Do you want to visit impressive attractions? You’re looking for the most famous shopping miles or enchanting boutiques for the perfect shopping trip? Or you’re interested in fascinating buildings of art and culture? We’ve compiled a selection for you.

    • Marktkirche

      Brick Gothic
      The Market Church in Hanover’s Old Town is the oldest of the city’s three parish churches. Built in the 14th century, it is considered a masterpiece of North German brick Gothic. However, at the time the building costs became too expensive for the city, and it suddenly cut off the funding. That is why it has a shorter steeple – although it transpired that people like it so much that it was copied many times over. Incidentally, the German Michel is buried in the Market Church. He in fact led the German-Danish army in the Thirty Years War, and was mortally wounded. Next to the New Town Hall, this is another landmark of the city.
      Hanns-Lilje-Platz 2
      30159 Hanover
    • Zoo Hannover

      A visit to the adventure zoo in Hanover is definitely an experience for the whole family. Divided into seven themed worlds, every year the zoo delights over 1.6 million visitors. Whether the African Zambezi river landscape, Gorilla Mountain, the Indian Jungle Palace, the Lower Saxony farming village, the children’s paradise «Mullewapp», the Australian outback or Yukon Bay of Canada – you will be amazed!
      Adenauerallee 3
      30175 Hanover
      +49 511 28 07 40
    • Neues Rathaus

      No, it’s not a castle – even though it really looks like one. This magnificent 1913 building in the era of Wilhelm II is still the seat of the Lord Mayor. Situated in the Maschpark at the southern edge of the inner city, the New Town Hall is an extremely popular motif with photographers.
      Trammplatz 2
      30159 Hanover
      +49 511 16 80
    • Herrenhäuser Gärten

      European garden art
      A wonderful garden ensemble awaits visitors, consisting of the Baroque Great Garden, the botanic Berggarten and the English Georgengarten. The Great Garden is one of the best maintained and most significant Baroque gardens in Europe, and should be on the list of sights to see of every visitor to Hanover.
      Herrenhäuser Strasse 4
      30419 Hanover
      +49 511 16 83 40 00
    • Design-Zimmer

      Gifts, design items and jewellery
      In the «in» district of Linden, you can stock up on special and exceptional items in the Design-Zimmer. Whether popular fashions in the Hometown collection for the home, such as comfortable hoodies with Hanover landmarks, cute things for babies, the lovely stationery items, art or jewellery – you’ll find them all here. The designers come from all over the world, and the items are either handmade by them or produced in sheltered workshops. It’s a very special and very lovely place with pretty things.
      Leinaustrasse 1
      30451 Hanover
      +49 511 203 007 89
    • Luisenstrasse

      Exclusive shopping street
      Hermès, René Lezard, Bang & Olufsen or Marc Cain – fans of popular and exclusive labels will feel quite at home on the Luisenstrasse. There are rows and rows of lovely shops – and as a point of interest, the Luisenstrasse also has the city’s biggest Asian restaurant: Ocean City. There’s probably no better place to start a shopping trip than on the Luisenstrasse.
      30159 Hanover
    • Kiwi

      Fashion and accessories
      A little paradise for fans of special labels. The ladies will enjoy the romantic and playful items, sporty outfits and colourful accessories for the home and kitchen in Kiwi. The collections by Khujo, Hultquist, Kaffe and the home decor brands such as Rice and Pip Studio are particularly lovely.
      Sedanstrasse 36
      30161 Hanover
      +49 511 388 36 93
    • Riva Shop

      Decorative items, furniture and fashion
      Fancy something new for the home? Perhaps by Greengate, Pip Studio, Bloomingville, Rice or Sass & Belle? Then better call in at Riva. The décor-lover’s heart will find everything it desires here in the middle of the «in» Linden district. And for lovely furniture and clothing, head for the other Riva shop at Lindener Marktplatz 9.
      Limmerstrasse 23
      30451 Hanover
      +49 511 44 79 74
    • Wilhelm-Busch-Museum

      German Museum of Caricature and Drawing
      The Wilhelm Busch Museum in the Georgenpalais contains all the works by Wilhelm Busch – the man who invented Max and Moritz, those cheeky little boys, and wrote the «Story of Seven Boyish Pranks». Visitors wander through the rooms with a gentle smile on their lips – or even laughing uproariously. The unique Wilhelm Busch collection and an extensive collection of satirical and humorous art will lighten even the heaviest mood. Closed on Mondays.
      30167 Hanover
      +49 511 169 999 11
    • Landesmuseum

      For the whole family
      The Landesmuseum is right at the Maschpark, opposite the New Town Hall. It contains exciting collections on the subjects of archaeology, natural history and ethnology. The Landesgalerie contains one of the largest collections of German Impressionism and early Expressionism. An extensive offer that is equally interesting to adults and children. For instance, there is a life-sized dinosaur in the natural history area that young children love. Closed on Mondays.
      Willy-Brandt-Allee 5
      30169 Hanover
      +49 511 980 76 86