Do you want to visit impressive attractions? You’re looking for the most famous shopping miles or enchanting boutiques for the perfect shopping trip? Or you’re interested in fascinating buildings of art and culture? We’ve compiled a selection for you.

  • Elbphilharmonie

    Giant wave of glas
    No question, it is Hamburg's most recent and undoubtedly most spectacular landmark: the Elbphilharmonie, affectionally called "Elphi". Situated between the harbor basin and the historic “Speicherstadt, it majestically sits above the river as a fusion of a ship and an ice-rippled wave. The Swiss star architects' office Herzog und de Meuron has created this constructional & architectural artwork. Also the interior is amazing and music lovers are enthusiastic about the acoustics. Tickets are rare, but it is even worth exploring the public areas of "Elphi" without.
    Platz der Deutschen Einheit
    20457 Hamburg
    +49 40 35766666
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  • St. Michaelis Kirche

    The people of Hamburg simply call it the «Michel». The main church of St. Michael is the best known church in the Hanseatic city as well as a landmark, since in earlier times it was clearly visible to sailors arriving at the port. There is a large bronze statue of the Archangel Michael at the main portal to the baroque church that is dedicated to him. It’s worth the hike up the tower for the fabulous views of downtown Hamburg and the harbour. It’s also worth checking the programme before you visit, because the concerts in the Michel are wonderful.
    Englische Planke 1
    Hamburg 20459
    +49 40 376 78 0
  • Hamburg Dungeon

    Dark past
    The journey through over 600 years of Hamburg’s dark and grisly past takes 90 minutes. Real actors guide visitors through 11 live shows, taking them to two rides. Visitors encounter sinister figures from Hamburg’s dark past on this trip: looters in the Great Fire, or the «headless» pirate Störtebecker. A visit to the fearsome torture chamber, the precise information and pictures of the deathly plague, and the legend of the «Klabautermann» (hobgoblin) will leave a lasting impression. But please don’t worry; it also has its fun side. Having said that, children under ten years of age are not allowed to come in. Closed on 24.12.
    Kehrwieder 2
    20457 Hamburg
    +49 1805 66 69 01 40
  • Reeperbahn

    Kiez tour with Olivia Jones
    Europe’s longest «entertainment street» – and possibly the longest one in the world – is 900 m long. It is near Hamburg’s harbour, and reaches as far as Altona. Culture and entertainment nestle check by jowl here; the street scene is multicultural, and today the residents come from every profession and social stratum. The most famous and most glittering «Kiez resident» is without doubt Olivia Jones. Her tour of Kiez is legendary, and often fully booked. But if you do have the chance to go on one, it’ll be an unforgettable and extremely entertaining experience.
    Hamburg 20359
  • Harbour trip

    A harbour trip is a must for visitors of all ages. However, it’s not unusual to meet residents who also like to see their city from the water. Whether through the container harbour or towards the Elbe suburbs, every trip has its delights. However, the ride through the Speicherstadt on a launch is the favourite of many locals. It’s best to take the U3 to Landungsbrücken or Baumwall, and then just follow your ears because the next departure is announced by a town crier in the best Hamburg Schnack.
    Bei den St.Pauli-Landungsbrücken
    Bridge 2+6
    20359 Hamburg
    +49 40 31 77 37 0
  • Miniatur Wunderland

    World’s biggest model railway
    An experience for all ages. The «Miniature Wonderland» in Hamburg’s Speicherstadt is simply amazing. On an area currently measuring a total of 6400 m², it has the world’s biggest model railway, which fascinates visitors with its eight (to date) completed sections: departing and arriving aircraft, American fire-fighters, moving ships and an ultra long ICE run. The most challenging section so far has been the reconstruction of Switzerland: the Swiss Alps rise up 5-6 metres through a 100 m² hole in the ceiling. Simply fabulous. A little tip: in order to avoid having to wait, it is best to book online and keep your eye on the «waiting time» counter.
    Kehrwieder 2, Block D
    Hamburg 20457
    +49 40 300 68 00
  • Destination Hamburg

    Cool souvenirs
    The Heinemann brothers’ trainee project specialises in typical Hamburg souvenirs. It has everything under one roof: football paraphernalia for St. Pauli and HSV fans, messenger bags, umbrellas – everything with Hamburg motifs. Naturally, it also has the typical «Friesennerz», or «Friesian mink» – raincoat to you and me. The current hit: «Santa Fu»-printed prison shirts, made by inmates of the Fuhlsbüttel correctional facility. All proceeds go to the «Weisser Ring» to help the victims of crime.
    Pier, between Gate A19 und B20 (in the security area)
    22335 Hamburg
    +49 40 75 62 52
  • Sea Shop Carl Feddersen

    North German tradition
    This traditional family business on the historic Deichstrasse at the Nikolaifleet was started in the 1920s by Carl Feddersen, father of the popular actress, comedienne and writer Helga. What you'll find here: our own half-zip sweaters in pure new wool, duffle coats from England, a wide selection of weatherproof and sailing clothing and boating shoes. For the little ones, we have a range of typical Hanseatic clothing such as fishermen’s shirts, tackle shirts, Elbe sailor’s caps and «Hamburg overalls». A very special spot in the city.
    Deichstrasse 35
    20459 Hamburg
    +49 40 36 59 68
  • Human Empire

    Home, children, prints, cards
    Anyone who has survived a few days in Hamburg without having bought anything is bound to find something in the Human Empire Shop on the edge of the Schanzenviertel district. Customers are spoilt for choice here - there are great prints, tableware for kids, decorations for the lounge and casual clothing, not to mention selected designs and brands. An invitation to browse!
    Schulterblatt 132
    20357 Hamburg
    +49 40 2262 6811
  • Stilwerk

    This is all about relaxed shopping. Situated close to the harbour, in a converted malt factory, the Stilwerk offers the perfect industrial-style atmosphere. The historic brick building combines 28 exclusive shops on a retail area of some 11,000 m². The brands include names such as Artemide, Lumas, Porsche Design, Hay and Cor.
    Grosse Elbstrasse 68
    22767 Hamburg
    +49 40 30 62 11 00
  • samova

    The individual herbal tea collections with melodious names such as Heidi’s Delight, Green Chill, Magic Gold and Team Spirit are modern tea culture «made in Germany», all smartly packed in a tin. It also has stylish, practical accessories such as the samova teapot that ends the brewing process with a quick turn. Time for tea.
    Hongkongstrasse 1
    20457 Hamburg
    +49 40 85 40 36 40
  • Wohngeschwister

    Furnishing & decorating
    A veritable gem of interior design is hidden away in a backyard down the Schanzenstrasse in Hamburg’s Schanze district. The siblings present their range of furniture, home accessories, books, kitchen utensils and lots of lovely bits and pieces in such a homely display that you’ll feel quite at home. Our recommendation: go round at least twice, because you’ll keep seeing new things. Feel like a little break? Coffee and cake are served in the establishment’s own café. Not far away is the «younger sibling» – the «Wohngeschwisterchen» with clothing, toys and all sorts of things to make your little one’s room even lovelier.
    Alter Steinweg 15
    20459 Hamburg
    +49 40 63 65 75 90
  • Mutterland

    Café & souvenirs
    The main store in downtown Hamburg opened in 2007 in the listed beer-house that is also home to the Ohnsorg Theatre, and since then has sold creative and select delicacies that are «made in Germany». Delicious moist cakes and tasty coffee are served in the café, and you can also buy a lovely piece of cheese at the counter. There is another branch in the Hanse district (also downtown Hamburg), although this one does not have a café. You can also have a wonderful breakfast and enjoy some great shopping at the pretty branch in Eppendorf (Lenhartzstrasse 1/corner Eppendorfer Baum). Souvenirs are available from all three shops: for men, for ladies, from Hamburg – whatever you want.
    Ernst-Merck-Strasse 9/corner Kirchenallee
    20099 Hamburg
    +49 40 28 40 79 78
  • Herr von Eden

    Bespoke tailoring
    Probably the most stylish and the coolest suits in the whole of Hamburg can be found in the hip Karolinen quarter, right next to the Hamburger Schanze. Chief designer Bent Angelo Jensen created the look for the Hamburg style icon Jan Delay for his album «Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Soul». Fashion-conscious artists such as Götz Alsmann, Bela B. and Depeche Mode come to Herr von Eden to have their wholly individual outfits made. They are excellent value for money, and ladies’ collections, perfume and jewellery are also available.
    Marktstrasse 33
    20357 Hamburg
    +49 40 439 00 57
  • Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe

    Top-class collection
    This extensive, top-class collection comprises 4000 years of the history of mankind, ranging from Antiquity to the Middle Ages and the Renaissance via Baroque and classicism to modernity and the present. It also houses large collections on the subjects of graphic design, poster art, photography, fashion and textiles. In 2012, the bold and bright Canteen created by pop-art style icon Verner Panton was moved from the premises of Der Spiegel magazine to the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe when the publisher moved to new building.
    20099 Hamburg
    +49 40 428 13 48 80
  • Hamburger Kammerspiele

    Traditional theatre
    The famous Jewish actress Ilda Ehre survived incarceration in a concentration camp. In 1945 she was made the artistic director of this renowned theatre. Her aim was to present the «human problems and the problems of the world» that «we were not allowed to know about for 12 years». This principle applied for the beginning in Hamburg, and the idea of a «Theatre of humanity and tolerance». And it is one that Axel Schneider continues to follow today with his own Theatersaal productions. A lighter programme is offered in the Logensaal, which includes the Bistro Jerusalem that is well worth a visit before or after the production for a delicious snack or a glass of wine.
    Hartungstrasse 9-11
    20146 Hamburg
    +49 40 44 62 85
  • Kunsthalle

    Pure art
    The three buildings that make up the Hamburg Kunsthalle house one of Germany’s most important public art collections. Visitors are taken on a tour of seven centuries of art history. There is a permanent exhibition of more than 700 works of art. The main focus is on North German medieval painting, Dutch paintings of the 17th century, German paintings of the 19th century, classical modernists and contemporary art. There are also regular high quality special exhibitions that attract art lovers from all over the world.
    20095 Hamburg
    +49 40 428 131 200
  • Imperial Theater

    Whodunits & improv on the Kiez
    Once a cinema for premieres and erotica, the Imperial is now all about thrillers and spontaneity. Agatha Christie and Edgar Wallace are both regulars in the repertoire of this, the largest stage for thrillers in Germany. The improvisation theatre group «Steife Brise» is terrific, and extremely popular with the Hamburgers. The Imperial is host to the Improslam, the world’s fastest game show, and to an improvised Hamburg whodunit entitled «Morden im Norden» («Murder in the North»). Watch the girls and boys closely (even though the group may include an interloper from Franconia), because they really do create a happy mood!
    Reeperbahn 5
    20359 Hamburg
    +49 40 31 31 14
  • Die2te Heimat

    A Swiss in Hamburg
    Theatre and restaurant blend seamlessly. The Swiss native Thomas Gisiger and Andreas Löher have come up with an excellent concept in the Hamburg district of Altona. The food part of their enterprise is only open when there is a performance, such as «Als Single verloren zwischen Elbe und Alster» or «Ueli Hürlimann – wie schüchtern darf ein Mann sein?». First there is a drink on arrival and finger food in the salon, then the performance, and later an excellent three-course meal with wine at the long table. And all that for just €59. Here’s to an enjoyable evening!
    Max-Brauer-Allee 34
    22765 Hamburg
    +49 40 30 60 65 41


A trendy establishment for night owls open nearly 24 hours a day: that’s Erika’s Eck. Generous portions, home cooking, fair prices, and hot food at all times. A place for ravenous night owls where you can also occasionally encounter celebrities like Mario Barth, Atze Schröder, or Tim Mälzer.

Erika’s Eck
Sternstrasse 98
20357 Hamburg
+49 40 43 35 45

During the 3 years that I lived in Hamburg, the Café Hegeperle became increasingly dear to me. In the middle of Eppendorf, right on my way home, I enjoyed many a slice of the lovely, moist «Snow White» cake made of nuts, cherries and cream. It’s also a good place for breakfast – or just sitting and chilling, especially if your girlfriend is checking out the many boutiques in the area and spending lots of money.

Café Hegeperle
Hegestrasse 68
20249 Hamburg
+49 40 47 19 58 20

«What's your drink, Dude?» «White Russian. Thanks.»(The Big Lebowski). This could be the motto at «Dschungel», an unconventional pub in Hamburg’s Schanze district, because it’s ordered more than any other drink. The drinks prices are excellent and the audience relaxed, which guarantees an excellent evening. And whenever FC St. Pauli is playing, the matches are shown live.

Dschungel Bar
Schanzenstrasse 27
Hamburg 20357

For seven years, I lived close to this shopping gem. There is nothing better than finishing work on Friday and then popping into Nicole’s to try on the latest items by labels such as SamsoeSamsoe, Leon & Harper, custommade, French Connection or Baum & Pferdgarten. Thanks to its wonderful owner, this shop radiates plenty of love and warmth as well as style. And of course, whenever I’m in Hamburg I always make sure I find the time to pop in to Keiko.

Fashion store Keiko
Erikastrasse 48
20251 Hamburg
+49 40 46 77 47 39

Frau Hedis Tanzkaffee at the Port of Hamburg launches several times a week on a musical tour of the harbour. You could call it a tiny club on the Elbe with a constantly changing repertoire of somewhat alternative music. The trip costs a fraction of the usual tours, and lasts several hours longer to boot. And of course, you’re allowed to dance as well!

Frau Hedis Tanzkaffee
Bei den St. Pauli-Landungsbrücken 10
20359 Hamburg
+49 176 830 610 71