You want to try out the best gourmet restaurant? You’re looking for a cosy café? You’re looking forward to relishing local specialities? Or you want to turn the night into day at a cool club? Let our select choices inspire you.

    • Giulio Pane e Ojo

      This restaurant is good old honest Italian: generous portions, a wide choice of wines, cosy wooden furniture, subdued lighting, and a relaxing atmosphere. Whether spaghetti alla carbonara, carpaccio di tacchino, or saltimbocca alla romana – there is something for everyone here. Incidentally, the dessert menu is definitely not something to be sneezed at. Mamma mia! Italy is fun!
      Via Ludovico Muratori, 10
      20135 Milan
      +39 02 545 61 89
    • Ristorante Da Puccini

      The Ristorante Da Puccini is a popular meeting place in the heart of Milan. Here tourists and the Milanese meet on an equal footing and enjoy their meals in a loud and lively atmosphere. The tourist is not necessarily expected to order from the "tourist menu". In the classical Italian fashion, guests enjoy their tagliata con porcini, gamberi alla catalana, and salmone con crostini on white tablecloths and dab their mouths with red serviettes. Delightfully refreshing.
      Via San Giovanni sul Muro, 5
      20121 Milan
      +39 02 805 39 39
    • La Vecchia Latteria

      Small but elegant
      This little restaurant with its friendly and familiar ambience spoils its guests with local cuisine served at just six tables. This feel good ambience is boosted all the more by the nostalgic tiles and the pretty pictures with colourful flower motifs on the walls. The food is delicious, and the vegetables even come from the proprietor’s own garden. Simply charming.
      Via Dell'Unione, 6
      20100 Milan
      +39 02 874 401
    • Timé

      Delicious and artistic
      In the trendy Brera district, the Restaurant Timé provides a chic and artistic backdrop to its outstanding cuisine. Its vicinity to the theatre and La Scala attracts a culturally interested clientele. While you are waiting for your risotto, pasta, fish, or meat course, your eyes can feast on art presented by the regular exhibitions here. A wonderful and vibrant atmosphere. Reservations are a must.
      Via San Marco, 5
      20121 Milan
      +39 02 290 610 51
    • Luini

      Fine bakery
      You will find the perfect fortification for your day out at Luini. Just don’t be put off by the queue at the counter! There is a very good reason why both tourists and the Milanese are willing to stand in the queue here. Most order Panze-rotti, the epitome of the Milanese speciality. These pastries are filled, for instance, with funghi and mozzarella or ricitta and spinach. The perfect snack between meals. And you have the magnificent feeling that you belong – just like the chic city people who are just taking a small snack in their midday break.
      Via Santa Radegonda, 16
      20121 Milan
      +39 02 864 619 17
    • Savini

      Here time seems to have come to a temporary stop. Ensconced in the wonderful Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Café Savini is a living witness to the old times. The elegant interior, the traditional handcrafted details, and the charm of recent history are all united here. Equally wonderful are the outside seats directly in the Galleria, where you can watch the hustle and bustle or simply enjoy the artistic building.
      Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II
      Piazza Duomo
      20121 Milan
      +39 02 720 034 33
    • Sant Ambroeus

      Cakes, ice cream, and pralines
      A little class, a little elegant charm, but above all delicious cakes, the finest ice cream, and simply gorgeous pralines – you’ll find all this at Sant Ambroeus. But if you have a more savoury tooth, you can order juicy tramezzini. The prices at Sant Ambroeus are quite high, but this can be put down to its perfect location near the exclusive shopping street Via Montenapoleone. Nevertheless, you should treat yourself to at least one of the delicacies at this traditional café.
      Corso Matteotti, 7
      20121 Milan
      +39 02 4004 22 66
    • 11 Clubroom

      Elegant and sophisticated
      The Milanese scene celebrates in the exclusive lounge and bar with stylish, vintage style leather sofas, an extravagant crystal candelabra, and the impressive black bar. Drinking perfectly mixed cocktails or a glass of quality champagne while listening to the sophisticated beats of trendy DJs – that’s Milanese nightlife.
      Via Alessio Di Tocqueville, 11
      20154 Milan
      +39 02 892 816 11
    • Armani Bar

      Exclusive design
      This bar presents not only an unmistakably refined design, but also a magnificent view of the city skyline and its innumerable roof terraces. The ambience is elegant and chic, the music pleasant, and the drinks so high above the city couldn’t taste any better. The bright furnishings and the genuine materials are the perfect complement to a successful sojourn at the Armani Bar.
      Via Manzoni, 31
      20121 Milan
      +39 02 8883 88 88
    • Straf

      Trendy hotel bar
      This unconventional bar at the design hotel Straf is the perfect place to enjoy cocktails or drinks. Outside in the open air, before the window front or in the stylish cosiness inside. The combination of art, modern lighting installations, and the leather vintage style sofas lends the bar an unmistakable look. Menus and little somethings are offered in the adjoining restaurant, all the fortification you need for a gradual start into Milanese nightlife.
      Via San Raffaele, 3
      20121 Milan
      +39 02 805 081