Nobody knows the SWISS destinations better than our staff. A restaurant that is not listed in every travel guide, an original bar, a charming café, or great tours with spectacular lookout points. Let our travel professionals inspire you with their tips.

In Dresden the visit of the Yenidze is a great experience. It is a former cigarette factory. Today in the ambience of 1001 nights, there are evenings with fairy tales, accompanied by oriental belly dance. It is particularly worth it to look at the sunset from the roof terrace.

Weisseritzstrasse 3
01067 Dresden
+49 351 4942463

I came upon the fabulous Henricus Spa, with its prime location in Dresden, quite out of chance. The small, intimate spa has a wonderful relaxation room featuring a metre-long aquarium. There is a range of different body treatments on offer, as well as a sauna and spas. Although the Spa is located right next to the Frauenkirche, I didn't have the impression that it was very well known or too busy.

(Recruiting & Talent Scouting)
Henricus Spa
Heinrich Schütz Residenz
Frauenstrassee 14
01067 Dresden
+49 351 2635 9640