You want to try out the best gourmet restaurant? You’re looking for a cosy café? You’re looking forward to relishing local specialities? Or you want to turn the night into day at a cool club? Let our select choices inspire you.

    • L’ancienne poissonnerie

      Italian cuisine
      This restaurant is located in what was once a fishmonger's shop with a beautiful (and unchanged) Art Nouveau interior. The old name, «Gastronomia italiana», has been retained by the current owners, who hail from Tuscany. It uses fresh products and serves Italian cuisine. The restaurant is always very well visited, which is probably due in no small part to the fact that the European institutions are in the neighbourhood.
      Rue du Trône 65
      1050 Brussels
      +32 2 502 75 05
    • Comme chez soi

      One of the best
      This restaurant is probably one of the best in Brussels; it’s definitely one of the most expensive. The kitchen is now run by the fifth generation of the family: the current chef delights his guests with unique dishes and first-class products. Particularly charming: the "kitchen table", where guests can enjoy their meal while watching the chefs in action. Incidentally, the Comme chez soi («Like at home») has had its name since 1926, when one of the regular guests exclaimed to the then owner: «Georges, eating here is like eating at home!» Bon appétit.
      Place Rouppe 23
      1000 Brussels
      +32 2 512 29 21
    • Au Suisse

      Best sandwiches
      This culinary gem is located close to the Grand-Place. The Au Suisse is the perfect place for breakfast or lunch to enjoy one of the «best sandwiches in Brussels». It also serves salads, soups and croques.
      Boulevard Anspach 73-75
      1000 Brussels
      +32 2 512 95 89
    • Bocconi

      Top restaurant
      This Italian restaurant has received a number of awards, and is considered one of the best restaurants in Brussels. The Bocconi's menu is by Fulvio Pierangolini, Italy’s most famous chef. His creed: «Simplicity is the most important ingredient in the kitchen.» Chef Marco Visioni uses only high-quality products to create authentic and discerning dishes for his guests.
      Rue de l’Amigo 1
      1000 Brussels
      +32 2 547 47 15
    • Viva M‘Boma

      For the adventurous
      This restaurant is the first choice for fans of sweetbreads, liver and kidneys. Katia Ruebens does also offer other types of meat and poultry, but offal does rather dominate the menu. It’s hardly surprising, though, when you consider that the restaurant was an offal butchery in the 1920s, when it belonged to Katia’s grandparents and parents. Today it is a restaurant with a pleasant atmosphere and full of joie de vivre. The name means «Long live my grandmother» in the Brussels dialect. Which is probably who taught the delightful Katia to cook so well.
      Rue de Flandre 17
      1000 Brussels
      +32 2 512 15 93
    • La belle maraichère

      Fish restaurant
      The cooking here is to the very highest standards. Whether a minister or an antiques dealer, regular visitors obviously enjoy coming to this fish restaurant. «The Lovely Gardener» is run by the Devreker family. Fresh fish, lobster, crevettes and seafood are prepared every day. There is also a tender beef fillet on the menu for meat-lovers.
      Place Sainte-Catherine
      1000 Brussels
      +32 2 512 97 59
    • Au vieux Saint-Martin

      Traditional brasserie
      Joseph Niels, who opened this traditional brasserie in 1926, invented the «American filet with Sauce Joseph». The filet is a steak tartare, which is as popular with guests as the Croquettes aux crevettes grises. Although the many culinary delights are in themselves a good reason to visit the Au vieux Saint-Martin, so too is its wonderful location on one of Brussels’ most atmosphere squares. A large antiques market takes place here on weekend mornings (until 14.00).
      Place du Grand-Sablon 38
      1000 Brussels
      +32 2 512 64 76
    • Henri Resto

      Honest & simple
      The people of Brussels love the honest, simple cuisine served by the talented Campens brothers. It is definitely a good idea to book, because the Henri Resto is usually full. Sole meunière, moules or croquettes au fromage can be enjoyed in a rustic ambience. Whether lunchtime or evening, the Henri Resto is definitely worth a visit.
      Rue de Flandre 113
      1000 Brussels
      +32 2 218 00 08
    • Taverne du Passage

      Classic brasserie
      This classic brasserie serves excellent Brussels cuisine. Even in the rain or cold it’s a pleasure to dine on the outdoor terraces, since the Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert (built in 1846) is the biggest glazed shopping arcade in Europe. The wine list is extremely impressive, and the traditional Croquettes aux crevettes are highly recommended (and best with a cool beer). The kitchen is open from noon until midnight.
      Galerie de la Reine 30
      1000 Brussels
      +32 2 512 37 31
    • Restaurant Vincent

      It’s almost impossible to choose from the dishes on this menu. Three courses are a given. Fish or meat? Game or lobster? Crêpes or mousse? It really isn’t easy to choose. Especially if you’re still distracted by the wonderful frescoes and the tiled walls, and gazing around the area. And, of course, are terribly happy to have found such an atmospheric brasserie with excellent cuisine in the jungle of restaurants behind the Grand-Place.
      Rue des Dominicains 8-10
      1000 Brussels
      +32 2 511 26 07
    • À la mort subite

      Typical belgian
      The café that is probably the prettiest one in the city is also a listed monument, and was the favourite of singer Jacques Brel and ballet choreographer Maurice Béjart. It is almost essential to order a «kriek» (beer with sour cherries) or other beer brewed on the premises, along with a Tartine 1900, a slice of bread with quark and garnished with onions. And once suitably fortified, you can continue on your way to the Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert, which are in the same area.
      Rue Montagne-aux-Herbes-Potagères 7
      1000 Brussels
      +32 2 513 13 18
    • L‘Archiduc

      What is probably the coolest bar in Belgium is situated on the chic Rue Antoine-Dansaert, just a stone’s throw from the stock exchange. The authentic Art Deco interior, high pillars, half-moon balcony and tiny bar exude an unbelievable charm. Jazz concerts often take place here at the weekends, and on Saturdays, «Jazz after Shopping» (approx. 7-9pm) is the perfect way to end a day strolling through the city.
      Rue Antoine-Dansaert 6
      1000 Brussels
      +32 2 512 06 52