You want to try out the best gourmet restaurant? You’re looking for a cosy café? You’re looking forward to relishing local specialities? Or you want to turn the night into day at a cool club? Let our select choices inspire you.

    • De Pisis

      Award-winning cuisine
      This restaurant decorated in traditional Venetian style is located in the luxurious Bauer Hotel. The kitchen has won a Michelin star and the terrace is easily one of the most beautiful along the Grand Canal. Chef Giovanni Ciresa cultivates an innovative regional cuisine, serving an excellent orange-carrot risotto and spare ribs caramelised with Coca-Cola.
      San Marco 1459
      30124 Venice
      +39 041 520 70 22
    • Anice Stellato

      Regional fare
      This rather simple little restaurant with a deep wood-beamed ceiling and dark, shimmering wood tables is located in the picturesque Cannaregio district. The family-run establishment has an excellent reputation among the locals who enjoy delicious Venetian cuisine and wines from the region. When the weather permits, guests can dine outdoors directly on the canal.
      Fondamenta della Sensa Cannaregio 3272
      30121 Venice
      +39 041 72 07 44
    • Al Mascaron

      Truly Italian
      Venice’s older crowd may grumble that nothing is the way it used to be. But so what? The tables are still placed practically on top of each other and covered with mustard-coloured cardboard. The host is loud and humourous, the portions generous and tasty. Regular guests order the mixed antipasti followed by a plate of spaghetti alle vongole. The restaurant is extremely inexpensive by Venetian standards.
      Calle Longa Santa Maria Formosa
      Castello 5225
      30122 Venice
      +39 041 522 59 95
    • Caffè Quadri

      Gourmet temple
      This Venetian mecca for gourmets belongs to the Alajmo brothers, who already garnered three stars from the Michelin guide for their restaurant Le Calandre near Padua. Now they’ve acquired and completely renovated the historical café on St. Mark’s Square. Upstairs they serve up Venetian inspired gourmet cuisine while downstairs guests can enjoy a snack or a cappuccino.
      Piazza San Marco 121
      30124 Venice
      +39 041 528 92 99
    • Antiche Carampane

      Trattoria with tradition
      This long-established restaurant is located near the Rialto Market. Once you find your way in, a feast awaits you. They serve everything the sea has to offer, whether raw, lightly steamed or roasted, over pasta or risotto. The wine list includes the best wines in the country and there is outdoor seating in summer.
      San Polo 1911
      30125 Venice
      +39 041 524 01 65
    • I figli delle stelle

      Modern cuisine
      This restaurant on the Giudecca is youthful, modern and very laid back. The location directly on the canal is enchanting with a view over the lagoon toward San Marco. The kitchen whips up classic Venetian and Apulian dishes with a modern spin. That might include homemade orecchiette (a type of pasta) or fish marinated in sweet-sour sauce, then grilled and served over Venetian polenta.
      Giudecca 70/71
      30133 Venice
      +39 041 523 00 04
    • Caffé Florian

      Caffé Florian is almost on a par with Café Sacher in Vienna. Located on Piazza San Marco, it is hard to avoid this traditional coffee house, which has been an integral part of Venice's cityscape since 1720. Customers can sip a traditional espresso here, enjoy the excellent service and soak up the elegant interior while picturing how Casanova, Goethe or Dickens would have sipped at their coffee in this very place.
      Piazza San Marco 57
      30124 Venice
      +39 41 520 56 41
    • Torrefazione Cannaregio

      A stand-up café
      The Torrefazioe Cannaregio can be smelt from way off. The aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans is simply irresistible! This coffee roasters is a typical Italian stand-up café. It's not about sitting back and relaxing here. It's about that all-important thing: perfectly brewed coffee. And when the perfect coffee's been found here, the corresponding beans can be taken home.
      Sestiere Cannaregio 133
      30121 Venice
      +39 376 609 02 72
    • Cantinone Già Schiavi

      Typical bacaro
      Venice has many different bacari or wine bars. The Cantione Già Schiavi is a small one on a picturesque canal in the Dorsoduro district. Locals stop by before dinner for a glass of wine and a couple of light snacks or cicchetti. Often they stay longer than intended, forget about dinner and stick to the delicacies here, like the salted cod puree, the typical Venetian salami with garlic, or goat cheese spread on rolls.
      Dorsoduro 992, fondamenta Nani
      30123 Venice
      +39 041 523 00 34
    • Timon (La Botte)

      This is a the very definition of a «bacaro»: small, always bursting at the seams, fun and loud. If you’re lucky you’ll grab up one of the few simple wooden tables; eveyone else just crowds around the bar or around the doors when the weather’s nice. They have a good selection of open wines and an entire display case full of different open-faced sandwiches.
      Fondamenta Ormesini
      Cannaregio 2754
      30121 Venice
      +39 041 534 60 66
    • Naranzaria

      Family wine
      «The place to be» on the Grand Canal. Between the Rialto Bridge and the Fish Market there is a row of old buildings that used to store fruit and vegetables. Nowadays some restaurants have moved into the historical city walls, creating a romantic opporunity for guests to sit directly on the canal. Naranzaria belongs to Count Brandolini d’Adda, who serves wine here from his family’s own cellars.
      Erbaria di Rialto San Polo 130
      30125 Venice
      +39 041 724 10 35
    • Alla Mascareta

      Homemade prosecco
      The owner, Mauro Lorenzon, loves oysters and bubbly and offers both of them. His wine bar is located in the Castello district, far from San Marco and near the Biennial Gardens. Try the homemade prosecco and the enormous selection of wines with various types of cheese and ham, the stuffed quail or the deep-fried «moeche», the locally caught soft-shelled crabs.
      Calle Lunga Santa Maria Formosa
      Castello 5183
      30122 Venice
      +39 041 523 07 44
    • All’Arco

      Extraordinary but simple
      It takes a bit of searching to find this bacaro behind the Rialto Market. But it’s worth it. Matteo Pinto and his father are running this simple wine bar in its third generation, offering wines from Venice and the Friuli region along with delicious snacks. Come on Wednesday and Thursday evenings to try the deep-fried sardines.
      Sestiere San Polo 436
      30125 Venice
      +39 041 520 56 66