Do you want to visit impressive attractions? You’re looking for the most famous shopping miles or enchanting boutiques for the perfect shopping trip? Or you’re interested in fascinating buildings of art and culture? We’ve compiled a selection for you.

  • La Lonja

    The former silk exchange
    The Silk Exchange is Valencia's most important monument by far. From here silk was exported throughout Europe. The appeal of the building lies in its three gigantic, highly ornamented portals. Visitors are inspired by the vast interior hall, with its towering pillars, and the tower, which can be climbed.
    Plaza del Mercado
    46001 Valencia
    +34 963 52 54 78
  • Playa Malvarrosa

    Urban beach
    The urban beach of Valencia stretches nearly 2,000 metres between the village of Alboraya and the Calle Acequia de la Cadena. This spacious, fine sand beach is lined by a boardwalk and equipped with numerous service businesses that make it a popular nearby destination for day-trippers in summer.
  • Catedral Valencia

    This is the most significant church in Valencia. The Gothic cathedral with its famous bell tower is undoubtedly the city's hallmark. One of the highlights within the cathedral is the Holy Chalice Chapel. The old chapter house is beautiful with its star-like vaulted ceiling and the twelve Apostles and the Coronation of the Virgin in the sky represented in the keystones of the vault. This cannot be skipped.
    Plaza de la Reina
    46003 Valencia
    +34 963 91 81 27
  • Mercado Central

    A paradise for fresh food
    This is where Valencia shops, whether they want fresh fruit, vegetables or fish. It's a fantastic experience to stroll by the many stands. The market building alone is worth the visit. It was constructed in 1928 and its beautiful modernista elements have long made it one of the most popular attractions in Valencia.
    Plaza Ciudad de Brujas
    46001 Valencia
    +34 963 82 91 00
  • Cosin i Cosin

    Valencia has a long tradition of manufacturing furniture. Cosin i Cosin is the place to see the modern version of this craft. The store has a furniture exhibit by Spanish designers like Patricia Urquiola, Luis Eslava and Ramón Esteve. The business also serves as a design workshop and has another branch at Hernán Cortes 17, where shoppers will find products by international furniture makers.
    Denia, 3
    46006 Valencia
    +34 963 52 30 29
  • Linda Vuela a Rio

    Fashion and scents
    A wonderful place in the chic Eixample district. In addition to innovative Spanish fashion labels and select brands, the store sells select and very special perfumes and colognes. The stilettos created by shoe designer Juan Antonio López, born in Alicante, are an absolute must.
    Gran Vía del Marqués del Turia, 31
    46005 Valencia
    +34 963 51 77 46
  • Studio Vintage

    Furniture and accessories
    The heart of the artistic scene is the old town neighbourhood Barrio del Carmen. Renewed and brought back to life, old and new businesses stand side by side along the narrow cobblestone lanes. Studio Vintage offers furniture as well as colourful glass and ceramic items. It's a joy to browse here, where you can discover props, vintage sunglasses by well-known brands and all kinds of accessories.
    Calle Purísima, 8
    46001 Valencia
    +34 617 95 26 35
  • Angelitos Negros

    This enchanting antiques shop run by the Tarazona brothers just invites you to browse. There is a workshop here where furniture is conditioned and restored. In the back there is also a training workshop for students. This is a great place to watch furniture being worked on up close. The front part of the shop houses goodies such as classic early Legos, old posters and cinema chairs from the 1950s.
    Calle Bonaire, 16
    46003 Valencia
    +34 963 51 35 77
  • Lladró

    Porcelain manufacture
    Lladró is to Valencia what Baccarat is to Paris. This world renown porcelain manufacturer was established in 1953 in a little village near Valencia and creates delicate figurines in gentle pastel colours. In addition to its classic collection of dancers and children, Lladró now works with contemporary architects like Jaime Hayon, who design modern, digital neo-baroque lamps, sculptures and mirrors for clients with flair.
    Calle Poeta Querol, 9
    46002 Valencia
    +34 963 51 16 25
  • Paz y Comedias

    First-class gallery
    This superb gallery showing works by renowned Spanish artists is housed on the second floor of a townhouse from the 1920s with mosaic floors and cast-iron balcony railings on the genteel Calle de la Paz. Two popular themes are the blurry pictures by José Guerrero that recall the fogs of London and the pop art pictures by Judas Arieta. The gallery also has a fascinating collection of drawings and photographs.
    Plaza del Colegío del Patricarca 5
    46002 Valencia
    +34 963 91 89 06
  • Institut Valencià d’Art Modern

    Modern art
    The Institut Valencià d’Art Modern (IVAM) is the most important modern art museum in Valencia. It shows the entire development of art and photography throughout the 20th century. The museum hosts interesting temporary shows in addition to its permanent exhibits. The adjacent restaurant La Sucursal is a great place to dine after browsing the art.
    Calle de Guillem de Castro, 118
    46003 Valencia
    +34 963 86 30 00


I love the Russafa district in Valencia. The ethnic diversity, the young artists, and the great cafés make it a thrilling and exciting place. The ethnic diversity is also reflected in the cuisine. Here you’ll find Arab teashops and halal butchers snuggled next to Cuban cigar bars.

District Russafa
46006 Valencia