You want to try out the best gourmet restaurant? You’re looking for a cosy café? You’re looking forward to relishing local specialities? Or you want to turn the night into day at a cool club? Let our select choices inspire you.

    • Restaurante Arce

      Enjoy exquisite dining with Señor Iñaki Camba at the heart of Madrid. He chooses the menu or sequence of dishes with the diners – to suit their preferences and appetite. The ingredients are of the very best quality, and mostly made from seasonal products. The service is excellent, the atmosphere informal and comfortable. And the food is simply fabulous. Closed on Sundays and Mondays.
      Calle de Augusto Figueroa, 32
      Madrid 28004
      +34 91 522 04 40
    • Restaurante Botin

      A must
      Before the end of the 16th century it was a simple basement; in 1590 it first became a guesthouse. The ground floor was refurbished in 1725 and a spit installed, and according to the «Guinness Book of Records» it is still the oldest restaurant in the world today – Restaurant Botin, a must for any visitor to Madrid.
      Calle de los Cuchilleros 17
      Madrid 28005
      +34 91 366 42 17
    • Ramon Freixa Madrid

      For gourmets
      The Ramon Freixa Madrid in the hotel Unico is the perfect place to go for anyone wanting to treat themselves to a meal in a gourmet establishment to celebrate a special occasion. The interior is stylish, futuristic, classically simple. There's a giant mirror on the ceiling. And the food that arrives on your plate is nothing less than culinary art. Ramon Freixa creates dishes that simply melt in your mouth. Quite justifiably he's been awarded two Michelin stars. A tip – for your wallet too: Try the «Tasting Menu».
      C/Claudio Coello, 67
      Madrid 28001
      +34 91 781 82 92
    • Café Saigon

      Vietnamese cuisine
      Tired of the hustle and bustle? Tired of Spanish food? Then make a little trip to the Café Saigon, a short distance from the centre. Hidden behind a glass façade is one of the best Vietnamese restaurants in the city. Sit in comfort and enjoy the fabulous food. From Vietnamese Ravioli to lemon grass chicken.
      Calle de María de Molina, 4
      Madrid 28006
      +34 91 563 15 66
    • Lhardy

      A classic
      Behind the 150-year-old mahogany façade awaits a true classic among Madrid’s restaurants. The Lhardy’s ambience is elegant and aristocratic. The menu is excellent, and guests dine in classically furnished dining rooms on the first floor. Not to be missed: the soufflé sorpresa. A stroll through the shop on the ground floor is also well worthwhile.
      Carrera de San Jerónimo, 8
      Madrid 28014
      +34 91 522 22 07
    • Zeraín

      Top quality
      Guests sit in comfort at tables with blue-and-white check tablecloths, usually with one of the house specialities in front of them. Tortilla de bacalao (fish omelette), a chuleton de buey (400g beef steak), washed down with one or two ciders. And to finish with, one of the house desserts. Only open for lunch on Sundays.
      Calle Quevedo, 3
      Madrid 28014
      +34 91 429 79 09
    • La Finca de Susana

      Modern & Mediterranean
      Market-fresh ingredients, freshly-caught fish. The interior is modern and elegant, but also very comfortable. The cuisine is Mediterranean, and the kitchen is famous for its light meals with that certain something extra. Reservations are not taken, so be sure to get here at 1 p.m. or by 8.30 p.m. in the evening – it’s worth it.
      Calle de Arlabán, 4
      Madrid 28014
      +34 91 369 35 57
    • Taberna Real

      Friendly & original
      Perfect for a spot of lunch between sightseeing and shopping. This tavern is unpretentious and original. It is always busy, with guests often crammed close to the square bar enjoying the jamón, tapas, canapés or sea food. A friendly eatery for a simple but excellent lunch.
      Plaza de Isabel II, 8
      Madrid 28013
      +34 91 559 69 22
    • Bosco de Lobos

      Dining in modern architecture
      The Spanish capital is a vibrating city which never sleeps. And a very special place to be is a newly-refurbished church which is now the Madrid Chamber of Architects, located in the city centre. In the Garden you will find this really nice restaurant where you have to try the desert «Panacotta with passion fruit» – it's simply wow!
      Colegio de Arquitectos
      Hortaleza 63
      28004 Madrid
      +34 915 24 94 64
    • Café del Principe

      You can’t miss it – this wonderful, historic corner café in the middle of the old town centre. In addition to the fine cakes and delicious coffee, it also serves many different kinds of paella and pizza if you want a snack. Like almost every other café in Madrid, in the evening it becomes a popular bar with a long counter – and a cocktail list that is almost just as long.
      Plaza de Canalejas, 5
      Madrid 28014
      +34 91 531 81 83
    • Café Central

      For over three decades, the best jazz has been played at the Centre Café Jazz. This venerable eatery serves excellent coffee and lots of delicious specialities by day. In the evenings, it’s all about live music – with jazz into the small hours.
      Plaza del Ángel, 10
      Madrid 28012
      +34 91 369 41 43
    • Colby

      The warm and friendly café-bar Colby is located in the urban, easy-going «in» quarter of Chueca, between shops and the crazy shopping paradise «Mercado Fuencarral». Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere with a café con leche or a glass of wine in the evenings, and perhaps some delicious sandwiches or a salad if you’re feeling peckish. Also at Calle Vergara, 12 and Paseo Imperial, 35.
      Calle de Fuencarral, 52
      Madrid 28004
      +34 62 515 99 58
    • Museo Chicote

      Cocktail bar
      A wonderful place to wind down at the end of an exciting day. Fine cocktails, excellent food, and walls full of photos of celebrities. Even Hemingway is known to have «hung out» at the famous Art Deco bar. However, things really get going in the Museo Chicote after midnight (except on Sundays), when it’s party, party, party until the early hours!
      Calle Gran Vía, 12
      Madrid 28013
      +34 91 532 67 37
    • Casa Patas

      The contemporary Flamenco is one of the best establishments in the city. It’s a wonderful sight, and one that’s not to be missed when you’re in Madrid. Drinks and colds snacks are served with the show – and although the prices might be a little on the high side, the atmosphere is unique and the shows really are pretty amazing.
      Calle de los Cañizares, 10
      Madrid 28012
      +34 91 369 04 96
    • Club Fortuny

      In this old building at the heart of the embassy district, good-looking, lively revellers enjoy themselves until the small hours. Whether in the restaurant or later on at the club, the guests are chic and fashionable. Glamour and style are the watchwords.
      Calle de Fortuny, 34
      Madrid 28010
      +34 91 319 05 88
    • Bar Cock

      The bar Cock in colourful Chueca is a true hot spot. It’s full to bursting from midnight – and the drinks really do taste best with entertaining and good-looking company. In fact, the chic, high, wood-panelled room is also a bit about seeing and being seen.
      Calle de la Reina 12
      Madrid 28004
      +34 91 532 28 26