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You want to try out the best gourmet restaurant? You’re looking for a cosy café? You’re looking forward to relishing local specialities? Or you want to turn the night into day at a cool club? Let our select choices inspire you.

    • I Giannoula

      At grandmother's table
      If you take a look through the window into this little tavern during the morning, you'll see Jjaja preparing vegetables at one of the tables. Since 1974, this Greek woman who is now in her 80s has been busy conjuring up only the best for her guests' tables. She most likes to explain personally what specialities she's prepared. Those who enjoy the right music to go with their traditional home-style cooking can feed a few coins into the jukebox.
      Kassandrou 50
      Thessaloniki 546 33
      +30 231 026 3928
    • Hamodrakas

      Treasures of the sea
      In 1926, Leonidas Hamodrakas opened the city's first fish tavern. And lovers of fish still return to the same place. While they're enjoying their grilled octopus, brill stuffed with spinach or mussels in a garlic and white wine sauce, they can gaze across the sea and towards the «Kara-Bournou» lighthouse.
      Manoli Gagili 13
      Thessaloniki 551 32
      +30 231 044 7943
    • Ergon

      Greek delicacies as a mission
      A few friends once followed their calling: They wanted to collect the best Greek recipes and ingredients from all over the country and bring the resulting delicacies to the wider world. «Ergon Greek Deli and Cuisine» was the result, a business that today has branches throughout Europe. You can see this concept for yourself in the restaurant and shop of the same name right in the middle of Thessaloniki.
      Pavlou Mela Street 42
      Thessaloniki 54622
      +30 231 028 80 08
    • Ouzo Melathron

      For lovers of lamb
      Although the narrow side alley by the market next to Aristotelous Square has a somewhat touristy feel, it's mainly young locals who frequent this establishment. That's because besides the usual mezedes, the lamb served here is superb – grilled or in a sweet wine sauce. Guests are served quickly by friendly staff.
      Karipi 21
      Thessaloniki 546 24
      +30 231 022 0043
    • Kitchen Bar

      Chilling by the port
      Pier Number One always attracts the locals. That's because it's the site of one of their favourite haunts. From early till late, the Kitchen Bar serves salads, grilled fish and meat dishes and desserts. You can sit either in the exciting old warehouse around the open kitchen, or outside by the water with a view of the skyline.
      Pyli 1, Warehouse B, Limani
      Thessaloniki 546 25
      +30 231 050 2241
    • Kafodio Elliniko

      Old Greek coffee culture
      This café on a quiet street lined with many trees looks like a «kafeneio». That's an old Greek coffee house from days gone by. Regulars of all ages enjoy drinking the black pick-me-up here during the morning, or meet in the evening when Greek musicians perform. Those wanting to retreat to a quiet corner to read will find a large library upstairs.
      Loustinianou 3
      Thessaloniki 546 31
      +30 231 023 7016
    • Mon Frere

      All in white
      On a quiet corner right in the middle of the city, you're sitting in an oasis in white: White chairs and white tables, white walls and white crockery are arranged almost geometrically. The café is a little bit similar to a French bistro and is very populular with young locals. You can order various types of speciality coffee, a drink or sweets.
      Karolou Ntil 6 kai
      Thessaloniki 546 23
      +30 231 024 0058
    • Block33

      Live bands in old walls
      This club has a unique ambience: This large old brick building is a place of music, partying, dancing and laughter. For the most part, Greek musicians perform at Block33. But you'll also find international bands here. From time to time, visitors can enjoy experimental theatre or art exhibitions.
      26is Oktovriou 33
      Thessaloniki 546 27
      +30 231 053 3533
    • Club Monroe

      Social animals with staying power
      If you want to have fun all night, you'll find others doing the same at this club. With cocktail in hand, start off by taking in the special interior decoration: The plush red fabrics, the opulent chandeliers, the many mysterious staircases and corners, and countless photos and posters of film stars on the wall. Different DJs get people up on their feet dancing.
      Venizelou 17
      Thessaloniki 546 27
      +30 231 026 5131
    • Lotos Music

      Merry, cheerful, loud
      Old and young alike meet here for a beer. From time to time there'll be a game of darts going on, and a few legs will be moving to classic or alternative rock music. And it's been like that for over 30 years. Locals feel at home in the Lotos. Things can get rather lively here late at night.
      Romanou 4
      Thessaloniki 546 21
      +30 231 028 7788