109 Berlin
      +49 30 705 02 80
    • Weltrestaurant Markthalle

      Hearty, splendid dishes are served here on large oak tables. Sven Regener praises the roast pork in his novel "Herr Lehmann" and the schnitzel is a knockout. Inside things look almost exactly as they did when the place opened more than 100 years ago. Locals can be heard debating at their tables between the panelled walls, before they disappear out the back door to the private club in the evening. The patrons are a colourful mixture who come to enjoy a concert, to dance or to watch the quirky performing arts.
      Pücklerstrasse 34
      10997 Berlin
      +49 30 617 55 02
    • Al Contadino

      Loud, joyful, Italian
      A bit of Italy in Berlin-Mitte. Go to Al Contadio and you’ll feel like a guest dining with a large Italian family. The atmosphere is loud, cramped and joyful. The waiters enjoy their work and are glad to help you choose a wine or translate the menu, since the equally delicious and creative dishes are all printed in Italian. The tables are pushed right up against each other, but when you’re sitting next to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, that’s not really a problem, is it?
      Auguststrasse 34
      10119 Berlin
      +49 30 281 90 23
    • NENI

      Very charming
      Designer chairs, hanging plants, a dark wooden floor and a lot of light determine the look of this modern oriental restaurant. The tables at the window have a spectacular view on an ocean of trees. Although the prices are rather high for Berlin, they serve delicious dishes such as Babaganoush, grilled wolf's bass or a slowly braised beef burger. Reservation is a must!
      Budapesterstrasse 40
      10787 Berlin
      +49 30 120 221 200
    • Toca Rouge

      For light meals
      This stylish little takeaway restaurant in Berlin-Mitte serves up fresh dishes prepared in the open kitchen. The service is friendly, the patrons hip and the food extremely tasty. Try the "Crazy Orange Chicken" on Chinese spinach for only EUR 10, for example. Uncomplicated and perfect for tiding you over until your next meal.
      Torstrasse 195
      10115 Berlin
      +49 30 847 121 42
    • Das Meisterstück

      Meat and beer
      Bread, sausages, cold hams and beer, with a few other ingredients thrown in – that's basically all there is to the Meisterstück. However, once you've eaten a sausage here, you won't want to eat a sausage anywhere else. This place exclusively serves first-class produce from sustainable farms – organic, of course – and only from master producers. Dishes here are in a league of their own!
      Hausvogteiplatz 3-4
      10117 Berlin
      +49 30 558 725 62
    • Konnopke

      Currywurst since 1930
      For three generations now this sausage stand below the elevated train tracks on Schönhauser Alle has survived the short-lived, shifting trends in Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg. Since 1930 Berliners have been getting their currywurst here and no one lets the traffic to the left and right or the rumbling trains overhead spoil their enjoyment. It seems you can encounter more celebrities here than in the trendy restaurants nowadays. Opening hours: Open daily until 8 p.m. Closed Sundays.
      Schönhauser Allee 44a
      10435 Berlin
      +49 30 442 77 65
    • Enoiteca il Calice

      Mediterranean cuisine
      This place is especially great in summer. It’s like sitting on a piazza somewhere in Italy – except you’re in the centre of Berlin. You’ll find the tables of Enoiteca il Calice on the Walter-Benjamin-Platz near the Kurfürstendamm. We recommend ordering the "Superdegustazione Classica" starter to go with a good wine; it’s prepared tenderly right at the open counter. Sumptuous and delicious – but thankfully leaves enough room for a heavenly dessert. Bella Italia.
      Walter-Benjamin-Platz 4
      10629 Berlin
      +49 30 324 23 08
    • Pfefferbräu - Restaurant & Bergbrauerei

      For beer lovers
      Those who fancy a refreshing beer can enjoy the Pfefferbräu's home brews. The stylish and cosy restaurant complete with giant copper vats serves up hearty German cuisine washed down with first-class home-brewed beers. There are three different kinds of beer. Whether you prefer lager, ale or wheat beer, there's something for everyone. The brewery, which dates back to 1892, has been recently renovated and is now home to a beautiful beer garden.
      Schönhauser Allee 176
      10119 Berlin
      +49 30 473 773 62 40
    • Der Kuchenladen

      Sweet sins in pastel
      A cake in the form of a Gucci bag? With the logo of the favorite football club? With fruit, whipped cream or frosting? The team of the Kuchenladen in Charlottenburg knows almost no limits in terms of creativity. Matching the cakes the interior of the cozy Café is in pastel colors. Must-try: the "Manhattan Queen" with cream cheese and basil!
      Kantstraße 138
      10623 Berlin
      +49 30 31018424
    • Bateau Ivre

      Brilliant breakfasts
      Ok, not quite warm and perhaps a bit pretentious but it’s definitely one of the best, most casual cafés in the city. The interior design is delightfully French and invigorating, with cosy seating indoors and out. The breakfast cheese platter is a special tip with a variety of high-quality products. Three café au laits later you might actually be ready to head onward to discover Berlin... oops, it’s already 1:30 in the afternoon? It doesn’t matter. The Bateau Ivre in Kreuzberg is one of the best places to start your day. Opening hours: Daily from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m.
      Oranienstrasse 18
      10999 Berlin
      +49 30 614 036 59
    • Barcomi's Café & Coffee Roasters

      Pastry heaven
      Cynthia Barcomi (whose book of baking recipes is fantastic) opened her enchanting café on the popular, lively Bergmannstrasse in Berlin Kreuzberg. The aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans wafts through the dining room; they have plenty of different kinds in stock. Since guests are easily overwhelmed by the enormous selection of cakes, tortes and tarts, there is a small sample plate with tiiiiiny portions to try. That’s a sensational idea. And we say "mmmmhhhhh" to the New York cheesecake, devil's food cake, lemon meringue tart, classic cream scone and raspberry streusel muffins.
      Bergmannstrasse 21
      10961 Berlin
      +49 30 694 81 38
    • Tres Cabezas Berlin

      Organic Coffee roasters
      This café is committed to organic and Fair Trade. According to connoisseurs, the Tres Cabezas roasts and brews the best coffee in Berlin. The café's own brand of coffee, which includes the BerlinKaffee, is on sale in the store and is a great idea as a small gift. There is also a magnificent range of home-made cakes and gateaux.
      Boxhangener Strasse 74
      10245 Berlin
      +49 30 290 47 470
    • Anna Blume

      Café and flowers
      There’s no doubt this is one of the most popular cafés in Prenzlauer Berg. Aromatic coffee specialities, homemade tortes and cakes as well as fine dishes draw the guests as much as the adjacent flower shop. A fresh, one-of-a-kind combination. Anna Blume is a great place to relax after strolling around the neighbourhood and an even better place for people watching.
      Kollwitzstrasse 83
      10435 Berlin
      +49 30 440 486 41
    • Solar Bar

      High above the city
      A freshly shaken cocktail, some decent club sounds and a breathtaking view over Berlin's sea of lights: Welcome to the modern rooftop bar, Solar. Before sitting back and relaxing in the bar, the restaurant on the 16th floor is a great place to enjoy a fabulous meal and take in the panoramic view.
      Stresemannstrasse 76
      10963 Berlin
      +49 16 376 52 700
    • Spindler & Klatt

      On the water's edge
      Spindler & Klatt is a restaurant, bar and club all rolled into one. In summer, the terrace right on the banks of the Spree is perfect for sitting and relaxing with a drink in the comfy lounge furniture. The multi-functional catering concept allows diners to finish their evening meal and switch straight to party mode on the dance floor.
      In der Heeresbäckerei
      Köpenickerstrasse 16-17
      10997 Berlin
      +49 30 319 881 860
    • Freischwimmer

      On the water's edge
      The Spree is the perfect setting for a relaxing drink by the riverside. Those who are looking for more than just a drink and a wonderful view can rent different types of boat – kayaks, canoes, 1970s pedalos or motor boats – and explore Berlin's waterways under their own steam.
      Vor dem Schlesischen Tor 2a
      10997 Berlin
      +49 30 610 74 309
    • Bar Tausend

      Place to be
      Those who find this bar knew where to look, because everyone else would likely just walk right past the unadorned steel door. Standing in the dark below the bridge to the Friedrichshain underground station, it’s hard to recognise but it's worth the visit. The bar is extremely hip and the jet-set of Berlin drinks and parties in the windowless space below mirrored ceilings. The cocktails are terrific and the service is absolutely friendly. This clientele has style and knows how to dance until late in the night, even to Phil Collins.
      Schiffbauerdamm 11
      10785 Berlin
      +49 30 275 820 70
    • The Pearl

      Sophisticated club
      The Pearl is a true favourite among party-goers who enjoy an upmarket and exclusive ambiance. The fashion-conscious guests cavort in the sophisticated lounges, clinking glasses filled with exclusive drinks, while a 10-metre-high waterfall tumbles down nearby. The club has three different dance floors, which play electro house or R&B until the early hours of the morning.
      Fasanenstrasse 81
      10623 Berlin
      +49 30 315 188 90
    • Clärchens Ballhaus

      Berlin institution
      Open daily at 11 a.m. and closing when the last guest leaves, the Ballhaus is the place to dance, drink and dine – and has been since 1913. The mixture of guests is unique, even for Berlin. Young people meet up here, as do tango dancers in their best years – and everyone has a wonderful time. The kitchen prepares tasty pizzas baked in stone ovens. And the Italian cook belts out arias that can be heard all the way to the tables in the Ballhaus garden during the summer.
      Auguststrasse 24
      10117 Berlin
      +49 30 282 92 95
    • 40seconds

      360-degree panorama
      It takes exactly 40 seconds for the lift to reach the penthouse of the "Loeserburg on the Potsdamer Bridge". On the eighth floor of this highrise, one of the first, you’ll find 40seconds. The hip, mainly western Berlin clientele enjoys the cool music, 360-degree panorama of the city and pleasant cocktails in these starkly designed rooms across three rooftop decks.
      Potsdamer Strasse 58
      10785 Berlin
      +49 30 890 642 0