Nobody knows the SWISS destinations better than our staff. A restaurant that is not listed in every travel guide, an original bar, a charming café, or great tours with spectacular lookout points. Let our travel professionals inspire you with their tips.

If you’re looking for a reasonably-priced casual restaurant where Japanese businesspeople also eat, this is the place. Located beneath the railway tracks a short distance from Yurakucho Station is an area with several restaurants. But head for Kemuriyokocho (which means «smoky corridor»). This open-air eatery serves a wide range of fare – grilled chicken is a speciality – at affordable prices. There are no reservations, and English menus can be provided.

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Restaurant Kemuriyokocho
JR or Metro station Yurakucho

This ryokan (traditional guesthouse) takes its guests back to the Edo period. Charming flower arrangements delight the heart, and bathing in one of the establishment’s two onsen (hot baths) made of wood and stone have guests dreaming of bygone times. The ryokan is in the traditional Tokyo quarter of Asakusa and is only 5 minutes from the famous Sensoji temple.

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Sukeroku No Yado Sadachiyo
2-20-1 Asakusa
Taito-ku, Tokyo
+81 3 38 42 64 31

The luxury department store Mitsukoshi is situated in the middle of Ginza, the oldest and most expensive shopping area in Tokyo, and is simply beyond compare. It consists of two sections – and there is a genuine risk of getting lost. But that doesn’t matter, because wherever you are, there is always plenty to see. Whether in the gourmet department in the basement, the kimono department that is a veritable delight for the eyes, the floors with the international luxury labels or the porcelain department where you can really feel the Japanese tradition. And afterwards, a delicious coffee in The Royal Café. Perfect.

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Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Store
1-4-1 Nihonbashimuromachi
Chuo-ku, Tokyo
+81 3 32 41 33 11

A beautiful Japanese tea house serving excellent matcha cappuccino and home-made desserts. This is the place for trying and buying traditional taiyaki, green bean paste biscuits and kotobuki. Lovingly and traditionally decorated, the Tourindou is a welcome retreat after exploring the Ueno Park or the Tokyo National Museum.

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1-5-7 Uenosakuragi
Taito-ku, Tokyo
+81 3 38 28 98 26

Fake food! Check out Kappabashi Street near Asakusa, where you’ll find anything related to cooking and everything you need to know about the food culture in Japan. The stores here specialize in kitchen knives, dishes, containers and even fake food, or what the Japanese call «samples». These are actually the work of skilled craftsmen, who create models out of wax for just about any kind of dish. They are produced to be placed in showcases and give customers a clear idea of what their meal will look like. These food samples are very popular among the Japanese, as they can be used almost for ever and, above all, look very tempting!

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Kappabashi Dōgugai
Between Ueno and Asakusa
Metro station: Tawaramachi

This shelves of this tiny boutique are graced with a wide range of items, including high-quality scarves – sewn in the shop by the seamstress – attractive wooden accessories, and stylish home décor items. You can also pick up unusual traditional Japanese gifts here, as well as timeless and practical household items. The district in which the shop is found is also worth exploring – it's a traditional artists' quarter.

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Le Poilu
1F, 2-3-3 Yanaka
Taito-ku, Tokyo
+81 3 38 23 40 08