You want to try out the best gourmet restaurant? You’re looking for a cosy café? You’re looking forward to relishing local specialities? Or you want to turn the night into day at a cool club? Let our select choices inspire you.

    • Meins

      Well-being with taste
      The people of Leipzig love this tiny restaurant, which is tucked away down a side street in the suburb of Plagwitz – although it certainly has nothing to hide. "The food tastes like Mum's cooking," say the locals, as they tuck into dishes such as chestnut soup, spinach gratin, simmered venison and much more – all at extremely fair prices.
      Weissenfelser Strasse 25
      04229 Leipzig
      +49 341 26 55 21 63
    • Panorama Tower

      Pleasure at lofty heights
      The Panorama Tower is the place for people seeking excellent cuisine above the clouds: the varied menu in the restaurant and the fabulous views of Leipzig city centre outside promise to make your visit a memorable occasion. It serves imaginative compositions with influences from various cultures.a
      Augustusplatz 9
      04109 Leipzig
      +49 341 7100590
    • Auerbachs Keller

      Rustic, classic, good
      The best-known historic restaurant in the Mädlerpassage is all about tradition and rustic ambience. The large hall with artwork on the walls contains numerous tables. Loin of beef with fresh summer vegetables and croquettes, and the "bowls on the table", where generous portions of roast wild boar, red cabbage, croquettes, potato dumplings and mushroom ragout are served in bowls, are recommended by the restaurant.
      Grimmaische Str. 2-4
      04109 Leipzig
      +49 341 216100
    • FALCO

      Michelin cuisine
      The restaurant with two Michelin stars approaches its tasks with passion and an eye for detail. "THE! table", a refectory-style table for 12, sits happily in the modern lounge atmosphere and offers fabulous views of Leipzig. Changing four-course menus are served between Tuesday and Saturday. Excellent dishes such as mussels steamed with vanilla and kirsch, served with lamb sweetbreads roasted in nut butter with sea buckthorn, are a heavenly stimulation for the taste buds.
      Gerberstrasse 15 (inside "The Westin", 27th floor)
      04105 Leipzig
      +49 341 9882727
    • Shady

      Oriental cuisine
      Shady is a known quantity on Leipzig's gastronomic scene, and has already led a number of cafés and restaurants to culinary success. His eponymous restaurant is the fulfilment of a long-held dream to present the culinary delights of Arabian culture in Leipzig.
      04107 Leipzig
      +49 341 4 62 69 95
    • Kaffeehaus Riquet

      Exquisite and traditional
      Exquisite cakes and gateaux, real coffee without froth, served by waitresses in aprons – just like it used to be. Tradition is revered here. The cake at the Riquet promise very special delights for the palate. "Frankfurter Kranz" awaits with lovely, moist sponge and crispy croquant, and visitors must also sample the other various specialities of Saxony.
      Schuhmachergässchen 1
      04109 Leipzig
      +49 341 9610000
    • Café Maître

      France at the door
      Café Maître is home to French charm and delightful pâtisserie. The friendly staff, warm colours of the pretty Art Nouveau ambience, and original works by various artists combine to create a homely atmosphere. A mini holiday to France in the middle of Leipzig.
      Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse 62
      04275 Leipzig
      +49 341 30328924
    • Telegraph

      Messages of pleasure à la carte
      Above all, the Telegraph is a meeting place for journalists, theatre performers and jazz musicians. The generously-proportioned rooms with high ceilings and large windows create an open ambience. The baked goat's cheese with thyme, for instance, is excellent, and goes perfectly with tomato, caper and rocket crostini.
      Dittrichring 18-20
      04109 Leipzig
      +49 341 494990
    • Café Grundmann

      Viennese waltzes and culinary delights
      Those with a fondness for the cuisine of Vienna love to spend some time at Café Grundmann. Artists and other individualists feel completely at home in the original Art Deco interior, and happily tuck into what is probably the best schnitzel in the city. Other specialities include Grundmann's legendary buttered raisin cakes that former regulars still have shipped to them at their new addresses.
      August-Bebel-Strasse 2
      04275 Leipzig
      +49 341 2228962
    • Vodkaria

      600 different vodkas
      The Vodkaria contains probably every kind of vodka on the planet – well, there are over 600 of them on the list. Conversations and groups quickly blend together in a shared "Skol!". A firm base is provided by a menu with Russian "soljanka", Norwegian potato soup, Icelandic casserole, and lots of other down-to-earth dishes. The evening can be as long as it likes.
      Gottschedstrasse 15
      04109 Leipzig
      +49 341 4428868
    • Barcelona

      Viva España
      Special evening out and a good meal? Then we recommend the "Barcelona" tapas bar. It celebrates classic Spanish cuisine with creativity. As well as serving mixed tapas platters, diners can also select excellent tortillas at the bar, enjoy Spanish specialities such as gazpacho and almond soup, and sample the delights of the excellent wine list.
      Gottschedstrasse 12
      04109 Leipzig
      +49 341 2126128
    • Beyerhaus

      Loud, larger than life, sociable, table football, pool, darts and good beer – the Beyerhaus in a nutshell. Situated in what was the sports hall of a school in the last century, the tables are positioned underneath an oversized chandelier. Just the place for those who want to spend an evening chilling in a friendly, welcoming ambience with no frills or frippery
      Ernst-Schneller-Strasse 6
      04107 Leipzig
      +49 341 9613690
    • Noch Besser Leben

      Pub of the west
      "Noch Besser Leben" is the place for people who like to visit a city and experience life there like a local. This pub in the suburb of Plagwitz in the west of Leipzig is completely without frills; its appeal lies solely in its clientele. Artists, free spirits, party people, intellectuals – to them, the pub is a biotope for their lifestyle. Those who happen to be there for one of the concert evenings on the second floor mustn't miss what is always a fabulous occasion.
      Merseburger Strasse 25
      04229 Leipzig
      +49 341 9757330