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Do you want to visit impressive attractions? You’re looking for the most famous shopping miles or enchanting boutiques for the perfect shopping trip? Or you’re interested in fascinating buildings of art and culture? We’ve compiled a selection for you.

    • Houses of Parliament

      Historical building
      The Parliament building is one of the most historical in Cape Town. It was here the countless laws were passed that formed the basis of apartheid policy. Hendrik Verwoerd, who designed this policy, was murdered here. The South African Parliament meets for several months multiple times each year. There are guided tours of the interior. Fascinating! To participate in a tour, you have to register three days in advance and bring your passport.
      Plein Street
      Cape Town 8000
      +27 21 403 2266
    • Cape of Good Hope

      Worth the trip
      The Cape of Good Hope is an absolute must for any visit to Cape Town. You should plan for a whole day for the trip from the city to the southwesternmost point of South Africa. The trip there is amazing on its own. You can see apes and zebras up close – sometimes even on the street. Once at the cape, follow the path to the world famous sign. It belongs in your photo album. And while you're there, the restaurantTwo Oceansat the cape has delicious vanilla ice.
      +27 21 780 9010
    • The Woodstock Exchange

      A creative hub
      People initially thought that the founders of the Woodstock Exchange, known by aficionados as WEX, were mad to want to revive the old Woodstock district. It was at a time when the area was a no-go zone. Their plan was to form a creative hub for avant-gardists, artists and outside-the-box thinkers – and this is exactly what they have achieved. Google and start-ups like One Horse Town were there in a flash, followed by designers, artists and graphic illustrators. Desk-sharing reigns here, and so, too, do the latest trends. It's nothing but a creative paradise!
      66 – 68 Albert Road, Woodstock
      7925 Cape Town
      +27 21 486 5999
    • Company's Garden

      This enchanting oasis is in the middle of the city. It's where Cape Towners spend their lunch break. The Government Avenue museum row runs straight through the park, lined by towering oak trees. Many of Cape Town's most important museums are here. The park has its own history to tell; it was set up as an orchard and vegetable garden back during the Dutch Colonial era. Hidden amongst the trees you'll find a little café. And walkers are sure to spot a squirrel or two in the park.
      19 Queen Victoria Street
      Cape Town 8001
    • Robben Island

      Apartheid memorial
      The island in Table Bay stands as a symbol of the monstrous brutality of the apartheid regime. Nelson Mandela spent most of his imprisonment here. Today its former cells are pilgrimage sites for both tourists and South Africans. The guided tours to the island are mainly led by former prisoners. The tour takes around four hours, including the ferry crossing. In 1999 the island was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The tours are well attended, so it's a good idea to reserve in time.
    • Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden

      A feast of colors
      Lilac sugarbushes, orange pincushions and pink heather. Huge blossoms and alien-like forms as far as the eye can see. In the background the eastern slopes of the Table Mountain rise to a splendid backdrop. Undoubtedly, the Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden is one of the most beautiful gardens in the world. The variety of unique plant life is overwhelming and if you look closely, you can discover many exotic birds. The highlight is a 150 meter long tree-crown path, from which one has a wonderful view. During the summer months, it can get very hot, so it is recommended to visit in the morning or the late afternoon.
      Rhodes Dr. Newlands
      Cape Town 7735
      +27 21 799 8783
    • Bo-Kaap

      Colourful neighbourhood
      The Bo-Kaap neighbourhood spans from Buitengracht to Signal Hill. It looks like a Muslim village with its many narrow lanes, colourfully painted houses and eleven mosques. One of them is the oldest in South Africa. The former township is the home of mainly Cape Malays, many who have been here for generations. In 1834 the first freed slaves settled in Bo-Kaap and built their lives here. Minarets and pastel-coloured homes are regular sites.
      Schotsche Kloof
      Cape Town 8001
    • Christiaan Gabriel Du Toit & KlûK

      For fashionistas
      This duo is a constant in the city's fashion scene. Their shop offers both eye-catching creations and elegant daywear. The best part is that their pieces are more or less affordable.
      43-45 Bree Street
      Cape Town 8001
      +27 83 377 7780
    • WAG

      A touch of glamour
      The dresses of designer Sheray Bakos are elegant yet fresh. The collections are all produced in small workshops in Cape Town with a great attention to detail. Each dress has its own unique charm. This shop offers both the right piece for during the day and the perfect outfit for going out in the city.
      301 Long Street
      Cape Town 8000
      +27 79 158 7388
    • Clarke’s

      For bookworms
      A charming bookstore with reading material stacked to the ceiling. If you're looking to read more about life in South Africa, this is the place. Clarke's has practically every book ever written about the history and politics of the nation. It also offers fascinating, insightful biographies of such notables as freedom fighters Steve Biko and Oliver Tambo.
      199 Long Street
      Cape Town 8001
      +27 21 423 5739
    • African Image

      Different souvenirs for a change
      This store is the right address for everyone not looking to bring home a little handcarved giraffe or elephant. Instead, Africa Image has breakfast trays with prints of Table Mountain and Mandela clocks. And since everything is presented in top quality, you're sure to leave with something. The store's fans include both tourists and native collectors.
      Ecke Church/Burg Street
      Cape Town 8001
      +27 21 423 8385
    • Torino

      Sweet temptations
      If you're on your way to Table Mountain and you get a sweet tooth, you should go to Torino. They sell the finest pralines and chocolate delicacies. If fact, they have so many you can't stop staring at them all. The German owner, Roland Ramm, makes them all on site. His speciality is chocolate-covered orange rind. Mhhhh, simply delicious!
      34 Kloof Nek Road
      Cape Town 8001
    • Jewel Africa

      Lovely jewellery
      In addition to buying all kinds of jewellery, shoppers can watch the jewellers at their craft at Jewel Africa. You'll learn a lot about the history of gems and precious stones, as well as their cut, colour, clarity and carat and how jewellery is manufactured. Shoppers can buy made-to-order pieces and pick them up within 24 hours. They also accept private appointments – including a shuttle service.
      170 Buitengracht Street
      Cape Town 8001
      +27 21 424 5141
    • Caroline’s Fine Wine Cellar

      Excellent vintage
      The selection of Cape wines and Cap Classique – the South African answer to Champagne – is overwhelming here. You'll also find a delicious Bordeaux alongside Italian and Spanish wines. The personnel are happy to share their considerable knowledge of wine with the customers to help them find the right one. They also conduct wine tastings. Upon request, they'll ship larger purchases.
      62 Strand Street
      Cape Town 7400
      +27 21 419 8984
    • Hello Again

      Small but elegant
      This is a small, charming clothing shop onLong Street.It mainly sells basics in all shapes, sizes and colours: T-shirts, V-necks, sweatshirts, knitted jackets, jerseys – for women and men. They are all made in Cape Town. The shop also has cute accessories, lovely dresses and a few second-hand items.
      219 Long Street
      Cape Town 8000
      +27 21 426 0242
    • Victoria & Alfred Waterfront

      Hot spot at the harbour
      A number of stores and malls are spread around the harbour district, the main draw for tourists. International brands like Diesel, Billabong and Montblanc are just as present as shops selling South African fashion. There are also bookstores, photo shops, souvenir vendors and accessory boutiques. The music store with the largest selection is also on the waterfront. They offer pretty much every style of music. You can also hear music on the streets, as numerous street musicians entertain the passing crowds.
      Breakwater Boulevard
      Cape Town 8002
    • South African Museum

      Oldest museum
      This is the oldest museum in South Africa, around since 1825. The museum shows the nature and culture of the country in its incredible diversity. The exhibits are spectacular. Entire caves with cave paintings have been recreated. There is also an enormous fossil collection and a 20-metre-long blue whale skeleton. The museum also houses a planetarium.
      25 Queen Victoria Street
      Cape Town 8000
      +27 21 481 3800
    • South African National Gallery

      Best known museum
      The South African National Gallery is one of the best known museums in the country. Its fame comes partly from its large collection of European and African art of the last few centuries There are often travelling exhibits of contemporary art on display as well.
      Government Avenue
      Cape Town 8000
      +27 21 481 3970


    As soon as you walk into the Grand Café and Beach on Granger Bay, you're in another world. The romantic décor has extra-large chandeliers and Parisian bistro stools. The whole thing opens onto the sea. You can either sit on the terrace or the white sand beach. Divine.

    Grand Africa
    The Grand Café and Beach
    Granger Bay
    Cape Town 8005