Do you want to visit impressive attractions? You’re looking for the most famous shopping miles or enchanting boutiques for the perfect shopping trip? Or you’re interested in fascinating buildings of art and culture? We’ve compiled a selection for you.

    • Palmengarten

      Haven of contemplation and relaxation
      «Plants, life, culture» has been the motto of the Palmengarten since 1997, and sums up what it is that makes this garden so exceptional. Since the early days, this traditional Frankfurt institution has been a place where plants from all over the world can be discovered – and at the same time a haven of contemplation and music, relaxation and exclusive conviviality. This is indicated by the heart of the garden, the historic «Gesellschaftshaus» with «Flora», the magnificent palm house.
      Siesmayerstrasse 61
      60323 Frankfurt
      +49 69 21233939
    • Kaiserdom

      Magnificent building
      The Kaiserdom («imperial cathedral») was in fact the Episcopal Church of St. Bartholomew, and was one of the few Gothic cathedrals to be given the name of «imperial cathedral». In 1876 the cathedral fell victim to a major fire, and was rebuilt in the neo-Gothic style. The tower was given a steeple, since when it has soared up to a height of 95 metres. Visitors enter the cathedral through a star-shaped vestibule with a baroque altar depicting the Assumption of Mary. The High Choir is also impressive.
      Domplatz 1
      60311 Frankfurt
      +49 69 2970320
    • Saalgasse

      Many-coloured street
      Be sure to take a stroll down this street. It is bordered on both sides by narrow, post-modern townhouses, no two of which are the same. Many renowned architects have produced their designs and creations here. The houses are spots of colour in the cityscape, forming a colourful contrast to the clear, straight lined construction method of the Schirn Kunsthalle, which is behind it.
      60311 Frankfurt
    • Paulskirche

      German history
      St Paul's church is considered one of the most important buildings in German history. It had only served for a few years as a church when it was used in 1848 for the first German National Assembly. It is still considered as a symbol of freedom and democracy today. Bombing in 1944 caused St Paul's Church to completely burn down, before being rebuilt after the war. Today, the historic building is primarily used for exhibitions and events.
      Paulsplatz 11
      60311 Frankfurt
    • Börse Frankfurt

      With the brokers
      The visitor centre at Frankfurt Stock Exchange is an opportunity to visit the world famous rooms. In fact, there’s no charge for the visit to the gallery and the introductory talk. A VIP visit is available to book for €125 per person. The visitor centre is open from Monday to Friday, 9 am until 5 pm. You must book by phone in advance. And because numbers are strictly limited, be sure to give plenty of notice. Please bring a passport or ID card with you.
      Börsenplatz 4
      60313 Frankfurt
      +49 69 2 111 15 15
    • Römerberg

      Historic square
      Since the 9th century the Römerberg, formerly known as the Samstagsberg, has been the venue for markets and fairs, tournaments and festivals, imperial elections and coronations. In the middle of the square is the «Gerechtigkeitsbrunnen», the «Fountain of Justice», Frankfurt’s first fountain. It is also the site of the Römer, Frankfurt’s town hall. The eastern part of the Römerberg is notable for the impressive half-timbered houses. They bear proud names such as «Goldener Greif» («Golden Griffin», «Grosser Engel» («Large Angel») and «Schwarzer Stern» («Black Star»). The Saalgasse with its coloured buildings also leads to the square.
      60311 Frankfurt
    • Zeil

      THE shopping street
      Whatever you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it on the Zeil, Frankfurt’s most popular shopping street. Not only does it have the best known department stores, major fashion chains and numerous independents, but the Zeil is always full, bustling and busy with one of the highest turnovers in Europe. One particular attraction is the spectacular «My Zeil» shopping centre. And right next door to it is the Zeilgalerie shopping centre.
      Zeil 106
      60313 Frankfurt
    • Escape Futura

      Dream shoes
      The interior of this shop is a real eye-catcher. It’s a bit like a spaceship – futuristic and minimalistic. The carefully selected range of exclusive trainers and shoes by Nike, Clarks, Swear and Blahnik is seen at its very best in this minimalist setting. Escape Futura is one of the best shoe shops in town. Which means it has its price. But it also means that you’re more likely to be taking your dream shoes home with you.
      Sandgasse 4
      60311 Frankfurt
      +49 69 13 37 71 07
    • Goethestrasse

      280 metres of luxury
      Goethestrasse stands for luxury shopping in Frankfurt. And because it’s only 280 metres long, it is also called «Luxury Lane». World-famous brands such as Cartier, Jimmy Choo, Longchamp and Tiffany rub shoulders with each other. Then there are lots of boutiques that belong to long-established families and with exquisite selections of fashion and accessories. Even if you're not planning to buy, it's well worth a visit!
      60313 Frankfurt
    • Bären-Treff

      For the sweet-toothed
      If you like sweets, be sure to pay a call to the Bären-Treff - it’s a veritable fruit «gummi» paradise! Choose from over 100 varieties in all sorts of colours, shapes and flavours, ranging from traditional fruit to sugar- or gelatine-free bears. Vegetarians and diabetics don’t have to miss out, either. And then the special blends: ginger sticks or green tea leaves. Delicious!
      An der Hauptwache 11
      60313 Frankfurt
      +49 69 21 99 88 84
    • Hayashi

      For fashion-lovers
      No – this boutique doesn’t actually have anything to do with Japan. You’ll find collections by American Retro, Kaviar Gauche, Acne, Lala Berlin and Manoush. Modern, progressive and avant-garde fashions, shoes and accessories. Everything the fashion-loving lady’s heart could desire. And if you shop here, you’re also helping others: € 1 is donated from every sale to a charity for children and teenagers in Kenya.
      Börsenplatz 13-15
      60313 Frankfurt
    • Whisky Spirits

      Malt Mecca
      Well – where to begin? This single malt specialist stocks over 650 different whiskies from Ireland and Scotland. The malts are divided by region, which makes things a little easier when browsing. It also stocks specialist magazines, rarities and accessories such as nosing glasses. The weekly «Whisky Spirits» are especially popular; you can put your name down in the shop.
      Wallstrasse 23
      60594 Frankfurt
      +49 69 96 20 06 43
    • Naili Moden

      Colourful fashions
      The boutique Naili Moden offers unusual and colourful fashions for men and women. Displayed on long clothes rails, the first thing people do is look through the vast collection; there really is a tremendous choice. And it includes Italian and French fashion. If you’re looking for a pretty accessory, you’re sure to find what you want here.
      Grosse Bockenheimer Strasse 35
      60313 Frankfurt
      +49 69 28 54 68
    • Schweizer Strasse

      Frankfurt's little gem
      Schweizer Strasse is a stone's throw away from the museum embankment in Sachsenhausen. This shopping street is in a league of its own. It's a place for browsing in small boutiques, trying Far Eastern specialities in gourmet delicatessens, lounging on sofas in cosy cafés and trying out trendy restaurants. All in all, a unique street for a stroll!
      Schweizer Strasse
      60594 Frankfurt
    • Städel Museum

      Largest collection
      In his will in 1815, the Frankfurt merchant and banker Johann Friedrich Städel stipulated that his considerable collection of paintings, copperplates and works of art was to be donated to an art institute in the city that would then also bear his name. And it was done. Since it was founded in 1907, the museum has constantly expanded, and now is also home to the Städtische Galerie. The museum provides an overview of some 700 years of the history of European art, from the early 14th century via the Renaissance, Baroque and Classic Modernism to the present. The highlights are works by Degas, Monet, Matisse, Renoir, Picasso and Klee.
      Dürerstrasse 2
      60596 Frankfurt
      +49 69 605098 0
    • Alte Oper Frankfurt

      Fabulous concerts
      For years, the fate of «Germany’s most beautiful ruin» was uncertain and a major topic of discussion. Thanks to public protests and generous donations, the bombed ruins were restored to their original condition, and formally opened in 1981. Since then, around 300 concerts and other events have taken place at the «Alte Oper» every year. The season starts with the festival «Opening» for contemporary music. The large hall is particularly well known for its excellent acoustics.
      Opernplatz 1
      60313 Frankfurt
      +49 69 13400
    • Goethe Museum and Goethe-Haus

      The poet’s birthplace
      Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was born in Frankfurt on 28 August, 1749. The Goethe Haus and Goethe Museum are now located on the site of the house where he was born at Grosser Hirschengraben. It contains a true-to-the-original reproduction of his study, where the poet wrote works such as «Urfaust» and «The Sorrows of Young Werther». The museum also holds a large collection of 18th and 19th century paintings, graphics and busts.
      Grosser Hirschgraben 23-25
      60311 Frankfurt
      +49 69 138800
    • Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt

      Renowned modern art
      The Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt is one of the most renowned exhibition halls in Germany. It stages major exhibitions of works by artists such as Wassily Kandinsky, Alberto Giacometti, Henri Matisse, Julian Schnabel and Yves Klein. Since it was founded in 1986, there have been some 200 major exhibitions on Expressionism, Dada, Surrealism and Art Nouveau. The Schirn Kunsthalle aims to provide visitors with an exhibition experience and to be somewhere where they can join in the cultural discussion.
      60311 Frankfurt
      +49 69 29 98 82 0