Do you want to visit impressive attractions? You’re looking for the most famous shopping miles or enchanting boutiques for the perfect shopping trip? Or you’re interested in fascinating buildings of art and culture? We’ve compiled a selection for you.

    • Ferries

      Across the river
      The Rhine divides Basel’s Old Town into the two parts of Greater and Lesser Basel, with five bridges over the river. However, for those who would rather cross the water without an engine there are the four wooden ferries, St. Johann, Klingental, Münster and St. Alban. Many locals use them, not just tourists, and they offer special and unique perspectives of this beautiful city on the Rhine.
      4001 Basel
    • Aquabasilea

      Water fun
      The water park is in Pratteln, just ten minutes from Basel. Action is the watchword, fun and games guaranteed – of every possible kind! There are seven slides and white water streams to boost the adrenalin, including a wave pool. Afterwards, you can relax in the sauna world or in the outside area, with a grotto, whirlpool and flume.
      Hardstrasse 57
      4133 Pratteln
      +41 61 826 24 24
    • Zoo Basel

      Animal neighbours
      «Zolli», Basel’s zoological garden, was founded in 1874, and is the oldest zoo in Switzerland. It also has the highest number of animals and species. Although it is relatively small, it is one of the leading animal parks in Europe, thanks not least to various breeding programmes. Visitors can see a whole range of enclosures, including the monkey house, the Africa exhibit, the antelope house, the Australis exhibit, the elephant house, the predator enclosures, the children’s zoo and the vivarium.
      Binningerstrasse 40
      4054 Basel
      +41 61 295 35 35
    • Tinguely Fountain

      Artistic water feature
      This used to be the stage of the old town theatre. In 1977, Jean Tinguely placed some amusing machine sculptures in an enormous pool of water and in doing so gave Basel a new landmark. The Swiss artist had black asphalt poured into a shallow basin and then placed these low power-operated, water-spouting objects inside it. The nine iron eminences are in constant motion and «talk» to each other – just like the mime artists, actors and dancers who once performed on this very spot.
      4051 Basel
    • Basel Minster

      It is right beside the Rhine and is one of the city’s main landmarks. The red sandstone, coloured roof tiles and two slender steeples are visible from afar. The former Episcopal church was built in the Roman and Gothic styles between 1019 and 1500. There are regular events on the Münsterplatz in front of it. The «Pfalz» (palatinate) is high above the Rhine, behind the Minster. The terrace is on the Rhine and is a popular lookout point. It is possible to cross the river here on the Minster ferry.
      Rittergasse 3
      4051 Basel
      +41 61 277 45 43
    • Gate of Spalen

      Great for photographs
      The Gate of Spalen was once part of Basel’s city walls and is one of the three city gates that remain in existence today. It is a listed monument and is considered to be one of the most beautiful city gates in Switzerland. The façade is adorned with sculptural embellishments. Above the arch is Basel’s coat of arms, sculpted into red sandstone and guarded by two lions.
      Schönbeinstrasse 1
      4056 Basel
    • Middle Bridge and landing stage

      Over the Rhine
      Probably no other monument matches the 192-metre Middle Bridge as a symbol of the city of Basel. It was opened in 1226 and is one of the oldest Rhine crossings between Lake Constance and the North Sea. It used to be used by local traffic and for trade as an important Rhine crossing. Be sure to admire the Basel landmark of «Lällekönig» on the landing stage, his tongue constantly poking out at the good people of Lesser Basel.
    • Trade Fair Tower

      Fabulous views
      At a height of 105 metres, Basel’s Trade Fair Tower is located in the city's exhibition square and was designed by the architects Morger & Delago and Marques. There are 31 storeys and it is made entirely of green-tinted glass. Inside are offices for numerous businesses and a hotel, and on the top floor is the BarRouge. From here there are fabulous views of the Old Town and even as far as the neighbouring countries of Germany and France.
      Messeplatz 12
      4058 Basel
      +41 61 695 90 10
    • Merian Gardens

      Well-tended oasis
      The 135,000 square metres of the Merian Park are in the middle of the city of Basel. It is a haven of peace and tranquillity in the midst of the city’s bustle. It comprises vegetable gardens, an English Garden and botanical collections, and the «inhabitants» include hens, rabbits and sheep. The entire park is organic and is also used as a venue of a wide range of events.
      Vorder Brüglingen 5
      4052 Basel
      +41 61 319 97 80
    • Chapeau

      Cover your head
      This boutique is over two decades old. Maria Hiepler has every kind of stylish headgear you could possibly imagine, whether you’re looking for a travelling hat that folds absolutely flat, or an elegant headdress. You can be advised, try on hats to your heart’s content, and watch a new hat being created. Everything is made in the studio within the shop. Every hat has its own matching box and the range also includes a selection of accessories.
      Barfüssergasse 6
      4001 Basel
      +41 61 272 77 74
    • Läckerli Huus

      Basel speciality
      Läckerli are to Basel what fondue is to Switzerland. The original Basel confectionery has been a sweet story of success for over 100 years. Today, the shop combines tradition and innovation. The classic range is complemented by the most diverse, select chocolate and sponge specialities. All charmingly wrapped. So why not take something from the LäckerliHuus home with you as a souvenir? There are branches all over Switzerland.
      Gerbergasse 57
      4001 Basel
      +41 61 264 22 05
    • Bucherer

      Famous watch brand
      This family company, which is being run by the third generation, also has a branch in Basel and is famous far beyond the country’s borders. The traditional jeweller offers everything that the discerning watch and jewellery lover could desire and stands for first-class quality. As well as its own Carl F. Bucherer brand, it also carries a wide range of watches by other well-known names, including the world’s most extensive selection of around 1300 Rolex watches.
      Freie Strasse 40
      4051 Basel
      +41 61 261 40 00
    • London Tea

      Oldest tea house
      London Tea is the oldest tea house in Switzerland; it was founded in London and Basel in 1896. Since then, it has stood for tea culture on the highest level. It serves first-class green tea from Japan and China, the best black tea, choice oolong rarities, and unique white and red tea specialities, as well as numerous fruit, herb, rooibos, chai and wellness varieties. The company mixes the fragrant varieties itself on the premises, and guarantees that only the best ingredients are used. So be sure to allow enough time to dip into the world of tea.
      Spalenberg 10
      4051 Basel
      41 61 261 24 70
    • Claudia Güdel

      Swiss fashion label
      For many years, this charming establishment was the place to go for first-class menswear and accessories. It’s in Greater Basel’s Old Town and its display windows are visible from afar. This tradition has now been rekindled. The Swiss fashion label Claudia Güdel presents ladies’ and men’s collections here, and the offer also includes a selection of scarves and leather accessories.
      Schnabelgasse 4
      4051 Basel
      +41 61 554 11 03
    • Schmuck Frösch

      Personal jewels
      For over 35 years, Erich Frösch has been designing all kinds of personal jewellery in his studio, which he intends to underscore the wearer’s personality. He is inspired by nature, modern architecture, art and antique jewellery. The display cabinets in his store contain a multicoloured selection of his own rings, pendants, necklaces, bangles, brooches and buckles.
      Spalenvorstadt 7
      4051 Basel
      +41 61 261 22 88
    • Elia Gilli

      Mountain wonder
      Designer Elia Gilli presents a wide range of one-off items of jewellery and porcelain and a large selection of bowls and vases in this gallery on the Rümelinsplatz. Most of the items are made of silver and wood, and are notable for their clear, simple shapes. Various quartzes and mountain crystals, nature’s sculptures, are displayed under the name of «Bergwunder» – «Mountain wonders».
      4001 Basel
      +41 61 261 03 03
    • Kleiderbügel-Museum

      Bizarre but worth a visit
      There is a rather unusual museum slightly outside the city centre. It illustrates the history of the clothes hanger – and contains over 4000 exhibits. Visitors see an everyday item in a completely different light. It’s fascinating to stroll through and admire the exhibition - or even have a guided tour, which are available to groups of at least ten people.
      Birsstrasse 56
      4052 Basel
      +41 61 311 31 31
    • Art Basel

      Art highlight
      Art Basel is one of the «musts» in art lovers’ diaries all over the world, attracting thousands of visitors every year, including celebrities. It can quite rightly be included among the elite of the international art fairs for modern and contemporary art. It is attended by more than 300 leading galleries from all over the world and includes exclusive paintings, sculptures, drawings, installations, photographs and video editions of the works. The event takes place every year in June.
      Messeplatz 10
      4005 Basel
    • Museum Tinguely

      Works of art in movement
      This museum is dedicated solely to the artist Jean Tinguely. It is in the Solitude Park, which is directly beside the Rhine. The building architecture alone is worth a visit. The interior hosts lots of machine sculptures and personal items that belonged to Tinguely. The mechanical sculptures move since they are made of metal parts. They are examples of kinetic art, in which movement is an integral aesthetic aspect of the work of art.
      Paul Sacher-Anlage 2
      4002 Basel
      +41 61 681 93 20
    • Augusta Raurica

      With the Romans
      There is a former Roman settlement at Augst near Basel, with excavations are still underway today. This little town, which had a population of up to 15,000 in its heyday, also has a theatre, an amphitheatre, forums, baths, temples and an aqueduct. As a visitor on a journey of discovery through the town, you will feel as if you have been taken back to a different epoch. The annual highlight is the Roman Festival with numerous activities in August. It’s well worth making the trip from Basel.
      Giebenacherstrasse 17
      4302 Augst
      +41 61 816 22 22
    • Fondation Beyeler

      World famous art collection
      Hildy and Ernst Beyeler spent 50 year putting together a huge collection of art. The collection was then transferred to the Beyeler Foundation. It comprises over 200 paintings and sculptures of Classic Modernism, including works by Cézanne, Picasso, Rousseau, Mondrian, Klee, Matisse, Newman, Bacon, Dubuffet and Baselitz. As well as changing international exhibitions, the museum also contains select objects from Africa, Alaska and Oceania. The museum is in the midst of a picturesque landscape, slightly outside Basel on the estate of the Villa Berower Gut in Riehen.
      Baselstrasse 101
      4125 Riehen
      +41 61 645 97 00


    Café Zum Kuss is in the Elisabeth Park and was once a chapel of rest (1850-1902), and then a depot (1918). From 1980 it was used as a rehearsal room for Basel’s music association and since 2011 it has been a restaurant. Highly original. Excellent cuisine and great events. Not to be missed!

    Caffè Kultur Bar Zum Kuss
    Elisabethenstrasse 59
    4051 Basel
    +41 61 271 60 30

    The Latini is my favourite restaurant in Basel. The finest Italian antipasti and pasta dishes, accompanied by good wines and beers. The «Casarecce alla mediterranea» with olives, artichokes and sundried tomatoes are highly recommended. Managing director Nexhmedin Uka knows how to create an atmosphere that is the perfect combination of the delights of Italy with the traditional of Basel. Great!

    Restaurant Latini
    Falkenstrasse 31
    4001 Basel
    +41 61 261 34 43

    The pan-Asian restaurant Lily’s is for an urban clientele that likes to eat fast, fine and healthy. Simple but stylish interior and the service is top. No need to book. It offers a take-away service so you can also enjoy its delicious food off the premises. Yummy! There’s a second restaurant in Zurich.

    Rebgasse 1
    4058 Basel
    +41 61 683 11 11

    The Steine Grill is a snack bar with the best doner kebab in the centre of Basel, right at the Heuwaage stop. Popular with night owls and party goers, the Steine Grill also takes care of midday hunger. If you're looking for a substantial kebab with various ingredients rather than culinary highlights, this place – which has been here since 1998 – is for you. And best of all: the Steine Grill is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Take the no. 6, 10, 11, 16, 17 tram to Heuwaage.

    Steine Grill
    Steinentorstrasse 26
    4051 Basel
    +41 61 281 06 30