Do you want to visit impressive attractions? You’re looking for the most famous shopping miles or enchanting boutiques for the perfect shopping trip? Or you’re interested in fascinating buildings of art and culture? We’ve compiled a selection for you.

  • Old town

    A stroll through the 'seven streets'
    The locals also refer to the Old Town as ‘las 7 calles’ in Spanish, meaning the seven streets, because it was these seven streets that formed the city in the Middle Ages. Casco Viejo (the Old Town) is still the heart of Bilbao today and is certainly the most colourful district. The beautiful narrow streets are mainly pedestrian-friendly and bars are lined up one after another – perfect for a pintxos tour. When you are replete, St. James' Cathedral and Plaza Nueva are only a short walk away in this same district.
  • Basilica of Begoña

    Climb up and see ‘Mum’
    The Basilica stands on top of a hill overlooking the Old Town. An impressive triumphal arch above the entrance dominates the Renaissance façade. The other structural highlight is the Neoclassical altar inside the Basilica. The Bilbaínos lovingly refer to the Virgin of Begoña, after whom the church was named, as Amatxo, meaning 'Mum' in Basque. You can reach the Basilica either via the Mallona steps or the lift at the Casco Viejo underground station.
    C\ Virgin de Begoña 38
    48006 Bilbao
    +34 944 12 70 91
  • Guggenheim Museum

    The highlight with the 'Puppy'
    Some visitors come to Bilbao simply to see this museum, which opened in 1997. This temple of art, whose curves are clad in sheets of titanium, was designed by the architect Frank Gehry and serves as the precursor of modern architecture. Depending on where you stand, the building either reminds you of a ship or the silver panels evoke the scales on a fish. The giant dog, Puppy, in front of the museum is a floral sculpture by the artist Jeff Koons. Moving inside, the museum is primarily home to contemporary art from the 20th century.
    Avenida Abandoibarra 2
    48009 Bilbao
    +34 944 359 000
  • Zubizuri Bridge

    A symbol of the ‘new’ Bilbao
    The work of Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, this building opened in 1997 and has since become – together with the Guggenheim Museum – the symbol of a new Bilbao. The white filigree pedestrian bridge (in Basque zubi = bridge, zuri = white) that hovers elegantly over the river, also boasts a fascinating glass floor. Be careful though, it can be slippery when wet!
  • The underground

    A lovely trip on the underground
    Even though Bilbao is small enough to be explored on foot, it is worth taking a ride on the underground, which was built in 1988. It was constructed to the design of British architect Sir Norman Foster and incorporates a high percentage of concrete, steel, and glass. The locals call the round, glass entrances 'fosteritos' after the man who designed the underground. Gexto, home to the Puente Colgante suspension bridge is just a short trip away on the underground. This bridge has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Doña Casilda Park

    Green for relaxation
    New green areas also emerged as a result of the city's redesign around the Guggenheim Museum. The existing Doña Casilda Park, which boasted a range of different tree species, sculptures and monuments, was expanded to an area of 100,000 m2 and now links together the Abandoibarra and Ensanche districts. You can watch the ducks in the majestic pond or sit in the café and follow the colourful coming and goings in the park.
    +34 944 12 70 91
  • Narata

    For lovers of beautiful interiors
    Prestigious materials, convenience and contemporary design are brought harmoniously together as one in this store's furniture and interior design accessories. Narata stocks brands such as Hay, Donna Wilson, Tse-Tse and Après-Ski, but also completes its range with light-hearted accessories, such as gifts, art and fashion. The store has also recently begun selling products by local designers.
    Indautxu 4
    48009 Bilbao
    +34 944 399 047
  • Skunkfunk

    Trendy, sustainable streetwear
    It all began with a T-shirt collection. Today, this clothing brand is known across the world – which could have something to do with the English name. Nevertheless, more than 700 stores have opened up around the globe since the company was founded in 1999. The Basque brand is committed to the environment and the sustainable manufacturing of their clothes. The style is influenced by fashion and art trends from major cities, such as Barcelona, Berlin and San Francisco.
    Victor 5
    48005 Bilbao
    +34 946 054 955
  • Ribera Market

    Europe's biggest covered market hall
    There's no better way to arouse the senses than to go shopping round a food market, especially when abroad and close to the sea, where the market wares are worlds apart from those at home. Over 60 stall-holders laud their produce at the Ribera Market, including meat, fruit, fish and shellfish, cheese, mushrooms and other delicious goods. In 1990, the Ribera Market made it into the Guinness Book of Records as the largest covered market in Europe. It is also worth checking out the market for its Art-Deco style windows.
    Erribera Kalea s/n
    48005 Bilbao
    +34 944 79 06 95
  • Loreak Mendian

    Street fashion with Basque charm
    Victor Serna and Sabi Zirikiain opened their clothes shop in San Sebastian in 1995. In the meantime, more than a dozen others have popped up in Europe and overseas. The somewhat original Spanish leisurewear label Loreak Mendian is now available in Switzerland, too. But when in Bilbao, it's worth paying a call to the local store. The brand channels its full creativity and philosophy into producing high-quality clothes with Basque charm.
    Rodriguez Arias 24
    48011 Bilbao
    +34 944 273 447
  • Arriaga Theatre

    Bilbao's oldest theatre
    Completed in 1890, the theatre was named after the famous composer Juan Crisóstomo Arriaga, referred to as the Spanish Mozart, who wrote his first opera at the age of 13 and died from tuberculosis just before he turned twenty. The magnificent building burnt down in 1914. Although it was completely renovated in the 1980s, several of the original fixtures and fittings have been maintained. The Arriaga still puts on performances, but the modern Euskalduna Palace is also an important address in the theatrical scene.
    Plaza Arriaga 1
    48005 Bilbao
    +34 944 792 036
  • Museum of Fine Arts

    An impressive collection
    The Museum of Fine Arts stands somewhat in the shadow of the famous Guggenheim Museum. Unjustifiably so, because this museum is home to an impressive collection of around 10,000 works of art spanning from the 13th century to the present day. Alongside Spanish, Flemish, Italian and Dutch works, numerous oeuvres from local Basque artists are also on display.
    Plaza del Museo 2
    48009 Bilbao
    +34 944 396 060