Do you want to visit impressive attractions? You’re looking for the most famous shopping miles or enchanting boutiques for the perfect shopping trip? Or you’re interested in fascinating buildings of art and culture? We’ve compiled a selection for you.

  • St. Mark’s Square

    St. Mark’s Square, or Piazza San Marco as the locals call it, is one of the hallmarks of Venice, the city of lights. The Basilica di San Marco or St. Mark’s Basilica looks out over the 175-metre-long, 82-metre-wide square. Napoleon once called the square the «most beautiful drawing room in Europe» – nowadays it’s mainly populated by tourists, photographers and pigeons. The square is a pedestrian zone.
    Piazza San Marco
    30124 Venice
    +39 041 529 8711
  • Grand Canal

    Through the city on a gondola
    Hop in! A gondola ride is an integral part of any trip to Venice! The Canal Grande or Grand Canal is just over four kilometres long, 30 to 70 metres wide and the main waterway through the Floating City. It’s spanned by four bridges. There’s nothing more romantic than travelling along the Grand Canal and then the smaller canals in the city. It’s a recommendable way to explore the city, using the beautiful cityscape as your backdrop. Around 500 gondolas work the canals, so it’s best to understand quickly that you won’t be entirely alone during your ride.
  • Rialto Bridge

    Something for the photo album
    The Ponte di Rialto or Rialto Bridge was the first bridge in Venice to span the canal. It was originally a little wooden structure but today it’s an ostentatious monument. The bridge is about 50 metres long and 20 metres wide. It would be a shame to visit Venice and not see it. Especially since nearly every road crosses it. Practically every lane in the city has a sign pointing the way to the Rialto Bridge. Just beyond the bridge there is also a pier for visitors to come and go by water. The bridge is flanked on both sides by one souvenir stand after another. Take heed, though, that there are better places to buy stuff.
  • Tessuti Artistici Fortuny

    Loveliest silks
    A beautiful showroom with premium fabrics woven on the in-house looms in accordance with original patterns by Mariano Fortuny. The remarkable part is not only the enchanting designs from the 1920s but also the special, and strictly secret, weaving and printing techniques that make cotton look and feel like silk.
    Fondamenta San Biagio
    Giudecca 805
    30133 Venice
    +39 041 528 76 97
  • Gianni Basso

    Most elegant business cards
    This one-man operation prints the most elegant business cards, one at a time, on German presses that are up to 150 years old. His illustrious clients include Hugh Grant, Danielle Steel and Pierre Bergé. It takes two or three days to complete an order of 100 cards decorated with small images, coats of arms or logos.
    Calle del Fumo
    Cannaregio 5306
    30121 Venice
    +39 041 523 46 81
  • Attilio Codognato

    Opulent jewellery
    This is the wrong place to look for a discrete piece of jewellery with a modern design. Attilio Codognato’s jewellery is opulent, glamorous, nearly decadent in its magnificence. Whether decorated with skulls, snakes or crosses, the rings, charms and brooches made of enormous precious stones and metals are eye-catching and unforgettable. Not exactly cheap but beautiful and one of a kind.
    San Marco 1295
    30124 Venice
    +39 041 522 50 42
  • L’Angolo del Passato

    Murano glass
    Giordana Naccari runs a small, well-hidden shop selling the most beautiful Murano glassware. Her selection includes historical pieces like antique vases, glasses and lamps as well as modern goods. The coloured glassware manufactured by Countess Marie Brandolini for her Laguna B line is especially attractive.
    Campiello degli Squellini
    Dorsoduro 3276
    30123 Venice
    +39 041 528 78 96
  • Casa del Parmigiano

    Take-away delicatessen
    Small delicatessen right on the Rialto Market. This shop sells Parmesan cheese as well as pecorino from Tuscany and goat cheese from Sardinia. They have ricotta, burrata and mozzarella, olives and olive oils, prosciutto, and the typical «sopressa veneta» (salami with garlic).
    Campo Bella Vienna
    Rialto 214/215
    30125 Venice
    +39 041 520 65 25
  • Longo

    Paradise of hats
    Giuliana Longo is considered the hat queen of Venice. The shelves of her store are brimming with headware, including the rare traditional winter gondolier’s caps made of black felt and a pompom. In her workshop she produces hats made of straw, fabric and felt and glamorous headware for Carneval and for parties. There is also a range of finely made Panama hats.
    Calle del Lovo
    San Marco 4813
    30124 Venice
    +39 041 522 64 54
  • Palazzo Grassi

    The Palazzo Grassi is one of the largest and most famous palaces in Venice. The place has undergone extensive renovation and the only element remaining of the original interior is the stairwell and its frescos. A glass roof covers the interior courtyard. The palace was acquired by the French industrialist François Pinault in 2006. He chose it as a exhibition space for his comprehensive collection of modern art.
    Campo San Samuele, 30124
    30124 Venice
    +39 041 271 9031
  • Collezione Peggy

    Fantastic art collection
    The eccentric patron of the arts Peggy Guggenheim, who lived here for more than 30 years, drew together this unique collection of 20th century art. The museum shows pieces by Picasso, Braque, Duchamp, Miró, Kandinsky and Pollock. The national artists on display include de Chirico, Severini, Balla and Fontana.
    Palazzo Venier dei Leoni
    Dorsoduro 701
    30123 Venice
    +39 041 240 5411
  • Fondazione Querini Stampalia

    Tradition and modernity
    This museum was created through the love of the Querini patrician family for art. The palace is a lovely symbiosis of tradition and modernity; the garden and basement were designed by the famous Venetian architect Carlo Scarpa. Here visitors have the opportunity to admire paintings by Bellini, Pietro Longhi, Gabriele Bella and many others.
    Campo Santa Maria Formosa
    Castello 5252
    30122 Venice
    +39 041 271 1411


For dining I recommend the restaurant Al Nono Risorto. The food is fantastic and it’s a nice place with a laid back atmosphere. Even better, you get a great value for your money. That’s what draws a lot of locals to the restaurant. To top it all off, the place has a really lovely garden.

Al Nono Risorto
Sotoportego De Siora Bettina
Santa Croce, 2338
30135 Venice
+39 041 524 1169

The Rialto Market is a great place to stroll through to get souvenirs and specialities. I recommend planning to stop at Al Merca. It’s a stand-up bar with tasty Venetian tapas and exquisite wines, as well as cicchetti, the mini-sandwiches. I find the place to be typical for Venice. You’ll see few non-locals there and it stays open until late at night. You stand there chatting and watching the people go by.

Rialto Market
213 San Polo
30125 Venice