Do you want to visit impressive attractions? You’re looking for the most famous shopping miles or enchanting boutiques for the perfect shopping trip? Or you’re interested in fascinating buildings of art and culture? We’ve compiled a selection for you.

    • National Village Museum

      Architecture of the past
      This museum is located in Herastrau Park, in the northern part of Bucharest. Visitors feel like they are stepping back in time several centuries. The open air museum houses a multitude of traditional wooden and stone homes from three different former principalities in Romania (Transylvania, Moldavia and Walachia) in their original scale. The regional differences between the houses are easy to spot and the varying construction methods are fascinating. The surrounding park is great for taking a refreshing stroll through nature.
      Soseaua Pavel Dimitrievici Kiseleff 28-30
      +40 21 222 91 06
      National Village Museum
    • Palace of Parliament

      A building of superlatives
      Former Romanian president and dictator Nicolae Ceausescu commissioned the construction of this palace, which was completed in five years. The largest building in Europe, it took 20,000 workers to erect it. The Neoclassic palace, completed in 1989, towers over the centre of the city. It is the second largest building in the entire world after the Pentagon in the US. It features more than 5,000 rooms, including 3,000 offices and 30 halls.
      Strada Izvor 2-4
      +40 21 311 36 11
    • Cismigiu Park

      Green oasis
      This park, the largest in Bucharest, is more than 150 years old. It covers 17 hectares and offers a home to an incredible diversity of plants and trees. In the middle of the city, the broad lanes and beautiful flower beds invite visitors to take long walks. The park also features a restaurant and two lakes, where you can hire boats. The lakes are popular with ice skaters during the winter.
      Cismigiu Park
    • Republic Square

      The end of an era
      On 22 December 1989, this square bore witness to the final and decisive revolt against the Communist regime of Nicolae Ceausescu. The Resurrection Memorial stands in the centre of the square. The memorial is a 20-metre high pillar of marble commemorating the many victims of the revolution and the newly attained freedom of the nation.
      Calea Victoriei
    • Mogosoaia Palace

      Well-known monument
      This palace on Lake Mogosoaia is nestled in a gorgeous park. Built in 1702, it is one of the best known cultural monuments in Romania. The Walachian prince Constantin Brâncoveanu commissioned the building. It now houses a museum and an art gallery. The park is also ideal for picnics, barbecues, sports and simply lying on the lake shore with a good book.
      Strada Valea Parcului 1
      +40 21 350 66 19
    • AFI Palace Cotroceni

      A city within the city
      This shopping centre houses more than 300 stores with international brands. The shopping options are endless and there's plenty of entertainment too. The architecture is very modern, and the main hall even features a huge, artificial climbing wall and an ice skating ring that's always the centre of action. The mall further includes a 20-screen cinema, two casinos, a food court, supermarkets, restaurants, various health and beauty centres and a children's playground.
      Bulevardul Vasile Milea 4
      +40 31 425 75 10
    • Amzei Market

      Regional products
      This is one of the best known markets in Bucharest and a fantastic destination for an outing. Dealers from far around Bucharest make the trip to hawk their wares. You'll find a huge selection of produce, meats, cheese and flowers as well. The market is extremely popular and half of it is roofed. This part of the city is also a great place to see the well-preserved old Bucharest.
      Strada Piata Amzei
    • Romanian Peasant Museum Shop

      Traditional handicrafts
      This souvenir shop is part of the Romanian Peasant Museum, where visitors can see the rural history of the country. The museum is north of the city centre and the shop offers a large selection of beautiful keepsakes and mementos. You'll find handmade carpets, apparel, traditional clothing, pottery and jewellery. This is a real find and you're sure to discover the right souvenir.
      Soseaua Kiseleff 3
      +40 21 317 96 60
    • National Art Museum

      Valuable collections
      This museum is located in the former royal palace, near the large Cismigiu Park. The art museum consists of three galleries dedicated in turn to European art, medieval Romanian art and the contemporary art of Romania. Visitors can admire works by numerous famous Romanian and international painters and sculptors, including such greats as Theodor Adam, Gheorge Tattarescu, Dimitrie Paciurea, Domenico Veneziano and Claude Monet.
      Calea Victoriei 49-53
      +40 21 313 30 30
      National Art Museum
    • George Ernescu Museum

      World famous composer
      This museum is located in the former Cantacuzino Palace, built in the art nouveau style. Dedicated to the famous Romanian composer George Ernescu, it houses many of his personal articles and documents. In protest of the Communist regime at the time, the composer never returned to Romania from his 1946 concert tour through the United States. He spent the latter part of his life in Paris, where he died in 1955.
      Calea Victoriei 141
      +40 21 318 14 50
      George Ernescu Museum
    • National Military Museum

      Gigantic arsenal
      King Ferdinand inaugurated this museum back in 1923. The exhibits in this historical building centre around the most important battles and conflicts in Romanian history. Visitors will see tanks, artillery, aircraft, uniforms, medals, historical documents and weapons of all kinds displayed in many different pavilions. This place is sure to stir the blood of every military historian and history buff.
      Mircea Vulcanescu 125-127
      + 40 21 319 59 04
    • Romanian Peasant Museum

      Rural past
      This museum is located in the centre of Bucharest not far from the National Museum of Natural History, the National Museum of Geology and Cismigiu Park. The exhibit in this historical building illustrates life on the land in Romania. There are numerous objects from the daily life of peasants in the past as well as comprehensive documentation on display. The museum also has a souvenir shop where you can find many articles of traditional handicraft Romanian Peasant Museum Shop.

      Soseaua Kiseleff 3
      +40 21 317 96 60
      Romanian Peasant Museum
    • National Museum of Natural History

      Astounding animal kingdom
      This museum near the main railway station, Gara de Nord, is perfect for family outings. It houses more than 10 different exhibits. For example, visitors can get to know the broad diversity of life under the surface of the Black Sea, walk among a recreated scene of wolves at hunt, discover more about the alpine regions of the nation and explore the fauna of the Arctic. The National Museum of Natural History has many taxidermied animals on display. It also features an entire humpback whale skeleton and an enormous giant clam shell.
      Soseaua Kiseleff 1
      +40 21 312 88 26
      National Museum of Natural History
    • National Museum of Romanian History

      Changing fortunes
      This museum is located in the palatial Neoclassic building of the former Central Post Office. It houses 41 separate exhibition rooms testifying to the turbulent history of Romania, from the Stone Age to the present. The centrepiece of the museum is the National Treasure, an extremely popular exhibit of hundreds of pieces of jewellery and other items made of gold.
      Calea Victoriei 12
      +40 21 315 82 07
      National Museum of Romanian History


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    Café Bohème
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