You want to try out the best gourmet restaurant? You’re looking for a cosy café? You’re looking forward to relishing local specialities? Or you want to turn the night into day at a cool club? Let our select choices inspire you.

    • La Sucursal

      Innovation and tradition
      The friendly restaurant La Sucursal with its minimalist design is located inside the IVAM, Valencia's Museum of Modern Art. They serve both traditional dishes such as arroz am fesols i naps (rice and beans, blood sausage, pork, turnips and saffron) and innovative, out-of-the-ordinary fare like arroz caldoso de bogavante (rice soup with enticing bits of lobster). They have an excellent wine selection to go with the food.
      Marina Real Juan Carlos I
      Muelle de la Aduana, s/n
      46024 Valencia
      +34 963 74 66 65
    • La Pepica

      Famous paella restaurant
      The paella restaurant La Pepica was established in 1898. It's one of the best known in the city and was a favourite of Hemingway's. Today it's the preferred restaurant of the Spanish royal family and many international celebrities, as guests can see for themselves in the photo gallery. The paella marinera with seafood and the paella valenciana with chicken, rabbit and vegetables are especially popular.
      Paseo de Neptuno 6
      46024 Valencia
      +34 963 71 03 66
    • Vuelve Carolina

      Tapas deluxe
      To get an impression of the incredible variety of Valencian tapas, make sure to grab yourself a spot at the bar of the Vuelve Carolina. They conjure up everything the tapas fan could wish for: delicacies like foamy foie gras and grated nuts, crab and cauliflower ravioli, and grouper sashimi with caviar and lime. The interior of long wooden tables, hanging plants and leaf-shaped chairs is the perfect match for this culinary experience.
      Calle de Correos, 8
      46002 Valencia
      +34 963 21 86 86
    • Arrocería Duna

      Legend on the sea
      Arrocería Duna is a real legend among restaurants. Located next to the sea shore, it offers guests an incomparable view. This place is perfect for a long Sunday lunch on the beach of El Saler, a natural paradise of sand dunes and pine trees only 10 minutes by car outside Valencia. With a diverse menu and a dreamy view from the terrace on the beach, you can simply leave your cares behind.
      Paseo Pintor Francisco Lozano módulo, 3
      46012 Valencia
      +34 961 83 04 90
    • Ricard Camarena

      Top address
      Chef Ricard Camarena's kitchen uses nothing but the best quality products. Guests can taste the master's passion and love for the cuisine in every bite. The dishes are perfectly seasoned and the ambiance is stylish and cosy.
      Av. de Burjassot, 54
      Bombas Gens Centre d'Art
      46009 Valencia
      +34 963 35 54 18
    • Vertical

      Wonderful view
      On the ninth storey of the Hotel Confortel Aqua you'll find the restaurant Vertical. The menu is inspired by traditional cuisine. Diners are treated to delicious Mediterranean dishes using local ingredients. Vertical offers a lunch buffet of homemade Valencian rice dishes; meat and fish specialities take precedence in the evening.
      Calle Luis García Berlanga, 19
      46013 Valencia
      +34 963 30 38 00
    • Bueno Para Comer

      Small but fine
      This tiny coffeehouse offers a variety of tasty delicacies from around the world. In addition to the biscuits and baked goods in tins, teas and wines that stuff the display cases and the original shelves from 1920, patrons at Bueno Para Comer can order dishes prepared fresh at the Riff restaurant next door. There is hardly a better place to enjoy your first coffee than on the terrace of this café; order a slice of apple strudel to go with it and watch the comings and goings along the adjacent Gran Vía. Perfection.
      Calle Almirante Cadarso, 14
      46005 Valencia
      +34 963 16 11 46
    • Dulce de Leche

      This café is an open invitation for indulgence. On top of the house speciality – the much-loved dulce de leche to spread on top of bread – there are gateaux, cakes and a whole range of sweet or savoury pastries. Combine these with a freshly brewed cup of coffee while relaxing on the summer patio and you're in heaven! Dulce de Leche is one of the few cafés in Valencia that specialises in home-made produce.
      Calle Pintor Gisbert 2
      46006 Valencia
      +34 960 035 949
    • Sant Jaume

      Cocktail bar
      The speciality of the house is a cocktail named Aigua de Valencia, or Valencian water, made of cava, orange juice, vodka, gin and sugar. Served ice-cold on the terrace, you'll quickly leave all your cares behind. Nicely located in the El Carmen neighbourhood.
      Calle Caballeros, 51
      46001 Valencia
      +34 963 91 24 01
    • Casa Montaña

      Bodega since 1836
      This more than 100-year-old classic bodega in the El Cabanyal fisherman's neighbourhood has long become an institution. Locals and tourists enjoy tasty tapas and reasonably priced open wines from the selection of more than 1,000 labels. Popular delicacies created in the house style include the michirones (fava bean) casserole and the codfish croquettes. Bring your appetite and leave your modesty behind, because the specialities at Casa Montaña are a feast in every sense.
      Calle de José Benlliure, 69
      46011 Valencia
      +34 963 67 23 14
    • Slaughterhouse

      Bar and book store
      This former butcher's shop is nowadays a blend of bar and book store. The only reminders of the old days when livestock was slaughtered here are the white tiled walls and the meat hooks. Today the shelves and tables are bowed under the weight of comics, art books, graphic novels, rare books and volumes of poetry that the owners themselves have published under their Slaughterhouse label. The shop tends to draw younger patrons who come for the yummy tapas, the live music and the exhibits by local artists.
      Calle Dénia, 22
      46006 Valencia
      +34 963 28 77 55