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You want to try out the best gourmet restaurant? You’re looking for a cosy café? You’re looking forward to relishing local specialities? Or you want to turn the night into day at a cool club? Let our select choices inspire you.

    • 1913

      At 1913, you enjoy Russian cuisine to the enchanting accompaniment of harp music. In the nostalgic, albeit slightly cool atmosphere, you should definitely try the herring and other fish dishes. The service is friendly, but sometimes proficiency in English is a little poor. But not to worry, there are no unpleasant surprises when orders are served. A beautiful place to enjoy Russian cuisine.
      Voznesenskiy Prospect 13/2
      St. Petersburg, 190000
      +7 812 315 51 48
    • Lagidze

      Plain Georgian fare
      Good, affordable, and hearty. If you’re ravenous, you’ll love this place. The portions are huge, and the shashlik of lamb, chicken, or pork is especially popular. The menu also lets you choose more than one of the many starters, so you can put together your own filling, and above all varied meal.
      Ulitsa Belinskogo 3
      St. Petersburg, 191014
      +7 812 579 11 04
    • Barvinok

      Original and good
      Highly popular, especially among the locals, and not yet a tourist mecca. Here you sit at wooden tables where you are served simple dishes of traditional Ukrainian fare. The potato pancakes and cheese flans are just as granny makes them, and you really feel good. A little kick: There is no menu in English, so choosing your order will turn into a minor adventure.
      Ulitsa Mira 7
      St. Petersburg, 190000
      +7 812 237 14 94
    • Taleon Restaurant

      Pure luxury
      Here you dine in magnificent rooms from the 19th century. One part of the restaurant is furnished in the Louis XVI style, and the other is dominated by the Empire style of Napoleon Bonaparte. Particularly impressive are the two paintings on the ceiling. In a genuine tsar palace ambience, you can enjoy select European Russian menus over exquisite wines. The perfect place to impress business partners or guests, for instance.
      Nevsky Prospect 15
      St. Petersburg, 191186
      +7 812 324 99 11
    • Teremok

      Fastfood the Russian way
      Ideal for the snack between meals, and yet completely different from the fastfood restaurants you otherwise know and are accustomed to in the cities. Especially popular at the Teremok are its filled pancakes. They are called blini and mostly have a hearty filling of minced meat or mushrooms. Yet you can choose from a vast range of other fillings too. Blini are rolled up for the perfect snack on the go. There are many other Teremok restaurants and snack bars in the city.
      Nevsky Prospect 60
      St. Petersburg, 190000
      +7 812 363 23 41
    • Podwal brodjatschej Sobaki

      Artists’ café
      In 1912, this was the exact place of the legendary artists’ hangout «The Stray Dog Cellar». Today, this former artists’ hangout combines two restaurant rooms and a café with a cabaret stage. You are served classical Russian cuisine like in the good old days.
      Ploshchad Iskusstv 5
      St. Petersburg, 191011
      +7 812 312 80 47
    • Kilikia

      Armenian specialities
      Kilikia is seen to be the absolute local hero. Many locals come here to enjoy Armenian specialities in a cosy atmosphere and rustic surroundings. Dishes like kebab or spicy stews and soups (borsht) bring up memories of Caucasia and the Mediterranean, and are simply delicious. You must definitely make a stop here and experience authentic life in Saint Petersburg a little closer.
      Gorokhovaya 26/40
      St. Petersburg, 191023
      +7 812 327 22 08
    • The Idiot

      Homage to Dostoyevsky
      It couldn’t get any cosier. Agreed, it does look a little dissipated, with all those guests drinking a glass of vodka over a borrowed book as if they were in their own living rooms. Lilac wallpaper, sofas, antiquities, and the aforementioned book-shelves decorate this unique cellar pub. Although the Russian cuisine at The Idiot has not been awarded a star, it is in fact delicious – both the meat and the vegetarian dishes. And after a visit here, maybe the one or other guest will again reach for Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s The Idiot. Simply inspiring.
      Naberezhnaya Reki Moyki 82
      St. Petersburg, 190000
      +7 812 946 51 73
    • Stolle

      Coffeehouse chain
      The highlight at these mostly self service coffeehouses of the Stolle chain are the freshly prepared pierogi, dumplings with delicious fillings, that pour in a constant stream from the oven. Besides sweet fillings of fruit and berries, you can also choose from hearty fillings of cabbage, meat, or fish. Don’t be put off by the long queue! These oven fresh pierogi are an absolute must in Saint Petersburg. There are several branches in the city.
      Nevskiy Prospect 11
      St. Petersburg, 191186
      +7 812 314 70 21
    • Ontrome

      This claims to use exclusively natural ingredients, which is especially good news for the sweet tooth. Among all those delicacies of French confectionery you are simply stuck for choice. Ontrome spoils you with crèmes, mousses, the finest gateaus, and other sweet desserts.
      Naberezhnaya Kanala Griboedova 58
      St. Petersburg, 190000
      +7 812 310 73 39
    • Royal Beach Club

      Summer location
      Especially during the famous «white nights», the Royal Beach Club is the location. A beautiful summer terrace and a chic pavilion with huge panoramic windows offering a view of the sunset. Here you can eat, drink, and party on the highest level. The European, Oriental, and Japanese cuisine is excellent, the drinks creative, and the trendy DJs put on cool beats. The right place for the Saint Petersburg scene.
      Krestovskij Island
      Yuzhnaya doroga 14
      St. Petersburg, 190000
    • Probka Bar

      Top wine list
      What more do you need for a great evening than a glass of wine in pleasant company and a perfect setting? The Probka Bar is small and romantic and offers quality select wines from all over the world. A wonderful place to conclude in style an eventful day in Saint Petersburg. And if you’re feeling hungry, you can order from the fine menu in the high-priced Italian restaurant on the upper floor.
      Dobrolyubova prospect 6
      St. Petersburg, 197198
      +7 911 922 77 27
    • Griboedov Club

      This underground club was opened in the mid-nineties in a former air raid shelter. Besides a bar and dance floor, there’s also a chillout area, a café, and a small library. Here you’ll see action every day, and both the public and the programme are a colourful mix. Whether electro, indie rock, or folk, everything goes. But it’s never boring. Above all the terrace is very popular in the summer.
      Voronezhskaya 2A
      St. Petersburg, 191119
      +7 812 764 43 55
    • Purga Club

      The most fitting description of the Purga Club is «perfect». It was founded by a group of interior and set designers. With furnishings that are highly imaginative and in part bizarre, this club invites you to celebrate New Year’s Day, every day, in the Russian Soviet tradition. This includes sparkling wine, gifts, fancy dress, and the presidential address on television. Clad as bunnies, the staff serve drinks and – as we know, nothing is complete without food in Russia – delicious meals. That’s celebrating, Russian style!
      Naberezhnaya Reki Fontanki 11
      St. Petersburg, 191011
      +7 812 570 51 23
    • Dickens

      Popular pub
      This large pub looks as if it has jumped out of the Victorian era, yet emanates an elegant charm that is somewhat atypical of the usual establishment. Nevertheless, or perhaps because of this, it is highly popular among the young clientele as well. In the summer, Dickens also offers a small beer garden directly on the banks of the Fontanka, and the guests can then sample one of sixty different beers in an idyllic setting.
      Naberezhnaya Reki Fontanki 108
      St. Petersburg, 190013
      +7 812 702 62 63