Nobody knows the SWISS destinations better than our staff. A restaurant that is not listed in every travel guide, an original bar, a charming café, or great tours with spectacular lookout points. Let our travel professionals inspire you with their tips.

Jing Din Xuan (Golden Restaurant) has to be on your restaurant list when staying in Beijing. Located opposite the Lama Temple, just outside Ditan Park, this restaurant specialises in Dim Sum and other traditional Chinese food. Open 24/7 this place is always full. Definitely my favourite restaurant in town.

(Maître de Cabine)
Jing Din Xuan restaurant
No.77 Hepinglixi Street
Dongcheng District
+86 10 64296699

City tours do make your feet feel sore. Especially in a huge and exciting metropolis such as Beijing. So why not relax and pamper yourself in between? The Dragonfly Spa is the perfect place where I regularly treat myself to a soothing foot massage. After that I’m back on track for another round of city touring.

(Cockpit Crew Planning)
Dragonfly Spa
60 Donghuamen Avenue
Dong Cheng District
100006 Beijing
+86 10 6527 9368

In this pretty little street shopping is truly fun, especially due to the many distinct and original shops. You’ll find little book shops, traditional tea shops and shops with painting equipment and supplies. I particularly love the artists that paint and sell their works of art on the scene.

(SWISS Cabin Crew Member)
Liuli chang west street
Liuli chang west street
Xuanwu District

Woman will find everything their hearts desire on these six storeys: silk, scarves, handbags, pearls and jade in every shape imaginable. The stands are jammed in tight. The perfect pearl bracelet or desired necklace will be made right before customers' eyes if they can't find a finished one they want. Important: visitors are expected to haggle over the price. Make sure to check if the pearls are real. It's easy; just bite into one. If your teeth marks are visible, the pearls aren't real. In addition, a visit to the pearl market fits well with the Temple of Heaven. Exit the Temple of Heaven by the eastern gate, turn left and walk past the Tiantandogmen subway station. Ahead of you you'll see a bridge. Cross it and you'll be at the entrance to the pearl market.

(Performance Marketing)
Hongqiao Pearl Market
9 Tiantan Road
Dongcheng District