You want to try out the best gourmet restaurant? You’re looking for a cosy café? You’re looking forward to relishing local specialities? Or you want to turn the night into day at a cool club? Let our select choices inspire you.

    • Opus

      Great selection of wines
      The Opus restaurant is located in an unassuming townhouse in a quiet street. Guests very quickly feel as if they were visiting friends. It’s cosy. But unlike at home, the food here is prepared by the head chef. The service is extremely attentive, friendly and helpful, if you need advice with making a choice from the menu (which changes monthly). Depending on the season, it also serves traditional French cuisine, such as saddle of lamb or smoked duck. And a good wine is guaranteed - the cellar contains over 2500 of them!

      37 Prince Arthur Avenue (Yorkville/Annex)
      Toronto, ON M5R 1B2
      +1 416 921 31 05
    • Chiado

      Portuguese cuisine
      Toronto has a large Portuguese community, which explains the existence of the suburb of Little Portugal. The Chiado is in this quarter, and represents Portugal and Portuguese at their very best. Fish and seafood reign supreme on the menu, with everything freshly caught every day. However, not to worry if you’d rather have meat: the menu also includes lamb, beef and pheasant.
      864 College Street (Little Portugal)
      Toronto, ON M6H 1A3
      +1 416 538 19 10
    • Canoe Restaurant and Bar

      Original Canadian
      Real Canadian food? Then head to the Canoe. It uses typically Canadian ingredients for the terrific dishes it serves: maple sugar, partridgeberry sauce and Saskatoon berry compote. As part of a venison or caribou dish. The interior is cosy and playful with warm wood tones. The wine menu mainly consists of New World choices. Reservations are a must.

      66 Wellington Street West
      (54th Floor, Toronto Dominion Bank Tower, Financial District)
      Toronto, ON M5K 1H6
      +1 416 364 00 54
    • North 44°

      Award-winning gourmet meeting place
      The North 44° was named after Toronto’s latitude. It’s an award-winning establishment, and is located in Uptown. For more than a decade, it has generally been considered the best gourmet meeting place in town. A little cool and sterile on the outside, it’s much more inviting and artistically furnished on the inside. The menu changes with the seasons. Culinary delights are guaranteed: from grilled quail to spicy tuna sashimi, everything here is simply perfect.
      2537 Yonge Street (Eglinton)
      Toronto ON M4P 2H7
      +1 416 487 48 97
    • 7 West Café

      Sweet and savoury
      The 7 West Café is casual and relaxed. Whether it's a sweet or a savoury stop, there’s plenty of choice for everyone. There are various coffees and teas as well as a wide selection of wines and beers. Take your pick from the three floors. And what’s it going to be – a homemade bagel, delicious sandwich, a salad or perhaps a slice of cake? It’s all delicious.

      7 Charles Street West
      Toronto, ON M4Y 1R4
      +1 416 928 90 41
    • Rivoli

      All in one
      The Rivoli tends to attract an alternative clientele. Fusion food is served in one half of the bar, while the other is for drinks and cocktails. There are regular concerts, club nights and cabarets, and there’s a large billiards room on the top floor. There’s something for everyone, whether you want to dance the evening away, chill over a drink or fancy a game of billiards for a change.

      332 Queen Street West
      Toronto, ON M5V 2A4
      +1 416 596 19 08
    • Wayne Gretzky’s

      Ice hockey legend's bar
      Canada is THE ice hockey nation, and you can really feel fan passion at the Wayne Gretzky’s. The bar belongs to him, and is a memorial to the hockey legend's successes. It’s not just about chilling and dancing. At the weekend, for instance, there’s the “Brunch of Champions”. So a definite must for ice hockey fans.

      99 Blue Jays Way
      Toronto, ON M5V 9G9
      +1 416 348 00 99
    • Horseshoe Tavern

      Legendary bar
      The Horseshoe Tavern opened in 1947, and has quite a history. It has been the venue for some legendary concerts. The Police have performed here, as did The Ramones and the Rolling Stones in their younger days. Again and again, artists who performed at the Horseshoe Tavern have gone on to become big names in the music world. The interior is no less interesting. It is reminiscent of smoky nights of rock; the walls are be-stickered and decorated with lots of photographs.
      370 Queen Street West
      Toronto, ON M5V 2A2
      +1 416 598 4226