The recent past has seen many things happen in Cairo. A people revolting against the government, demonstrations, violence, and bloodshed. Strikes and demonstrations can still happen.

In public places, metro stations and markets you should be careful. And who stays in Cairo, should be informed about the latest developments and follow the instructions of the safety authorities.

We can only hope that Cairo will return to peace. This city has so much beauty to offer. Here you can admire awestruck such miracles of architecture like the Great Sphinx and the Great Pyramid of Giza. Nothing can mar the fascination of these ancient structures. Just as magnificent is the grand view of the Nile and the city from an elevated site like the Revolving Restaurant.

This interplay of modern and traditional architecture makes this metropolis so extraordinary. Mosques next to modern houses – this you’ll see everywhere. Watching and feeling the hustle and bustle on the market, succumbing to the sights and scents. For instance at the ancient bazaar Khan El-Khalili, where you’ll certainly find the right souvenir. Haggling is strictly permitted.

This city is definitely a great stopover as well, where you can afterwards continue your journey to a relaxed resort by the Red Sea. A stopover that you should enjoy in all of its magnificence. In Arabic, «Cairo» means «the Vanquisher» or «the Conqueror». And that you can only wish this beautiful metropolis, that it emerges victorious over its inner troubles.

City Facts

  • Location

    Capital city of Egypt on the Nile

  • Population

    About 7.9 million

  • Size

    About 214 km²

  • Public transport

    Underground, bus, and tram services.

  • Climate

    Subtropical desert climate. The summers are hot, and also at night the temperatures rarely fall under 20 °C.

  • Best time to visit

    Peak season for tourists are the winter months between December and February. And if you like the city a little less overpopulated, you should visit Cairo in spring and autumn.

  • Good to know

    Above all near mosques, you should wear unrevealing clothing. Especially women are generally advised to be cautious.

  • Nice to know

    The metropolitan area of Cairo with about 16.2 million inhabitants is the largest in Africa.

  • Airport

    Cairo International Airport, about 17 km east of the city.

  • Bus

    The airport shuttle leaves every 30 minutes for the city centre.

  • Taxi

    Depending on the traffic, the trip to the centre takes 30 to 60 minutes. Taxi stations are in front of the Arrivals hall. Attention: First enquire into the fare!