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Do you want to visit impressive attractions? You’re looking for the most famous shopping miles or enchanting boutiques for the perfect shopping trip? Or you’re interested in fascinating buildings of art and culture? We’ve compiled a selection for you.

  • Saint Isaac’s Cathedral

    This building ranks among the city’s superlatives. Saint Isaac’s Cathedral (Russian: Issakiyevski Sobor) is the most opulent church in Saint Petersburg and towers over 100 metres above the city centre. The gigantic golden dome is the fourth largest in the world and dominates the city skyline. Saint Petersburg is proud of this magnificent edifice and likes to stress that nearly 12,000 people can find a place within its walls, which are up to five metres thick. About 400 kilograms of gold leaf was used in the ornamentation, and alone the impressive interior was embellished with over forty different minerals.
    Isaakiyevskaya ploshchad 4
    St. Petersburg, 190000
    +7 812 315 97 32
  • Peterhof Palace

    «Russian Versailles»
    The «Russian Versailles» is visited by about 4.5 million tourists a year. Above all on the weekends in the summer, you can barely move through the throng. Yet not only the Grand Palace – a magnificent baroque edifice 300 metres long – is the great attraction. Above all the beautiful Park with its abundance of fountains shares this testimony to the growing grandeur of the Russian monarchy. At the centre of the Upper Gardens above the aqueduct is the Neptune Fountain. In front of the Palace there is the largest sight of all, equally resplendent in lavish gold leaf: the Grand Cascade with 138 jets of water. Peterhof Palace (Petergof) immerses its visitors in a bygone age.
    Razvodnaya ulitsa 2
    St. Petersburg, 190000
    +7 812 450 52 87
  • Peter and Paul Fortress

    On Hare Island
    Situated on Zayachy («Hare») Island, the Peter and Paul Fortress (Russian: Petropavlovskaya Krepost) was the original core that gave birth to Saint Petersburg. Today, the fortress is a museum complex and, so to speak, the largest pedestrian zone in the city. The baroque style Peter and Paul Cathedral is the most important edifice on the island, and you should definitely take part in one of the guided tours in the summer. The many other sights you can discover for yourself on a walk round: St Peter’s Gate through which you enter the Fortress proper, the Poterna, a passageway extending nearly a hundred metres in the fortress walls, and the Commander’s House. You’re best leaving Hare Island over the Kronverksky bridge, but beforehand you should go to the western tip of the island and enjoy the unique view of the Winter Palaceand Saint Isaac’s Cathedral.
    Zayachy Island
    St. Petersburg, 197046
    +7 812 230 64 31
  • Summer Palace

    The private life of the city founder
    In this 18th century stone building, Tsar Peter I held his notorious banquets and drinking orgies. He also dedicated himself heart and soul to his passion, seafaring. Then, the house was built on the waterside (and would today be called a dacha) and even had its own little harbour. Today, the Summer Palace (Russian: Letni Dvorets) lets you observe at close quarters the private life of the city’s founder. You can see the Tsar’s jimjams, which are still lying on the four-poster bed, and German wine glasses on the oak table. Extraordinarily modern for the time, the house also had running water in the kitchen. Furthermore, all six toilets were connected to the sewer system.
    Naberezhnaya Kutuzova 2
    St. Petersburg, 190000
  • Church of the Saviour on Blood

    Onion domed church
    Alexander III commissioned this church in honour of his murdered father, Tsar Alexander II. The Church of the Saviour on Blood (Tserkov' Spasa na Krovi) was built in the neo-Old-Russian style and stands out distinctly from the western archi-tecture of the city. It is reminiscent of Saint Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow’s Red Square. Ornamented with beautiful mosaics and a huge golden dome. Inside the church, a baldachin was erected over the place where the Tsar was mortally wounded in 1881.
    Naberezhnaya Griboyedova Kanala 2
    St. Petersburg, 191011
    +7 812 315 16 36
  • The Blue Bridge

    The widest bridge in the city
    It is not only the widest bridge in the city but also the world. This bridge over the Moyka River is 97 metres wide. Situated on St Isaac’s Square, it is so huge that it is not immediately apparent that it is a bridge at all. Its name «Blue Bridge» originates from the Russian tradition of naming bridges after colours. Even today, the underside of the bridge is painted blue.
    At the southern end of St Isaac’s Square
    St. Petersburg, 190000
  • Nevsky Prospect

    Main shopping street
    The popular and throbbing shopping mile Nevsky Prospect is 4.5 kilometres long. The most magnificent and lively part is the broader centre section between the Moyka and Fontanka. Great department stores and passages invite you in to shop and stroll. One highlight is definitely Babochka Gallery, where the Saint Petersburg high society love to riot with their credit cards.
    Nevsky Prospect
    St. Petersburg, 190000
  • Gostiny Dvor

    Large department store
    The structure presented by one of the largest department stores in the country is unusual to say the least. Brand boutiques and the various departments huddle shoulder to shoulder on only two floors. Yet this over a stretch of one kilometre, on each side of the square. On the top floor you’ll also find an haute couture gallery, and the ground floor also presents a large souvenir department that is less kitschy than anywhere else. It is especially pleasant here in the summer, when it isn’t so overcrowded.
    Nevsky Prospect, 35
    St. Petersburg, 190000
    +7 812 630 54 08
  • Kuznechny Market

    Market hall
    Wow! A true paradise for fans of fresh produce. Here you’ll find mountains of fruit, vegetables, meat, and fish. Kuznechy Market also offers Oriental dried fruit and fragrant spices. It’s really fun watching the marketgoers sampling the many kinds of honey. Important: If you sample the wares, you should buy something.
    Kuznechny Pereulok 3
    St. Petersburg
  • Tatyana Parfionova

    For fashionistas
    An individual fashion paradise with internationally acclaimed labels in the ocean of boutiques on Nevsky Prospect. This shop is a must for all fashion and style victims. Tatyana Parfionova is the only fashion designer in Saint Petersburg who has won international acclaim. Her style is simple and elegant. The perfect fashion for business occasions and evening events.
    Nevsky Prospect 51
    St. Petersburg, 190000
    +7 812 713 14 15
  • Passazh

    Elegant passage
    Directly opposite the popular department store Gostiny Dvor, likewise on Nevsky Prospect, you’ll find the elegant Passazh for shopping. Under a large glass roof, visitors will find a pedestrian bridge between the upper floors and a beautiful tiled floor. Everything here is reminiscent of the 19th century. Besides tasteful fashion and cosmetics, there are also shops selling souvenirs, antiques and crafts.
    Nevsky Prospect 48
    St. Petersburg, 191186
    +7 812 325 13 06
  • Bolshaya Konyushennaya Ulitsa

    Luxury shopping
    There’s nowhere you can shop more magnificently or more expensively than in Saint Petersburg. The whole length of the ostentatious boulevard Bolshaya Konyushennaya Ulitsa is seamed with international luxury labels like Louis Vuitton, Omega, Christian Louboutin, Dior, and Brunello Cucinelli. Just stroll on, even if your budget can only manage window shopping. It’ll still be fun.
    Bolshaya Konyushennaya ulitsa
    St. Petersburg, 190000
  • Dom Knigi

    House of Books
    The resplendent Art Nouveau edifice of the Singer Company Building is home to Dom Knigi. This shop is an institution in Saint Petersburg. Dom Knigi translates as «House of Books». In this literary temple you can browse for hours, and the top floor is the best place to drink a coffee and watch the bustle on the Nevsky Prospect shopping mile.
    Nevsky Prospect 28
    St. Petersburg, 190000
    +7 495 789 35 91
  • Imperial Porcelain Factory

    Porcelain tableware
    Without a shadow of a doubt, the Imperial Porcelain Factory of Saint Petersburg makes the most original porcelain tableware in Russia. The parchment thin, colourfully handpainted tea services in classical and modern designs are world famous. Whether as a memento for yourself or a gift for friends, this is the perfect souvenir from the Tsar City. The porcelain is also sold, for instance, at the central department store Gostiny Dvor.
    Obukhovsky Oboroni Prospect 151
    St. Petersburg, 192171
    +7 812 326 17 44
  • Saint Petersburg Philharmonia

    Large hall
    A dream comes true. 1450 seats arranged between Corinthian marble columns under huge ostentatious chandeliers. In the former banquet hall of the nobility on Culture Square, you will find no fewer than two symphony orchestras at the Saint Petersburg Philharmonia. A visit to the Philharmonia is obligatory on the itinerary of every classical music fan. The small Philharmonia Hall can be found at Nevsky Prospect 30.
    Mikhailovskaya ulitsa 2
    St. Petersburg, 191186
    +7 812 240 01 80
  • National Pushkin Museum

    Literary museum
    The National Pushkin Museum is currently the oldest and largest literary museum in the country. This unique complex is also home to the Pushkin Apartment Museum, the Lyceum Museum, the Pushkin Country House Museum, the Nekrasov, and the Derzhavin Estate Museum. Particularly worth viewing is the literary monographic exhibition Alexander Pushkin. Life and Work. The museums gradually grew into this complex. Yet each of them tells its own story.
    Naberezhnaya Reki Moyki 12
    St. Petersburg, 191186
    +7 812 571 08 18
  • The Hermitage

    On a level footing with the Louvre or Prado, The Hermitage offers art fans above all West European paintings by e.g. Da Vinci or Picasso. Yet The Hermitage is far more than a museum filled with opulent art treasures. The Winter Palace itself and its annexes, formerly the main residence of the tsar dynasty, are the most splendid and most impressive of the many thousands of its exhibits. It’s a place to dream and stare in awe. Closed Mondays.
    Dvortsovaya Ploshchad 2
    St. Petersburg, 190000
    +7 812 571 34 20
  • Mariinsky Theatre

    Advertisement for culture
    Next to The Hermitage, the Mariinsky Theatre is a further cultural highlight of Saint Petersburg that has won international acclaim. Opera singer Anna Netrebko began her career here. Yet even before this, it had achieved fame for its opera and ballet ensemble. Today, the grand 150-year-old building presents not only the Russian classics like Swan Lake but also a great many reinterpretations that have spared neither expense nor effort. An absolute must for opera fans. Besides the ticket office in the main building, there’s also another in Gostiny Dvor.
    Teatralnaya Ploshchad 1
    St. Petersburg, 190000
    +7 812 326 41 41


Teplo translates as «warmth». And that is the ambience that will greet you in this cosy restaurant. Everything here is reminiscent of old apartments, and you’ll feel like it too. The shelves are full of books and toys, there are carpets on the floor, and the room is dimly lit. I often order from the classical Russian fare and the European dishes. Reservations a must. And important for tourists: The staff speak English.

Restaurant Teplo
Ulitsa Bolschaja Morskaja 45
St. Petersburg, 190000
+7 812 570 19 74