Open the right door in Marrakech and you’ll find surprises just as beautiful as the city’s façades. SWISS Magazine author Valérie Ziegler discovered amazing places and met wonderful people.

Photos: Andreas Leemann

Melting pot & megacity

Dangerous, lawless, chaotic: the prejudices cling to Marrakech like the red paint on the walls that wend their 16-kilometre way around this captivating city. Yes, it’s easy to get lost in the maze of winding alleys. Easy to be overcome by the sharp and exotic scents of fresh mint, cedarwood and more. And yes, there are tourist traps on almost every corner. But whether you fall into them is still up to you...

Tanned leather goods, oriental herbs and spices, fresh vegetables and tailored textiles: they’ll all be found – and more – in the city’s many souks. And haggling is a must!

Souk it in!

On one side there are districts like Guéliz and Sidi Ghanem, where the Western European influence has spawned a booming creative and culinary scene. On the other hand there is the “real Marrakech”, whose warm and charismatic residents greet the Visitor with open arms. So let yourself get a little lost in all the hustle and bustle. And leave those prejudices at home.

Eat & drink - a feast for the senses

  • Tajine is a national dish, popular throughout the country, though the shape of the pot varies from region to region. This is served in “Amal”. The excellent restaurant supports deprived women.

  • Typically Moroccan: breakfast at the "Café des Epices". Not in the picture, but priceless: the nice view on the city.

    Enter Café des Epices

  • Don't not miss a dinner at the restaurant of Marrakech's top hotel "La Mamounia".The lamb shoulder confit and the sea bass stuffed with dates and cardamom rice at "Le Marocain" are superb.

Bar & Nightlife