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Nobody knows the SWISS destinations better than our staff. A restaurant that is not listed in every travel guide, an original bar, a charming café, or great tours with spectacular lookout points. Let our travel professionals inspire you with their tips.

The Parc des Oiseaux is a huge and beautiful park for over 3000 animals. Special highlights are the 300 lories that you can feed yourself and the «Spectacle des oiseaux en vol», with pelicans, parrots, cranes, and many other birds.

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Parc des Oiseaux
RD 1083
01330 Villars-les-Dombes
+33 474 98 05 54

Every year in December, Lyon transforms into a sea of lights during the "Fête des Lumières". The best light artists from all over the world present their installations over four nights, when buildings, streets and bridges shine resplendent. There are also concerts and street theatre.

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Fête des Lumières