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Singapore is aspiring to a top position among the global Champion's League of glitzy metropolises. And it deserves it, insiders say. Because Singa Pura – Lion City – affects you in a way you can't forget.

The city has long set aside its sterile image. The jazz clubs, boutiques and cool rooftop terrace bars like CÉ LA VI breathe life into the island city. «The many-faceted». «The visionary». «The source of inspiration». Singapore has as many nicknames as it has cultures in its melting pot. Where tomorrow is today and yet it shakes hands with deeply rooted traditions.

The beautiful Southeast Asian city is full of contrasts and surprises. And it tells wonderful tales: of the airport that grew in a forest, of the ship that flew through the sky. Of highly polished skyscrapers that try to out-shimmer each other by day and seem to dance nimbly in glittering dresses by night. Of enchanted park and garden oases that somehow glob greener than elsewhere. Of a cleanliness that makes everything around it gleam. Of cultures who have found a second home here. Of people who put good food before everything else.

The Singaporeans are proud of their city because it's always in motion. Over the last several years, the metropolis has redefined itself from a garden city to a city with gardens – that's the new image. The administration's motto is «Going Green» – thinking and acting ecologically. It's said that some part of Singapore redefines itself each day. The populace testify to that with three words: hot, hot, hot! And they don't mean the climate.

City Facts

  • Location

    City-state on the Malaysian Peninsula in Southeast Asia.

  • Population

    About 5.3 million

  • Size

    About 710 km²

  • Public transport

    Very well developed network of busses and underground trains.

  • Climate

    Tropical rainforest climate with no true distinct seasons but with a monsoon season between November and January.

  • Best time to visit

    Best in the less rainy period from March to September.

  • Good to know

    Although it's no longer illegal to chew gum, there are no stores in Singapore that sell it. The only place where it can be purchased is in pharmacies, which sell it for medicinal purposes such as dental hygiene and nicotine gum.

  • Nice to know

    Singapore has four official languages: English, Malay, Tamil and Mandarin.

  • Airport

    Singapore Changi; 19 km east of the city centre

  • Bus

    Bus 36 goes to the city and takes about 1 hour.

  • Railway

    Below Terminals 2 and 3 there is an underground station. It takes about 25 minutes to reach the city centre.

  • Taxi

    Numerous taxis wait by Arrivals; the drive into the city takes about 30 minutes.