You want to try out the best gourmet restaurant? You’re looking for a cosy café? You’re looking forward to relishing local specialities? Or you want to turn the night into day at a cool club? Let our select choices inspire you.

    • Pod Baranem

      A guest of the perfectionist
      Owner and head chef Jan Baran is the soul of this restaurant. His aim every day is to bring the unique and unforgettable flavour of his dishes to every plate. That's why he and his team make some of their own small ingredients. The game dishes here are just as delicious as the poultry or fish dishes. Krakow-style herring, for example, is recommended to please the palate, followed by roast wild boar or fish from the smokehouse.
      sw. Gertrudy Street 21
      31-049 Krakow
      +48 12 429 40 22
    • Kogel Mogel

      Polish comfort
      Roast duck with honey, marjoram and apples, or roast leg of goose in a red wine sauce with Polish plums – these and other typical old Polish dishes are served at the pretty restaurant near the market place. The interior has a comfortable atmosphere thanks to beautiful decorations and the wood and brick inlays. From time to time, guests are entertained by a female singer and a pianist. And tables are set out in the large garden during the summer.
      Sienna Street 12
      31-041 Krakow
      +48 12 426 49 68
    • The Piano Rouge

      A plush cellar restaurant
      Red carpets, red tea lights, glass lamps and red & gold furniture give this cellar restaurant an unusual, almost disreputable atmosphere. In the «Bar Room» you'll also find Krakow's oldest iron window, and in the «Concert Hall» there's an old Bechstein piano. Every evening it's played by Krakow artists and entertaining guests with jazz music. The international cuisine will satisfy any taste – whether it's meat, fish, pasta or Polish dishes.
      Main Square 46
      31-002 Krakow
      +48 12 431 03 33
    • C.K. Dezerter

      In memory of a soldier
      This restaurant is named after a deserter. Somehow its history must have something to do with the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. Because the restaurant's interior furnishing and the Polish, Austrian, Czech and Hungarian dishes that it serves bring to mind the era of the Empress Sisi and the Emperor Franz Joseph. The best thing is to treat yourself to a substantial meal here and ask the landlord about the history of the deserter.
      Bracka Street 6
      31-055 Krakow
      +48 12 422 79 31
    • Ancora

      The harmony of different flavours
      «Even more aroma, even more pleasure» is the motto of the modern and simply furnished restaurant. And guests' palates are indeed seduced with a whole host of dishes made with select ingredients and herbs. Polish tapas are recommended as a starter. For the main course you can choose between the subtly-flavoured fish und meat dishes. And a glass of Polish vodka is the perfect way to finish your meal.
      Dominikańska Street 3
      31-043 Krakow
      +48 12 357 33 55
    • Camelot

      Homely and rustic
      This café is located away from the hustle and bustle, in an old house on St. Thomas' Street. Its owner Jacek Lodzinski collects folk art, which explains why there are wood carvings, stained glass, old furniture and pictures everywhere for guests to marvel at while enjoying a hearty breakfast, a coffee or the Polish «Pierogi» pasties. On the top floor there's a small shop selling home accessories, with a cabaret in the cellar that's worth a visit in the evening.
      Św. Tomasza Street 17
      31-022 Krakow
      +48 501 426 404
    • Słodki Wierzynek

      Chocolates and other dreams
      In 1364 the Polish king Casimir the Great tasked the merchant Nicolas Wierzynek with organising a big celebration for Europe's monarchs. It was held in a tenement in the main square. The legendary Wierzynek restaurant still occupies this location. For those with a sweet tooth, there's a chance to enjoy pralinés, macaroons, biscuits and desserts in its café. These are hand-made every day.
      Rynek Główny 15
      31-008 Krakau
      +48 12 424 96 36
    • Stalowe Magnolie

      A scarlet red music temple
      The owners claim that their club can be compared to a woman: Unique and always good for a surprise. And you really do experience things at this establishment, which is also reminiscent of the Moulin Rouge in Paris: Blues, soul or jazz concerts are held every evening. And when you're not dancing, just relax for a while in one of the deep armchairs. It's also worth taking a closer look at this scarlet red world with its countless unusual decorations.
      Świętego Jana Street 15
      31-011 Krakow
      +48 12 422 84 72
    • Bomba

      A cult bar with charm
      This bar became a cult place almost as soon as it opened. Locals meet here for a drink and a chat. Sit in one of the cosy wood and brick corners, or on the little balcony on the top floor with a view of the «Szczepański Square». Exhibitions, film shows and concerts are held here regularly. And for dancing there's funk, soul, hip-hop or pop.
      Szczepański Square 2/1
      31-011 Krakow
      +48 782 601 999
    • Sky Bar

      The old city on foot
      If you're looking for one of the best views of Krakow's main square, head for the 6th floor of the 5-star hotel Stary. With a drink in your hand and a snack, you can settle down in one of the armchairs on the rooftop terrace and enjoy the fresh evening breeze above the old city.
      Szczepańska Street 5 (Stary Hotel)
      31-011 Krakow
      +48 12 384 08 06