You want to try out the best gourmet restaurant? You’re looking for a cosy café? You’re looking forward to relishing local specialities? Or you want to turn the night into day at a cool club? Let our select choices inspire you.

    • Buffet Kull Bar

      Exquisite, friendly, French
      Here guests can enjoy wonderful meals with a distinctly French touch in a fabulous atmosphere, with wines chosen from an extensive wine list. The service is extremely amenable and attentive. You feel completely at home in the Buffet Kull Bar and have a wonderful time. The proprietors also own the Hotel Cortiina.
      Marienstrasse 4
      80331 Munich
      +49 89 22 15 09
    • Schweiger 2

      Gourmet restaurant
      Enjoying several courses of the finest gourmet meals and yet feeling as if you were with good friends is a truly amazing and unique experience. Andi and Franzi have given the Schweiger 2 an abundance of personality, and delight their guests with much passion for detail and the highest standards to give them an evening that they will never forget.
      Lilienstrasse 6
      81669 Munich
      +49 89 444 290 82
    • Südtiroler Stuben

      Alfons Schuhbeck
      This restaurant is located right next to the Hofbräuhaus and belongs to one of the best-known chefs in Germany: Alfons Schuhbeck. The Südtiroler Stuben is one of the top addresses in Munich. Schuhbecks’ discerning classic dishes are just as popular as his creative spice compositions. The original ambience and friendly service perfectly complement the overall package. And incidentally, the exclusive spice blends are available to purchase in the restaurant’s shop (Platzl 4a).
      Platzl 4
      80331 Munich
      +49 89 216 69 00
    • Hofbräuhaus

      A classic
      A visit to the Hofbräuhaus is a must, at least when visiting Munich for the first time. The heart is definitely the taproom on the ground floor. The atmosphere is unique and absolutely original. The food is hearty and delicious. Classics such as Obazda (Bavaria’s own unique cheese spread), sausage salad or roast chicken are just as popular as the dishes on the weekly menu, including creamed chanterelles and beef fillet tips. All, of course, washed down with a measure of refreshing Hofbräu Original.
      Platzl 9
      80331 Munich
      +49 89 290 136 100
    • Bar Tapas

      Spanish delicacies
      As far as restaurants are concerned, you’ll be absolutely spoilt for choice in Maxvorstadt. If you fancy something tasty and Spanish such as tapas, salads or paella, this is the place for you. Popular and delicious. And even though the interior might be a little sparse, everything is bathed in a warm, friendly light.
      Amalienstrasse 97
      80799 Munich
      +49 89 39 09 19
    • TIAN

      A haven for vegetarians
      TIAN is a gourmet Mecca for vegetarians par excellence. Those who can't bear to imagine a meal without meat will stand corrected at TIAN. The great vegetarian and vegan creations are in a league of their own and are all prepared to order in the open kitchen. The sophisticated, stylish interior provides the perfect backdrop for the upmarket cuisine. It also enjoys a fabulous location: TIAN is located opposite the Viktualienmarkt – in other words, right in the centre of Munich.
      Frauenstrasse 4
      80469 Munich
      +49 89 885 656 712
    • Pommes Boutique

      Chips and curry wurst deluxe
      The Pommes Boutique is an absolute must for fans of crispy golden chips. The original Belgian chips – or pommes frites – are served with homemade sauces (over 20 different varieties), with the peanut sauce being particularly delicious. Then there’s the curry wurst, prawn kebabs, farmhouse cheese burgers and the various dishes of the day. Delicious!
      Amalienstrasse 46
      80799 Munich
      +49 89 954 733 12
    • Jin

      Discerning Asian cuisine
      Chef Jin combines the best of Chinese and Japanese cuisine. He is an expert in his trade and is able to explain every single dish that is served in minute detail. He is a master of preparation, being skilled in the more than 50 cooking methods in Chinese cuisine. The service is attentive and restrained in the Asian way. A wonderful alternative to plain Bavarian fair and trendy "in" establishments.
      Kanalstrasse 14
      80538 Munich
      +49 89 219 499 70
    • Mini Hofbräuhaus

      In the English Garden
      The large Hofbräuhaus in a mini package – a little smaller, quieter and friendlier than the original, especially in its wonderful green setting in the middle of the English Garden. This place is where young and old alike can sip a refreshing wheat beer and enjoy a plate of roast pork. The food is traditional Bavarian, really tasty and unbeatable value for money. Note for dog owners: There's a good reason why the Mini has earned its reputation as the city's most dog-friendly venue. Pooches and their owners are welcome to indulge here together.
      Gysslingstrasse/Am Gleisweg
      80805 Munich
      +49 89 361 008 80
    • Trachtenvogl

      An in venue
      The cosy Trachtenvogl is an "in" venue, fittingly located in Munich's happening district, Glockenbach. Lovingly run, with a retro design, great daily menus, cakes and snacks – this restaurant is a popular meeting place among the locals. There's nothing better than sitting back in a comfy easy chair savouring a delicious piece of cake. In the evening, the pub ambiance takes over with concerts and events.
      Reichenbachstrasse 47
      80469 Munich
      +49 89 201 51 60
    • Restaurant Laurin

      South Tyrolean charm
      This place serves up a sophisticated mixture of South Tyrolean and Bavarian cuisine in a laid-back atmosphere. Restaurant Laurin is located at the Viktualienmarkt and is a relatively small place with a nice, friendly atmosphere. The wonderful beer garden is a must in the summer. Tegernsee beer straight from the tap has never tasted so good!
      Heiliggeiststrasse 6
      80331 Munich
      +49 89 219 948 70
    • Sarcletti

      Ice cream paradise
      The queue in front of this ice cream parlour says it all: these are some of the best ice creams in the city. After the queue comes the difficult decision at the counter, laden with an enormous selection of ice creams and sorbets. Will it be mint choc chip, or maybe even mango buttermilk? All flavours of ice cream are made in the Sarcletti, following a traditional Italian recipe. Preservatives don't get a look in here!
      Boxhangener Strasse 155
      80634 Munich
      +49 89 15 53 14
    • Top it

      Frozen Yogurt Ice Cream
      Mmm…delicious. Whether with fruit or by itself, the delicious frozen yoghurt ice cream is made exclusively from fresh, good ingredients. With its delightful location near the Viktualienmarkt, it’s the perfect place for some refreshment after a lengthy shopping trip or some window shopping. If you’re really lucky, you might even get a seat outside so you can watch and enjoy the happenings at the market and on the streets.
      Heiliggeiststrasse 1 (on the Viktualienmarkt)
      80331 Munich
      +49 89 211 110 66
    • Wir machen Cupcakes

      Cupcakes and toppings
      The name says it all. Situated between the Viktualienmarkt and Gärtnerplatz, by their own admission the team at Wir machen Cupcakes («We Make Cupcakes») creates decadent and luxurious cupcakes. And they taste as good as the names sound: Vanilla Cloud, Strawberry Kiss, Chocolate Decadence – just too good to be even a little bit bad!
      Utzschneiderstrasse 12
      80469 Munich
      +49 89 3795 47 38
    • Café Vorhoelzer

      Cool rooftop terrace
      Café Vorhoelzer is located on the rooftop of the Faculty of Architecture and offers a fantastic view across Munich's city centre. The patio is a wonderfully place to relax and enjoy a delicious cappuccino or Aperol Spritz. It primarily draws a young student crowd – which isn't surprising if you look at the prices!
      Fakultät für Architektur TUM
      Arcisstrasse 21/Raum 5170
      80333 Munich
      +49 163 15 24 758
    • Schall und Rauch

      Cult bar
      Whether one for the road or one to get the party rolling, the relaxed Schall and Rauch bar ("Noise and Smoke") in Maxvorstadt is the perfect place for it. A relaxed ambience, super friendly service and a pleasant clientele all combine to make this a bar with feel-good character. Snacks are served in case you find yourself getting hungry.
      Schellingstrasse 22
      80799 Munich
      +49 89 288 095 77
    • P1

      The P1 is well known far beyond the country’s borders – and probably also because it’s frequented by the players of 1. FC Bayern. The P1 is elegant and chic. The bouncers are notoriously strict, and lots of guests are left on tenterhooks, wondering whether they will be let into the club or not. But if they are – then they are guaranteed a good night’s partying with hot music and popular DJs.
      Prinzregentenstrasse 1
      80538 Munich
      +49 89 211 114 0