Do you want to visit impressive attractions? You’re looking for the most famous shopping miles or enchanting boutiques for the perfect shopping trip? Or you’re interested in fascinating buildings of art and culture? We’ve compiled a selection for you

    • Göteborgs Operan

      Excellent acoustics
      The Gothenburg Opera, which is situated in the city’s harbour, was opened in 1994. It is notable for its classic octagonal form and excellent warm tone. The auditorium can hold 1300 people, and delights them with opera performances, ballets, concerts and musicals. There is also a one-hour guided tour of the opera house, which offers a chance to look behind the scenes and watch the wig-makers, costume designers and dressmakers at work.
      Christina Nilssons Gata
      411 04 Gothenburg
      +46 31 13 13 00
    • Haga

      Historic quarter
      This old, historic quarter, which was created as Gothenburg’s first suburb some 350 years ago, is notable for its paved streets. Leisurely shopping in a charming setting is the order of the day. Today, Haga is known best for its many little boutiques and second-hand shops, fashion and furnishing items. And when it’s time for a break, pop into one of the cosy cafés. Haga is mostly traffic-free, and somehow it’s all much more relaxed than in the rest of the city. Don’t bother coming too early, though, because most of the shops don’t open until around 11 a.m.
    • Slottsskogen Park

      The city's «green lung»
      Close to the city centre are the 137 hectares of the city’s large Slottsskogen Park. The Gothenburgians also call it the «green lung», and like to spend their weekends in its green areas, especially on warm summer days. In one of the lovely cafés after work, or else strolling along the many forest paths. It even has an animal park with large enclosures, and there are regular open-air events in the park’s pavilion.
      414 76 Göteborg
    • Liseberg

      Amusement park
      Liseberg is Scandinavia’s biggest amusement park – and yes, it’s even bigger than the Tivoli in Copenhagen. There are around 35 attractions that are enjoyed by young and old alike in equal measure, and in particular the Flume Ride. Be sure to bring a change of clothes with you, because not only is it fast – it’s wet! The views from the Ferris wheel are fabulous, and there are numerous restaurants and cafés where you can go for refreshment. Incidentally, from the middle of November until 23 December, there is a delightful Christmas Market in the Liseberg amusement park.
      Örgrytevägen 5
      412 51 Gothenburg
      +46 31 40 01 00
    • Ferry trip

      Lovely excursion
      To the south of Gothenburg lies the archipelago with the islands of Styrsö, Vrångö and Donsö, just a short ferry ride from the Saltholmen mooring in the south of Gothenburg. The islands are perfect for experiencing the exceptional beauty and charm of Sweden’s west coast. There are some lovely places to bathe, and lots of walks.
    • Botaniska Trädgården

      Delightful and colourful
      Europe’s biggest botanical garden is a short distance from the centre, directly opposite the Slottsskogen. The award-winning rock garden and brightly-coloured rhododendron valley are particularly impressive. Gothenburg’s Botanical Garden also has areas of woodland and glades that are perfect for picnics.
      Carl Skottsbergs Gata 22
      413 19 Gothenburg
      +46 10 473 77 77
    • Filippa K.

      Classically Scandinavian
      The Scandinavian fashion label Filippa K. stands for simple elegance, clear style and top quality. Both the ladies' and the men's collections appeal for the fine fabrics and the unmistakeable line. Whether something classic for the office, something casual for your leisure time or a festive evening outfit, Filippa K. has the perfect solution for its customers. There are two other Filippa K. branches at Drottningatan 39 and Södra Larmgatan 14.
      Södra Larmgatan 14
      411 17 Gothenburg
      +46 31 339 15 20
    • Lagerhaus

      Pretty things for the home
      The popular Lagerhaus chain has everything you need for a lovely home. People who shop here do so because not only do they want something practical for the kitchen, bathroom or office, but also because they want these things to be special and pretty. The Lagerhaus has what they want. It’s a given that they will spend hours just looking around, and it’s tremendous fun to walk along the many shelves and display areas, looking at all the things on offer. Other branches at the Nordstan Shopping Mall and at Vallgatan 16.
      Östra Hamngatan 46-48
      411 09 Gothenburg
      +46 31 711 06 01
    • Twist & Tango

      Fashion label from Gothenburg
      The motto of this casual label, which was founded in the mid-1990s and remains based in Gothenburg, is basically «to create simple but stylish everyday clothing». And it does. Yet despite their simplicity, the ladies’ collections are anything but boring. And great bargains are to be had a little further on, at the Twist & Tango outlet store at Haga Nygata 22. There’s another shop at Vallgatan 28.
      Haga Nygata 31
      411 22 Gothenburg
      +46 31 12 81 10
    • emma och malena

      Scandinavian fashion
      The popular shopping street of Vallgatan contains lots of individual small boutiques – like emma och malena. Playful Scandinavian fashion by labels such as Custommade, Becksöndergaard or Ganni for the ladies, and casual hoodies, shirts and pullovers for the men. This is the place for the absolute Sweden style.
      Vallgatan 4
      411 16 Gothenburg
      +46 31 77 50 166
    • Nordstan Shopping Mall

      Large shopping centre
      The Nordstan Shopping Mall is one of the leading shopping centres in Scandinavia, and offers around 200 shops under one roof. Whether clothing, cosmetics, toys, home textiles or entertainment elements, it has everything a shopper’s heart could desire. And it’s also a good place in bad weather – it also has restaurants and cafés where you can relax after or during a shopping marathon.
      411 05 Gothenburg
      +46 31 700 86 00
    • Granit

      Interior design and decorating fun
      Whether chic boxes for storing all your odds and ends in, bottles and other containers, comfortable clothing, charming and unusual decorative and craft items, Granit has everything to bring order and chic into your four walls. It also offers little gifts such as stamps, pendants and other items that can make a home a little more homely. And the ones who stayed at home will be happy to receive them.
      Vallgatan 19
      411 16 Gothenburg
      +46 31 711 13 50
    • Grandma‘s

      Interior design and decorating
      The address for fans of the shabby chic look, Swedish interiors, and playful and tasteful decorative items. Grandma’s is perfect for rummaging, and you’ll find lots of lovely things with which to enhance and enrich your own four walls. The palette ranges from rustic and romantic to maritime and stylish. It’s the perfect place to find inspiration, and let the latest collections by brands such as Greengate, Lexington and Farmdesign work their magic on you.
      Vallgatan 36
      411 16 Gothenburg
      +46 31 701 77 39
    • Världskultur-Museerna

      Modern and varied
      The popular Museum of World Culture has no permanent exhibitions; the programme is constantly changing. Other activities include seminars and workshops, live music, festivals and films. The museum is especially popular with young people. The focus is always on exciting and topical questions. A modern museum that surprises its visitors and makes them think. Closed on Mondays.
      Södra Vägen 54
      412 54 Gothenburg
      +46 31 711 15 41
    • Röhsska Museet

      Design and crafts
      The Röhsska Museum’s permanent exhibition is still dedicated primarily to Scandinavian crafts, although it also has an area with historic design from East Asia and changing exhibitions on design and crafts in the broadest sense. Closed on Mondays.
      Vasagatan 39
      411 37 Gothenburg
      +46 31 368 31 50
    • Stora Teatern

      Big theatre
      It was quite a journey before the Stora Teatern was able to celebrate its first successes, and could afford its own cast. The building, which is known as the Storan, is now listed. It is a venue for concerts as well as plays. The restaurant and bar are ideal for a meal before or a drink after the performance.
      Kungsparken 1
      411 36 Gothenburg
      +46 31 368 32 99
    • Museum Maritiman

      Ships and seafaring
      Gothenburg’s unique maritime museum consists of around 20 civilian and military ships that are bound together. It smells of tar and diesel, and it brings the whole world of ships and seafaring closer to visitors in a most impressive way. Exhibitions are held on many of the ships, and activities in the engine rooms, cabins and galleys are demonstrated using dolls. Visitors with some experience of climbing and crawling can visit the submarine; you have to crawl through the hatch on all fours to board it. A fabulous experience for all, but one that is particularly enjoyed by children.
      Packhusplatsen 12
      411 13 Gothenburg
      +46 31 10 59 50
    • Konstmuseum

      15th century to today
      The Gothenburg Museum of Art focuses mainly on Scandinavian artists. However, the collections – which range from the 15th century to today – also have important works by artists such as Rembrandt, van Gogh, Monet and Picasso. In addition to the Fürstenberg Gallery, visitors will find paintings by artists such as Edvard Munch, Ernst Josephson, Carl Larsson, P. S Krøyer and Anders Zorn. Closed on Mondays.
      412 56 Gothenburg
      +46 31 368 35 00


    Good beer and delicious food like in a pub – available at the Ölrepubliken. There are over 300 bottled beers and 27 barrel beers to choose from. As well as the seasonal classics such as hamburgers and fish ‘n’ chips, the Ölrepubliken also serves moules frites - always with a recommendation of a suitable beer, of course. Incidentally, «Ölrepubliken» translates as «beer republic».

    Kronhusgatan 2B
    411 13 Gothenburg
    +46 31 711 37 10