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More than 600 SWISS Facebook fans decided my next destination. Eventually, a friend of mine and I were sent to Copenhagen. Looking back on this weekend, there is just one thing to say: Thank you, SWISS Community! Thank you, Copenhagen!

The wind blows, the streets are graced with colorful leaves and the delicious aroma of roasted almonds hangs in the air. I can hardly imagine another city that welcomes the autumn more cordially. On arrival Copenhagen pleased us with a mild and sunny day. The large parks, the endless cafés and restaurants and the vibrant, famous nightlife make the capital of Denmark the perfect place for a weekend getaway.

The best way to encounter the "green” city is by bicycle. So Stefanie and I rented bikes and cruised along the row of tall, white houses in the Vesterbro neighbourhood. We passed the famous Tivoli amusement park in the city center and rode towards the castle of Christiansborg. The tower is the tallest building in Copenhagen at a height of 106 meters. There is no entrance fee for the stunning 360° degree view up on the top of the building.

Through the wide, pedestrian zone we made our way towards Nyhavn. This colourful, house-on-house bay with the old fishing boats floating on the water creates a magical setting. Even though the image has been printed on thousands of postcards it is still worth a visit. To make your stay in Nyhavn even better, treat yourself to a delicious original Danish pastry. Just around the corner is the Vedels Konditori, which offers the best “tryksnegls”, “spandauers” and “brunsviers”.

When the sun sets, Copenhagen shines in a different light.Whether beer, wine or cocktails – different people have different taste. No worries: Copenhagen’s big variety of trendy bars, lounges and clubs make sure that there is a right choice for everybody. And those places you will find spread out in the whole town. There is not just one central place to party all night long.

The Cube in the Vesterbros neighborhood offers some tasty cocktails in a relaxed and well-mannered atmosphere. My all-time favourite is definitely the Mojito with freshly crushed mint leaves. Next stop was the more alternative bar “Kant”. Here the Danish will dance and drink hand in hand with visitors. Or in our case: Here the Danish will teach the visitors a new way do drink vodka-lemonade shots. The drink was wrapped in a napkin. I had to push the glass along the bar (so the lemonade mixes properly with the vodka), then “lift it, drink it, Skål!”

After painting the town red, – the priorities of the next morning should be always focused on treating the hangover. So start the day easy and smoothly and with a lunch high in protein. In the restaurant Ravelinen Stefanie and I fancied a variety of fish. I went for a platter full of pickled, raw and spiced herring. Stefanie preferred the deep-fried version with some shrimps on the side.

Those who prefer a proper brunch instead should head for the Hoppe’s café. Lunch or brunch, either way: Don’t miss out on an afternoon coffee or tea at Sweet Treats. Here in the tiny street cafés in the neighborhood of Christianshavn you can examine the daily life of the inhabitants in a cozy, friendly vibe. And by this time your hangover should be cured.

Sitting in a canvas chair in the middle Kongens Nytorv Square is the best way to fade out an adventurous weekend. Next to the Happy Wall you can enjoy a glass of wine or cider. Here you can catch the last sunrays of the day while listening to happy beats from the 60’s and 70’s.

Copenhagen knows how to treat its inhabitants and visitors. The Danish capital is a good example of a spa not having to be about wellness or physical relaxation. Copenhagen is a spa for the soul.