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Mild temperatures, long sandy beaches and adventure tours packed with action: Lisbon is an absolute «must do» for adrenalin-seekers. For four days I explored the city and its surroundings from the perspective of an adventurer.

101 seconds in Lisbon

Besides the famous sights like the «Padrão dos Descobrimentos» or the clanking yellow trams there are so many other opportunities to explore Lisbon. The city in the south of Portugal seems like a paradise for anyone seeking action and adventure.

Portugal’s coastline is popular for the many surfing spots it hast to offer. During my stay in Lisbon, I met Carlos. He is a 39-year-old manager of a surf school between Lisbon and Cascai. He showed me around and we got to see a part of the south-west coast of Lisbon which offers plenty of good spots for surfing. There are the bays of Caparicia for professionals or Santo Amaro for intermediate surfers. His school is located at the beach of Carcavelos.

I was super excited to get into my wetsuit and paddle out to ride some waves. At 18 degrees, the water was still enjoyable, when you consider that it is already November. Breath-taking sunsets over the sea are guaranteed. Enjoying the incredible sunset is even better when you are still out on the ocean and riding the waves with the last sunrays of the day.

For those who prefer to explore the coastline from the dry side of the shoreline, I highly recommend a buggy tour in Guincho. When it comes to adrenalin and speed, the buggy tour doesn’t rank behind surfing. Over hill and dale I drove from Areira towards Colares. It was a three-hour roundtrip with magnificent views. My guide Airlindo and I passed the most westerly point of Europe, «Cabo da Roca», and continued along the rough cliffs towards the north. National parks, gravel roads and huge puddles were crossed in order to explore the tiny villages and surroundings. My clothing and backpack didn’t make it through clean and dry through the trip – but hey, I still smile about the trip and it was so worth it!

Back in Lisbon, I found myself in Bairro Alto. A perfect neighbourhood to fade out the action packed days. Whether you’re looking for a romantic atmosphere and a delicious heavy Portuguese red wine, or some live Fado music with fresh Caipirinhas amongst friends; in the windings streets of Lisbon you will definitely find the right place for you.

No matter how long you want to stay in Lisbon, the time always fly by! After four amazing days in the capital of Portugal I was quite sad to leave that place again.

A drink with Marta

A drink with… is a container which gives me the opportunity to meet a local, social media winner or journalist in a destination. In his or her favourite local bar we can chat, take photos and I can get some local advice about the destination.